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Do you know people who like to "eat out"?
Or like to have something to drink"on the go"?
These products give new meaning to those concepts!


People take their lunch to work.
Families pack up a meal to take with them on an outing.
Lots of people eat away from home and take their food with them.
All of these folks need the convenience and portability of expandable food containers and drink cups.  
The more useful the item the more likely people are to keep them and use them.
Lots of people will be looking at your logo and thinking nice things about you.
Can a newspaper ad do that for you? 
The expandable cup is good for either hot or cold beverages. The handle can be imprinted as well as the side of the cup. Since the top most part of the cup is imprinted, your logo is always visible.
The expandable food container comes with a lid and a nifty spork utensil which fits into the lid.
Great for the travel and destination industries and also for school fundraisers.
Give me a call and we'll get you started.
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collapsible food container
Expandable food container with a spork that fits into the lid.
food container close up
Here's a close up...the spork fits into the lid. Very handy.
collapsible travel cup
Expandable travel & drink cup. Take it anywhere.
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