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April 2013

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Welcome to the Office of Aquaculture's April newsletter!  We're just emerging from a mild, but long winter here in the nation's capital, and all are looking forward to spring.


We've been doing everything but hibernating over the winter, as we move forward on a number of science and policy efforts to enable sustainable marine aquaculture in the U.S.  As always, our partners are one of our most valuable resources.


We continue to work with stakeholders to implement the National Shellfish Initiative and Technology Transfer Initiative that emerged from the 2011 national aquaculture policies.  And, knowing the importance of access to sites for growing responsible marine aquaculture here in the United States, we have been coordinating with partners through a variety of mechanisms to ensure that the regulatory process is both comprehensive and efficient.


In the past couple of months, we had the pleasure of presenting symposia at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting as well as the World Aquaculture Society's 'Aquaculture America' conference.


Read about all of this and more in this month's Director's Corner!



Aquaculture Species and a New Video on


In addition to Fishwatch profiling aquaculture species for the first time, check out the new video detailing what NOAA is doing to ensure that our seafood is caught and farmed responsibly, giving consideration to species health, the environment, and the livelihoods of people that fish and farm the sea. Get informed and make sustainable choices with Fishwatch.


Latest News and Notices on the NOAA Aquaculture website!

The Office of Aquaculture has been posting recent news and reports to the 'Latest News' section of its website.  Recent posts highlight new aquaculture species information on, more stories on the health benefits of eating seafood, efforts at a NOAA lab to raise rockfish, and much, much more!  Visit our homepage now!

We also post notices on our homepage that often reflect funding opportunities, requests for proposals, and activities at our partner agencies.  Be sure to check back often!


USDA Foreign Agricultural Service is accepting fiscal year 2013 applications
The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service has several programs that may interest to aquaculture businesses wishing to expand export market opportunities. The Emerging Markets Program funding supports technical assistance for the promotion of U.S. farm products in emerging markets worldwide. The Quality Samples Program helps U.S. agricultural trade organizations provide samples of their products to potential importers by funding purchases of product and shipping. For more information, visit the USDA-FAS website.