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CRSCAD Newsletter
November 2013

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CRSCAD Director Delivers Featured Speech at DC Homeland Security 2013 Conference

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. At the invitation of the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement, Professor Adenrele Awotona, director of the Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters, was a featured speaker at the Homeland Security 2013 international conference which took place in Washington, DC in mid-October. 


With the theme of "Delivering Strategic Technologies to America's First Responders," conference attendees participated in sessions covering a myriad of topics from land and maritime border security to cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection.


Awotona, an expert on disaster preparedness and response, spoke on "Slums of Despair, Global Disasters and National Security." He addressed the emerging needs and requirements within Homeland Security by examining the complex and multi-layered dimensions of slums of despair and the effects of disasters on them. He also shared the reasons why conditions in slums persist and are exacerbated by disasters in spite of the various actions that have been taken by key stakeholders to reduce the risk of disasters and their impacts in poor communities. In his conclusion, he offered suggestions on how to address the national security implications of the relentless growth of slums.

News Digest - National and International Conferences on Disasters and Emergency Management

CRSCAD's publications


Awotona, Adenrele (ed.) Rebuilding Sustainable Communities with Vulnerable Populations after the Cameras Have Gone: A Worldwide Study, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, U.K.: Newcastle upon Tyne, 2012, xvi+513pp., Isbn13: 978-1-4438-3739-2; Isbn: 1-4438-3739-3 -

(see also:



Awotona, Adenrele (ed.). Rebuilding Sustainable Communities for Children and their Families after Disasters: A Global Survey, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, U.K.: Newcastle upon Tyne, 2010, xxviii+458pp., ISBN 9781443817769, and as e-book by MyILibrary (LaVergne, TN)


Awotona, Adenrele (ed.). Rebuilding sustainable communities in Iraq: Policies, Programs and International Perspectives, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008, xxiii+319pp; ISBN (10): 1-84718-927-X; ISBN (13): 9781847189271. -


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We work in close collaboration with practitioners, academics, researchers, policy makers, and grassroots organizations on all the continents of the world in their search for the most appropriate and sustainable ways to rebuild their communities after disasters.

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2014 Conference: Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Sustainable Reconstruction


May 8−9, 2014
The conference will explore and examine how disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and sustainable reconstruction after disasters will be addressed in context of architectural, planning and engineering education. Through this international conference, discussions will be held on educational opportunities such as online short courses, continuing education options, curricular suggestions for schools in countries most vulnerable to catastrophic disasters, and joint degree programs for schools with appropriate expertise in the topic. 
Representatives of regulatory agencies, professional associations, foundations supporting educational initiatives, and academic societies−as well as academic institutions−are encouraged to attend.

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