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October 2012

Ta saikhan namarjij baina uu? Mal sureg targan 
tavtai yu? ("Are you having a nice autumn? Are your livestock healthy?") - a polite greeting in the Mongolian countryside between herders.

A lot has been going on here at FIRE since we have last written. Please read below for updates on our current projects.  We also have some exciting new ways to support our efforts.  
We have a dynamic shopping cart supporting local Flagstaff businesses featuring a variety of all natural, fair trade, hand made products with more being added every week. We are working to add locally made products from Mongolia in the near future. 

All proceeds support FIRE. Do your holiday shopping, take advantage of free shipping and discounts while supporting FIRE and small local businesses.

We also have a new Corporate Sponsorship program that offers a tax deduction and great advertising exposure.

However, we are still in need of $3,350 to meet our matching contribution by this Friday, November 2.  We really need YOUR help.

Have a wonderful autumn!

Best wishes, 
Meredith Potts
Executive Director
Extension of NIH Project
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In conjunction with the Onom Foundation, we have received funding to extend our research project with the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  

In 2012, we completed the collection of 1,000 blood samples from health care workers across Mongolia. The samples are currently being tested for the prevalence of hepatitis B, C and D and related genotypes at NIH.

It is believed that the health care environment is one of the leading forms of transmission for hepatitis in Mongolia and thus health care workers have a much higher prevalence than the general population.

To further study the complex issues related to the hepatitis epidemic in Mongolia, FIRE and Onom will collect 1,000 blood samples from the general population that will also be tested for hepatitis B, C and D and the related genotypes at NIH.

Additionally, an innovative text message program will be used to conduct a hepatitis awareness campaign.

To learn more about the hepatitis problem in Mongolia, please visit our "Hepatitis in Mongolia" webpage.
Sharps Containers Update
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In December 2012, FIRE will assist several different Rotary Clubs from Albuquerque, NM, Flagstaff, AZ and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with the distribution of 45,000 sharps boxes (bio-hazard sharp medical waste containers). This will be enough boxes to provide a two year supply to every health care facility in three provinces.

The proper use of sharps containers dramatically decreases the number of "sticks" to health care workers from sharps, such as needles.  The lack of proper health safely and medical waste management practices, including he improper use of sharps containers is a major source of transmission of hepatitis to health care workers in the health care environment.
Training Video Update
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Also this December, FIRE will begin the distribution of 2,500 DVDs to every health care facility and departments across Mongolia.  The DVD is a custom made, one-hour training DVD about proper health safety and medical waste management practices for health care workers. There is a special focus on proper sharps handling and disposal. The DVD distribution will begin in conjunction with the sharps containers distribution.
Matching Contribution
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Thanks to people like you, FIRE is working to ensure people throughout Mongolia can receive safe health care and to prevent hepatitis, Mongolia's silent killer.
Your donation will be matched, dollar for dollar.  But we still need to raise $3,350 by Friday, November 2.  I hope you will make a gift now to help us raise a total of $10,000. 

Your support will provide important health care training, supplies and research to Mongolia, creating healthier communities and individuals across the country.

FIRE makes the most of every dollar with only 10% of funding used for administrative costs.

Help save lives in Mongolia.  Your gift will be doubled.  Please donate today. 

You can donate directly on-line here; or you can mail a check to the address above. For an update about FIRE's current programs, please visit our website at
Thank you for all you do for the most vulnerable of the world.
Thank you Corporate Sponsors!!
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They support us.  Please support them.

Contact us today to become a corporate sponsor or visit our website for more information.


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