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May 2016

May the month of May bring you a new, fresh start. Just like the flower in this photo is blooming, allow yourself to do the same. Try new things, do what is best for you, and let yourself "bloom," and create a better version of yourself.  

Happy Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and warm weather! 

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Positively Speaking

Thoughts Are Things

In my book Pathfinding I write, "Psychologists have estimated that the average person has over 62,000 thoughts each day. Most people's thoughts are a hodgepodge of internal concerns about money, sex, work, rent, car payments, meals, TV programming, health care, grocery lists, family issues, child rearing, the economy and traffic. Those 62,000 thoughts usually center around ordinary activities and responsibilities that fill our daily lives.

 Most people don't think about how many thoughts power their day. They don't keep track of the kind of thoughts they have - whether they're positive or negative, fleeting or introspective, directed or unrelated to what they are doing. Most people have no real appreciation for the amount of internal dialogue that hums constantly in their brains. Unfortunately, most of the mental chatter is negative, because most o us grow up in negative environments. Our school, church and family environments are built on negative messages like, "Don't do this" and "Don't do that." Our work environments reinforce that pessimism by hammering negative messages at us like, "Don't rock the boat," and "That will never work here."

 Negative perspectives serve an important function when it comes to seeking clarity and direction. However, when negation takes over as the controlling element in the thinking process and dominates the thinking itself, it becomes divisive and self-defeating. Negative thinkers look for negative outcomes, accept negative outcomes and create negative outcomes.
We can change both our attitudes and our outcomes by our thinking. We draw to us what is contained in our thoughts. A challenge that comes with changing our attitudes is when we can not see what it is we want and believe will happen. We do not have the tangible proof -yet.
This is where patience, faith and trust come in. 

We need to keep seeing those thoughts in our minds knowing they are in the process of happening. Thoughts become things. To quote Jean Houston, Ph.D. scholar, philosopher and one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time, states, "What you appreciate, appreciates."

The program that helps you turn obstacles into opportunities, challenges into solutions and find answers to tough questions. Patricia Raskin is the award winning, "powerhouse voice of radio"  at the forefront of positive messaging.

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Patricia's guests on WPRO

Saturday May 7, 2016  4:00-5:00PM   
Paula Marshall,  CEO of Bama Companies, an international innovator of bakery products  and author of five books including Sweet as Pie,Tough As Nails, Finding the Soul of Big Business and The Executive Entrepreneur.The Bama Pie Company's story began in 1927 in the kitchen of Cornillia Alabama "Bama" Marshall, Paula Marshall's grandmother. She will give tips on how  to make work fulfilling and productive. more about Paula

Saturday May 14, 2016  4:00-4:30PM  
Brian Beneduce, author of  Scared to Death...Do It Anyway is one man's inspirational and tumultuous journey told through the thoughts, feelings and secrets of an acute agoraphobic. It not only chronicles four decades of severe panic and anxiety attacks, but it also reveals the healing thought process of self-realization that helped him defeat "The Thing," build a multimillion dollar business, and discover a life of true happiness. Brian will discuss how he has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals deal with agoraphobia, anxieties and fears and succeed. More About Brian  
Saturday May 14, 2016 4:30-5:00PM 
Mary O'Sullivan, 
MSOL, owner of Encore Executive & Professional Coaching. She will discuss how results based coaching can help you reduce stress, save you time and money, and improve your health and well being.  Examples: "are you knowledgeable, ambitious, and working hard, but find yourself struggling to get ahead or manage a health work-life balance; you are a confident professional but now unsure of your next steps; you are too young too retire, but feeling burned out; or you are an experienced leader who suddenly finds leadership more challenging than ever.  more about Mary 

Saturday May 21, 2016 4:00-4:30PM 
Timothy M. Sweet, Esq. owner of Law Office of Timothy M. Sweet, L
LC in Providence which focuses on divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence, and adoption. A graduate of Roger Williams University School of Law, Timothy served a Litigation Associate for the Moyer Law Office in Warwick, R.I. before opening his own practice.  Mr. Sweet will discuss how divorce effects the children, maintaining financial health, distribution of assets and assignm
ent of debt and how to focus on the future with divorce being an opportunity for a new life.

Saturday May 21, 2016  4:30-5:00PM
Beth Carter, 
CPC, CPBA, CPMA, CPRW is a professional coach, speaker, author and blogger. She is founder of Beth Carter Enterprises, launched in 2011, a thriving business that encompasses executive, business, and career coaching, workshops and presentations. She has a keen ability to help these individuals reach their goals in areas such as leadership and management development, expanding marketing capabilities and performance enhancement while motivating them to their full potential. In addition, she is President of Carter Consultants Ltd., an executive search and research firm she founded in 1991.  More about Beth  

Saturday May 28, 2016  4:00-4:30PM  
Brian Beneduce, 
Author of  Scared to Death...Do It Anyway is one man's inspirational and tumultuous journey told through the thoughts, feelings and secrets of an acute agoraphobic. It not only chronicles four decades of severe panic and anxiety attacks, but it also reveals the healing thought process of self-realization that helped him defeat "The Thing," build a multimillion-dollar b
usiness, and discover a life of true happiness. Brian will discuss how he has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals deal with agoraphobia, anxieties and fears and succeed. More About Brian
Saturday May 28 2016  4:30-5:00PM 
Dr. Timothy O'Brien, 
is the owner of Opus Total Health, a unique clinic dedicated to improving your health naturally. Dr. Timothy O'Brien is an experienced acupuncturist having worked in the healthcare field in critical care as a Registered Nurse. Dr. O'Brien will discuss holistic modalities at Opus Total Health including  acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and herbal teas, nutritional response testing and consultations, facial rejuvenation, bio-magnetic therapy and massage therapy. More about Dr. Tim
Patricia's guests on
I am in my 14th year with I began in the early days of internet radio and am pleased to say Voice America is outstanding in topics, hosts, and program line-up.  Check out their other programs to be inspired.  All current and past programs are archived on this site and can be heard after they air at: 

Monday, May 2, 2016 

Donna Mac 
is a corporate communications trainer & media producer and author of the new book Guide to a RICHER LIFE, Know Your Worth, Find Your Voice, Speak Your Mind. She puts the "powerful human" back into communication and will discuss how to engage and inspire audiences, influence teams, authentically market your product or service and your self.

Luminata Saviuc is founder of and author of 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy. She will discuss how to take a step back to reflect and give yourself permission to let things go.

Monday, May 9, 2016  

 Joseph J. Luciani, PH.D., author of THIN FROM WITHIN: The Powerful Self-Coaching Program for Permanent Weight Loss. Blending insights from psychology, neurobiology, and the study of motivation, Dr. Luciani's  applies his proven Self-Coaching system to the challenge of lifelong weight mastery.  Dr. Luciani shares inspiring stories of men and women who changed their mindsets to break the cycle of weight-loss sabotage and failure.

 Alan DeValle is a multi-dimensional master communicator: author, educator, natural born intuitive, singer-songwriter. Alan will be speaking on the powerful possibilities present in 2016 as a Leap Year allowing for the arc of energy carrying us into the future based on unheralded intelligence of "The Soul's Imperatives" available to each of us here and now as never before.  


Monday, May 16, 2016

Janett Weber, Love and relationship expert Janet Webber will share tips and insights on how to attract and maintain more fulfilling relationships. Janet shares why the inside out approach to finding love is more successful than the strategies of seduction that our culture typically promotes... and gives us practical tools to get started.

 Zelana Montminy, Ph.D, author of 21 DAYS TO RESILIENCE: How to Transcend the Daily Grind, Deal with the Tough Stuff and Discover Your Strongest Self. She will offer a practical, science-backed toolkit to develop your capacity to handle whatever life throws your way-and thrive. Each day of her powerful program, Dr. Montminy introduces a key trait necessary to improve resiliency and enhance wellbeing, such as gratitude, focus, playfulness, self-respect, and flexibility, then provides three simple tasks to accomplish that day-one in the morning, one during the day, and one in the evening.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Mary O'Sullivan, MSOL, owner of Encore Executive & Professional Coaching. She will discuss how results based coaching can help you reduce stress, save you time and money, and improve your health and well being Mary will also share how to position yourself to leverage your talents and abilities to increase your success within your company and after you make your departure.

Christopher and Katherine Carbone, Expressive Arts Facilitators, Yoga Instructors and Reiki Masters, will discuss their integrative approaches to healing and transformation, which involve a well-rounded and well-grounded repertoire of embodiment practices and creativity, incorporating movement, sound, energy healing, expressive arts and yogic science.  We will learn about some foundational practices for bringing creative expression into daily life, such as, movement meditation and vocal toning to help keep the nervous system balanced during stressful times.

Patricia's Speaking Engagements

May Senior Forum:
Hot Cakes and Conversations 
May 5, 2016 
9:30-11:00 AM
Home Loan Investment Bank
40 Airport Road
Warwick, RI 02889
Patricia will be part of a panel of senior experts and she will 
discuss 7 Steps for seniors to follow their passion 

May 18, 2016
Center for Women & Enterprise
132 George M. Cohan Blvd, Providence, RI  

Join Patricia as she conducts this workshop with David Englund, 
owner of Englund Studio and Steve Wolfe from
Through having your own radio show podcasts you will learn how to:
*Be recognized as an expert
*Expand your brand
*Increase credibility
*Convert new customers
*Dominate your industry
*Add personality to your business
*Reach an affluent demographic 

May 18, 2016
1240 Pawtucket Ave
Rumford, RI
Patricia will present for the EDGE CEO Advisory, a select group of CEOs of small and mid-market businesses that meet monthly to advise, learn and hold each other accountable with one key goal: to drive the success of our businesses.
Patricia will lead the group through various case studies of very successful and nationally known CEOs she has interviewed, each of whom wrote books about their own experiences and thoughts on leadership.  She will then facilitate a discussion on how their experiences may have a positive influence their own thinking and interactions.  


May 20, 2016
 Center for Women & Enterprise
132 George M.Cohan Blvd, Providence, RI  

Were you born between 1946 and 1964? Are you a recent empty nester, newcomer to the area, single again, changing jobs or careers, transitioning to retirement, facing a health challenge or financial change?                          
Do you want to create something new in your life that excites and moves you? Are you not sure what that is or how to find it? Are you ready for the next positive step?
In this workshop, you will:             
*Identify your strengths 
*Explore new options  
*Create an initial plan to help you move from transition to position

Working with Patricia Raskin

Transition Coaching
 Branding Yourself
Patricia offers change and transition coaching to her radio show listeners, readers and clients. This is a client-led coaching process which is co-creative, where Patricia asks the questions, and you, the client provides the answers.

Patricia has a Masters Degree in counseling and was recently trained by World Coach Institute which is affiliated with the International Coaching Federation. With her 30+ years asking questions as a TV and radio interviewer, Patricia knows the questions to ask to bring you awareness, clarity, motivation and confidence.

Some of the key issues that Patricia's clients typically face: moving, starting a new job, relation change, health challenge, financial change, loss of a job, transitioning to retirement, empty nest issues.

Please contact Patricia for special introductory rates. Get to the other side and on to a new chapter in your life!  (401) 440-6299

Do you want: to find an effective way to deliver your message in your own voice? A powerful branding and marketing tool? A great leverage tool to get your message out? An inside track and easy entre to networking? Your message to have shelf life and legacy?
Patricia helps you design podcasts and radio shows that targets your audience, creates a format, formula  and content for your show, establishes your brand and builds rapport with  your listeners.  
Patricia has hosted, produced and marketed over 2,000 radio programs and she knows what works.

Check out her coaching brochure! Contact

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