Svaroopa� Yoga Basics Series Starting Soon
Svaroopa� Yoga Basics 4 week Series
Monday's October 21 - November 11
5:30-6:45 pm
Svaroopa� Yoga Basics:  Learn the primary spinal openers as well as other foundational poses of the practice. This class is good for beginners or students who want to get more understanding of the basic poses of svaroopa� yoga. 
4 ~ 75 minute classes October 21, 28 ~ November 4,11, 2013
5:30-6:45 pm
This compassionate style of yoga will release tension in your body and mind so that you can be in your body in a whole new way. We will come together in a small group of women to slow down, breathe, receive support, feel re-energized as well as experiencing a profound sense of peace and well being. 

Learn the basic svaroopa� yoga poses that are deceptively simple yet offer profound healing by decompressing your spine. Quiet your mind, soothe your nervous system, improve your mood, experience clarity. 
Svaroopa yoga basics series. This is also an opportunity to let colleagues, friends or family know about svaroopa� yoga. Please pass this on if you know of someone that may be interested. I can also add a basics class for men. 
Please sign up to express interest and reserve your place. 
If you're interested in the class but the time doesn't work suggest a good time.
Price: $68
Sunflower Market Place
Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts 02675