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alcohol free hand sanitizer
Alcohol free sanitizer spray
travel hand sanitizer
Convenient travel size hand sanitizer
4 oz hand sanitizer
4 oz. anti bacterial hand sanitizer
The 2013 flu season is striking with a vengeance.
Boston's Mayor Thomas Menino has declared a health emergency for the city.   
Health officials agree that one of the most effective ways to protect yourself and avoid spreading the flu is through the use of hand sanitizers.
Call us now; we have a wide variety of hand sanitizers including alcohol free. 
If you are going to or sponsoring a trade show, convention, or networking event, this is a must have item for your staff or your guests.
This is a particularly virulent strain of flu so don't delay in getting hand sanitizers to your staff and your clients. Give us a call at 781.933.4660 or send me an
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