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basic ice scrapper
"Basic" scrapper on sale through October 31, 2012
value scrapper
"Value" scrapper with 10" handle
"Good" scrapper with a foam handle
better scrapper
"Better" scrapper with a snow brush
"Best" The big Kahuna, you get an ice scrapper, a foam handle and a snow brush that will move mountains!
I'm going to break my own rule and feature 5 products this week...but they're all variations on the same idea.
If you're one of our warm weather clients you can stop right here.
But, if you're from snow country you know you're going to need one of these pretty soon. So will your customers.
Even the "basic" scrapper is a sturdy product and you can count on it not breaking in the first ice storm.
Add a brush or go for the ultimate 24" Snow Brush with Foam handle, it will move mountains.
The basic is on sale through October 31. 

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