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If it moves and it shouldn't...use duct tape
If it doesn't move and it should...use WD40


Is there anything quite as iconic as WD40 or Duct Tape? Not hardly.
These will be retained and used. And when they are used, your brand will be associated with these two household names. Not bad company to keep.
Choose the WD40 & Duct Tape kit if you want to fix the world. (Cape and additional superpowers not included.)
Did you know you can patch a leaky radiator hose with Duct Tape?  Got a tear in your down parka? Slap some Duct Tape on it. Loose cables behind your desk? Stick 'em out of the way with Duct Tape.  
With WD40 you can stop squeaks, protect against corrosion, loosen rusted parts, remove grease, gum, crayon and dirt. It's like having a little miracle in a can!
These would be ideal for a trade show or at a college job fair. Students are very messy and their bicycles always need repair and lubrication.
So, give me a call, place your order and get your brand associated with two of the most recognized and useful brands in America.

Fix it kit
WD40 and Duct you can fix the world.
You're slick
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