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We're all slobs and here's what you can do about it...

Of course you're a slob, I'm a slob, everyone's a slob. We just don't like to admit it. We all spill, slobber, and slosh stuff on our clothing at the most inopportune times.
Out for breakfast with a client? Great time to spill coffee on yourself...right at the beginning of the day.
Lunch is perfect for a nice big stain on a white blouse.
Networking after work? Watch out for that red wine.
If you have Tide to Go you can relax.
Marry two great brands: your brand and Tide, in one indispensable product.
Your clients will love you and they will remember you when they spill and erase  with your Tide to Go.
Help them cover all the bases with the Tide to Go microfiber cleaning cloth combination. This is a great little travel gift.
Call me right away and let's get you started being a hero.

Tide to Go
Tide to Go instant stain remover
Tide to Go w micro fiber
Tide To Go with a microfiber cleaning cloth
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