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November 2015


November is a month of holiday planning. We connect with family, friends, food, and nature as we watch the weather turn from cool to cold especially in the Northeast. This is also a time for fall cleanup as we rake the colorful leaves and clean out our garage or basements.  Pumpkins, squash, cranberries and turkey are traditional foods this month. This is a great month to purchase gifts so we don't get caught in a December holiday rush. 
Have a wonderful November and Thanksgiving.

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The Patricia Raskin Show
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The program that helps you turn obstacles into opportunities, challenges into solutions and find answers    

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           Your host, Patricia Raskin, is the award winning, 

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          4-6pm, on News Talk AM630/99.7FM and streamed online

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Below is the list of this month's guests for "The Patricia Raskin Show" on WPRO. Additional scheduled guests for November will be posted on 
Patricia's home page each week.
Saturday, November 7th - Brett and Robin Sampson of Sampson's Automotive at 4:00pm 
Tune in when Patricia interviews Brett Sampson, owner, and his father Robin Sampson, business and marketing manager of Sampson's Automotive LLC, a full service automotive company providing repair services for engine and transmissions, brakes, oil and filter changes, emissions repair, and A/C systems repair. Brett will discuss what to look for in a mechanic, how to troubleshoot and prevent problems, and will answer your questions on automotive care, safety and service. 

Saturday, November 7th - Mary O'Sullivan at 5:00pm 
Tune in when Patricia interviews Mary O'Sullivan, MSOL, owner of Encore Executive & Professional Coaching. She will discuss how results based coaching can help you reduce stress, save you time and money, and improve your health and well being.  Examples: "are you knowledgeable, ambitious, and working hard, but find yourself struggling to get ahead or manage a health work-life balance; you are a confident professional but now unsure of your next steps; you are too young too retire, but feeling burned out; or you are an experienced leader who suddenly finds leadership more challenging than ever." She will take your calls.   
Saturday, November 14th -  Greg Porcaro at 4:00pm 
greg porcaro Gregory A. Porcaro has been the principal in charge of all tax, business valuation, and business consulting services for Otrando, Porcaro & Associates, Ltd., an accounting and consulting firm located in Warwick, RI since 1987. 
Greg has written extensively on various subjects such as LLCs, QSUBs, Choice of Entity, Divorce, Estate Planning and Business Valuation, and currently serves as an editorial advisor for The Tax Adviser, a national magazine covering all aspects of tax planning.
He will discuss considerations for entrepreneurs, small business at year's end, common year end tax mistakes, preventive tips to avoid tax issues.  Greg will take your calls on the air.

Saturday, November 14th -  Paula Marshall at 5:00pm  
paula_marshall_2011 Join nationally recognized multi-media radio talk show host and award winning producer Patricia Raskin, as she brings us her Success feature with guest expert Paula Marshall, CEO of Bama Companies and author of the book, Finding the Soul of Big Business. The Bama Pie Company's story began in 1927 in the kitchen of Cornillia Alabama "Bama" Marshall, Paula Marshall's grandmother. This book is an amalgamation of every lesson she has learned as a CEO. She will answer your questions about happiness, fulfillment and change in the workplace today.

Saturday, November 21st - RI Relay for Hamilton CapTel at 4:00pm
Join Courtenay Petracca, Outreach Coordinator of RI Relay for Hamilton CapTel.  Captioned Telephone (or CapTel´┐Ż) is a telephone technology that allows people to receive word-for-word captions of their telephone conversations for deaf/hard of hearing people. It is similar in concept to Captioned Television, where spoken words appear as written text for viewers to read. The CapTel phone looks and works like any traditional phone, with callers talking and listening to each other. 711 is a national 3-digit number for anyone who wishes to make a call through the Relay service, from deaf/hard of hearing caller to voice caller or from voice caller to deaf/hard of hearing caller, both ways will work.
Saturday, November 28th - HSI at 4:00pm
Bruce Boguslav
Tune in when Patricia interviews Bruce Boguslav, Executive Director and Brian Cuddy at HSI Trust, a non-profit consumer advocacy agency dedicated to keeping homeowners in their homes. HSI is a team of financial professionals who after going through the process themselves, formed a nonprofit consumer advocacy group to help others successfully navigate the system.  They have saved hundreds of homes with imminent auctions and have even successfully reversed a number of foreclosures. HSI can help you whether you are still current on your mortgage payments, but having financial hardship that may cause you to fall behind in the future, or a homeowner who has missed a payment or two, or have just been served with an intent to foreclose or auction notice.   

Patricia's guests on
I am in my 14th year with I began in the early days of internet radio and am pleased to say Voice America is outstanding in topics, hosts, and programing. Check out their other programs to be inspired.  All current and past programs are archived on this site and can be heard after they air at
Special guests on VoiceAmerica will be:

Monday, November 2nd
2:00pm           Jen Julius Life Coach and speaker about "Being a Leader Means You're a Role
        Model (and you better take it seriously!)" 
2:30pm           Thembi Buthelezi co-author of "Beginner's Guide To Investing: How To Make Money
Monday, November 9th
2:00pm           Solange Ritchie author of "The Burning Man"
2:30pm           Paula M. Smith M.Div., MFT, a Certified Imago Therapist and Couples Coach
Monday, November 16th

2:00pm            Michael Annese author of "The Victory Cycle"
2:30pm            Kameel Nasr author of "The Museum Heist: A Tale of Art and Obsession "
Monday, November 23rd
2:00pm            Jeff Sirlin a two-time cancer survivor and a lifelong entrepreneur.
2:30pm            Gina Kloes author of "What's Your Magical Moment? Disconnect to Reconnect with
        Real Life" 
2:00pm            Linda Dahl author of "Loving Our Addicted Daughters Back to Life: 
                        A Guidebook for Parents" 
2:30PM           Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez, author or "THE BITCH INSIDE YOUR HEAD: How To
Finally Squash Your Inner Critic" 
Patricia's Speaking Engagements


Harrington School of Communication and Media
                 University of Rhode Island
              November 3, 2015 
Patricia will speak to students in the organizational communication skills course
 at the Harrington School of Communication and Media. She will discuss how to communicate effectively in business settings, what works, what doesn't and why. She will also discuss the importance of being a team player which is initiated by verbal communication and implemented through positive and responsive action.

Association of RI Authors
November 12, 2015 
 6:30 - 8:30PM
Community Room at Thundermist Health Center
186 Providence Street, West Warwick, RI

  "Marketing your book through through radio shows and podcasts"
 In this talk, Patricia Raskin, seasoned and award winning radio broadcaster and author will share ways that radio interviews, having your own radio show or podcast show can engage your listeners and easily draw them to your book

November 18, 2015
Center for Women & Enterprise
132 George M. Cohan Blvd
2nd floor
Providence, RI  02903

Do you want:
To find an effective way to deliver your message in your own voice?
A powerful branding and marketing tool?
A great leverage tool to get your message out?
An inside track and easy entre to networking?
Your message to have shelf life and legacy?
Use the right tools to create podcasts?
Then this workshop is for you! Join Patricia Raskin, seasoned and award-winning radio producer of media programs that have aired on PBS, NPR and Fox affilitates, radio coach and consultant, and host of "The Patricia Raskin Show" on heard on WPRO.
Through having your own radio show podcasts you will learn how to:
Find the right podcast vehicle to deliver your message
Determine your audience needs and how to meet them
Create show titles, formats and topics
Practice interview skills
Find the right guests or develop your targeted message for listeners
Develop social media marketing strategies and promotion vehicles to build your brand and your business
Build an audience and find sponsors
Professional and Career Development for Alumni 
Rhode Island College
November 19, 2015 

Career Transition & Change 

Do you want to create something new in your career that excites and moves you?
Are you not sure what that is or how to find it?
Are you ready for the next positive step?

Then this workshop is for you! Join Patricia Raskin who restarted her business in her baby boomer years. She is an award-winning radio producer and transition coach with a masters degree in counseling. Host of  "The Patricia Raskin Show" in it's eighth year on WPRO,  she is the "powerhouse voice" of radio. Raskin is a 2015 recipient of the RI Small Business Administration award.

In this workshop you will:
identify your strengths
explore new options
work with others to share ideas and get new ones
create an action plan

2nd Annual Mind Body Spirit Experience - Energize Your Life!
 November 29, 2015
11:00am - 5:00pm
Crowne Plaza Providence
 801 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick

Making Life Transitions Easier 
Change; that one word often strikes fear into many people. The reality, though, is that the only thing we can be assured of is change. Cliche but true. The real question is "How are you handling the transition that change brings about?" Patricia, seasoned radio broadcaster and transition coach, will share strategies to move beyond the discomfort that typically come with life's transitions to reach new, higher levels of potential in life.
Transition Coaching with Patricia
Patricia offers change and transition coaching to her radio show listeners, readers and clients. This is a client led coaching process which is co-creative, where Patricia asks the questions, and you, the client provides the answers.

Patricia has a Masters Degree in counseling and was recently trained by World Coach Institute which is affiliated with the International Coaching Federation. With her 30+ years asking questions as a TV and radio interviewer, Patricia knows the questions to ask to bring you awareness, clarity, motivation and confidence.

We all go through change, but the stress of the transition during this time, often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Before we can move on, we need to process and move through the change that is happening. Patricia states, "The insights that come forth from clients are amazing and i have heard many aha moments."

Some of the key issues that Patricia's clients typically face:
Moving, starting a new job, relation change, health challenge, financial change, loss of a job, transitioning to retirement and empty nest issues.

Patricia works with people all over the country, by phone, so there is no travel time and geography is not a concern. 


Please contact Patricia for special introductory rates. Get to the other side and on to a new chapter in your life!


Call Patricia (401) 440-6299
Brand Yourself Through Radio Shows and Podcasts

Do you want:
To find an effective way to deliver your message in your own voice?
A powerful branding and marketing tool?
A great leverage tool to get your message out?
An inside track and easy entre to networking?
Your message to have shelf life and legacy?
Use the right tools to create podcasts?
Patricia will help you to:
Find the right podcast vehicle to deliver your message.
Determine your audience needs and how to meet them.
Create show titles, formats and topics.
Practice interview skills.
Choose the right guests or develop your targeted message for listeners 
Develop social media and promotion strategies to build your brand.
Build an audience and find sponsors.
Patricia works with clients to create podcasts that target their audience, create a unique angle on the topic,develop a format, formula  and content for the show that establishes  their brand, and communication vehicles to build rapport  with podcast listeners.  
Radio podcasts can give you another platform to deliver your message, stand out and earn revenue. Patricia has hosted, produced and marketed over 1,000 radio programs and she knows what works.

Check out her coaching brochure on the website!

Write or call Patricia for more information - [email protected] or 401.440.6299
                                            radio coaching brochure
Positively Speaking
Giving Thanks Through Acts of Kindness
Thanksgiving is a holiday that emphasizes giving. We often think of the big things but it's the little things that can count the most. The smile that greets us, the generosity of spirit from a gesture of kindness, the stranger who goes out of their way to help us, are all examples of hope and love and connectedness.

In my book Pathfinding I write, Generosity and kindness do not have to be magnanimous acts. They can be simple, almost noticeable acts of goodness. I love the way Emily Dickinson described it. "They might need a little, but they might need much," she said, "I'll let my head be just in sight; a smile as small as mine might be precisely their necessity." Kindness is the poetry of the heart, the music of the soul. Kind words and loving deeds come from a goodness that turns everything positive. Kindness is so inexpensive, yet so priceless. It comes from a loving heart, and like love, it can't be forced, coaxed or teased out. It comes from deep within us at a soul level, unasked and unsought.
Part of being kind is choosing the words we use. We can tell the truth in a loving way without attacking the other person or saying something in a sarcastic or caustic tone. If we want the person to hear us without becoming defensive or hurt, we can state how we feel and why. That is all part of kindness. I believe that if we were all kinder to each other, this world would immediately result in a more loving place for us all.
The old axiom "What goes around comes around," really is true. Acts of loving kindness disintegrate barriers, eliminate obstacles and straighten the detours in life. Words of kindness are words of wellness, and acts of kindness are acts of healing. It means choosing our words wisely and opening our hearts as well as our minds to listen and understand. It also means having the belief that we want peace, harmony and win-win relationships in our lives. Beyond our intimate relationships, we can extend this to all of our relationships, from the cashier in the grocery store, the waiter in the restaurant, to the acquaintance we see on the street.
During the month of November, let's focus on the small acts of kindness we can do to make a difference in the lives of others which also makes a difference in our lives. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.


The 2nd Annual Mind * Body * Spirit * Life Expo
 November 29, 2015
11:00am - 5:00pm
Crowne Plaza Providence
 801 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick

Mind-Body-Spirit- Life Expo is a one day event for men and women who are interested in enhancing all areas of their life. I This landmark event was a huge success in 2014. It creatively combines over 100 businesses, informative seminars and live presentations, together with about 1000 decision-making consumers who are there to learn about the newest products and services available. Guests have the opportunity to speak directly to business owners, ask questions, personally see, touch and feel products, as well as, do personal or holiday gift shopping.

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