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June 2015

June is the month of endings and new beginnings which includes; graduations, weddings, flowers rebirthing, and the warmth of the sun and summer activities. It's also a time to rekindle friendships and be outdoors with others while enjoying watermelon, this great summer fruit. Enjoy your summer.


             What about the Bees?


Bee imagery has always been meaningful and symbolic to Patricia and she has come to use it more and more as her unofficial logo.

Like the bee that draws nectar from deep inside the flower to make honey, Patricia Raskin is a catalyst
who draws out the positive, life-enriching wisdom of her guests, and serves it up as enriching honey for your soul.. Her radio shows transfer life experiences into food for thought-a honeycomb of strength, hope and positive action for these challenging times."



Patricia received 2015 Rhode Island SBA Award

Kudos to Patricia as she is honored by SBA with an Award - To read her acceptance speech see the Positively Speaking section below.

In This Issue

 My sponsored guests are featured in the Newsletter below. For a complete listing of guests, please go to my website links for each station shows:

Patricia is featured in the May 2015 RI Creative Magazine

Check out the link. 


Patricia Raskin Positive Living

Saturdays AM630/99.7FM
3-6pm ET
 Patricia Raskin Positive Living, listen on Saturdays from 3-6pm ET. We show you how to turn your problems into solutions with our regular guests and new ones. So, stay healthy, stay happy, get the support you need and tune in to Patricia Raskin Positive Living Saturdays from, 3-6pm, on News Talk AM630/99.7 FM and streamed online at - the Voice of Rhode Island.
Dr. Tad Sztykowski - Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing
June 6, 13, 20, 27 from 3:00-5:00pm ET
Tune in for the Wellness Feature as Patricia  interviews Dr. Tadeusz  Sztykowski, D.Ac., founder of the Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing in Providence, R.I.. A board certified physician in  Europe,  Dr. Tad came to the United States in 1987 to further his studies in  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. and in practice for nearly 20 years.  At Brown University, he created the first program in acupuncture and  alternative medicine for medical residents in the country. In  2003, he was awarded the "Acupuncturist of the Year" award for his work  and leadership by the American Association of Oriental Medicine. He is  the author of the book
Healthcare Dollars and Sense: How Classical  Chinese Medicine Can Save Your Health - and Your Company's Bottom

So listen  to Dr. Tad every Saturday on "Patricia Raskin Positive Living" from  3-5PM on 630AM and 99.7FM WPRO. Patricia asks Dr. Tad the important  questions on all areas of integrative medicine so that he can share his  expertise with the audience and with the callers. We also have  special guest patients who share testimony as well as integrative  medical experts who join the program with Dr. Tad and Patricia. Call in to WPRO at 401-438-WPRO (9776) or 1-800-321-WPRO (9776)

Saturday, June 6th - Dr. Tad hour 3-5pm

Listen at 4pm when Dr. Tad is joined by AnneMarie Ludovici.  
Anne Marie Ludovici (Annie) is a noted author, speaker, well-being activist, and leading authority in affective personal lifestyle enrichment. Her bestselling book, Winning Health Promotions Strategies, is considered the blueprint for fostering healthy communities everywhere. Her unique expertise and proven methodology have helped a wide range of clients from Fortune 100 clients to small businesses, healthcare providers, along with state and local governments to make a change for the healthier. Annie lives in Wakefield, RI.


Saturday, June 6th - Dr. Michele Pelosi hour 5-5:30pm
Tune in for the Success feature with guest expert Dr. Michele Pelosi, owner of Dr. Michele Pelosi's Chiropractic Care in Cranston, RI. Her practice provides a variety of therapeutic services, including electronic muscle stimulation, manual therapeutic exercise, spinal mobilization and manipulation. Trigger point work is also provided either by hand or by activator.  Her chiropractic services are tailored to the needs of each unique patient. 

Saturday, June 6th - Lynne Macolini hour 5:30-6:00pm 
Tune in when Patricia interviews, Lynne Macolini  a travel planner who specializes in Disney vacations. She is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and has attained a special knowledge of Disney Destinations. Lynne herself is a huge fan of Disney and believes in the quote by Walt Disney: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Lynne has numerous years of customer service planning Disney vacations for clients, she will discuss the philosophy of Disney, various vacations options and what the Disney parks offer to their thousands of visitors per month. or  
Saturday, June 13th - Dr. Tad hour 3-5pm
Listen at 4pm when Dr. Tad is joined by Dr. David Perlmutter
Tune in when Patricia interviewsInternationally recognized neurologist and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter. He shares the extraordinary new science along with highly practical advice on how to care for your brain in his latest book, BRAIN MAKER: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain-for Life. In BRAIN MAKER, Dr. Perlmutter explains the powerful interplay between intestinal microbes and the brain, outlines what makes for a healthy microbiome, and offers comprehensive guidelines that will transform your gut health and pave the way to optimal brain fitness. The protocol outlined in BRAIN MAKER will transform your body's inner ecology to enhance growth of the right kind of brain-sustaining organisms and empower you to take charge of your microbiome and, in turn, your brain's health. 
Bruce Boguslav Saturday, June 13th - Bruce Boguslav & HSI hour 5-6pm
Tune in when Patricia interviews Bruce Boguslav, Executive Director and Brian Cuddy at HSI Trust, a non-profit consumer advocacy agency dedicated to keeping homeowners in their homes. HSI is a team of financial professionals who after going through the process themselves, formed a nonprofit consumer advocacy group to help others successfully navigate the system.  They have saved hundreds of homes with imminent auctions and have even successfully reversed a number of foreclosures. HSI can help you whether you are still current on your mortgage payments, but having financial hardship that may cause you to fall behind in the future, or a homeowner who has missed a payment or two, or have just been served with an intent to foreclose or auction notice.

Saturday, June 20th - Dr. Tad hour 3-5pm
Listen at 4pm when Dr. Tad is joined by Dr. Gary Kaplan, MD. According to Dr. Gary Kaplan, conventional thinking about the nature of chronic pain and depression is essentially flawed. Although physicians continue to diagnose conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic back pain, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, a growing body of research shows that these are in fact symptoms of something else - a deep-rooted inflammation in the brain. This inflammation can affect the nervous system for months-even years-to devastating effect.

Dr. Gary Kaplan is the author of  Total Recovery: A Revolutionary New Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Pain and Depression, which answers the questions Why can't I get better? did my doctors miss something? How can I recover?  He  demonstrates that it is possible to "quiet" the inflammatory state at the root of chronic pain and depression, and lays out a revolutionary new medical approach to ending your suffering, and reclaiming your health.   

 Saturday, June 20th - Lori Giuttari hour 5:00-5:30pm

Tune in when Patricia interviews, Lori Giuttari, President and Founder of LG Coaching & Consulting. She is a Certified Master Coach; and for almost 30 years, Lori has guided organizations and individuals through the challenges of constant change in an increasingly complex world. She has redefined Fortune 500 teams, realigned hundreds of small businesses, and partnered with individuals to obtain their life goals. Lori has coached c-level executives and team leaders to secure engagement and courageously communicate to employees and customers alike. She will discuss negotiating challenges and solutions to create an environment of strong engagement and happy customers.

Stefan Pryor
 Saturday, June 20th - Stefan Pryor hour 5:30-6pm
Join Patricia at 5:30pm when she interviews Stefan Pryor, RI Secretary of Commerce. Commerce RI's mission is to work with public, private and non-profit partners to create the conditions for businesses in all sectors to thrive and to improve the quality of life for our citizens by promoting the State's long-term economic health and prosperity. Stefan Pryor, RI's first commerce secretary, leads the Executive Office of Commerce, established in 2014 and charged with coordinating economic development, business regulation, workforce development and housing.
Pryor will discuss the program  "Ocean State WAVE" - an acronym standing for workforce development, advanced industries and innovation, visitor attraction, and enterprise expansion and recruitment. The WAVE plan is a series of strategic investments and tools meant to help train Rhode Islanders for better job opportunities and spur economic growth.

Saturday, June 27th - guest to be announced - Dr. Tad hour 3-5pm

Saturday, June 27th - Wayne Grover hour 5-5:30 pm

Tune in at 5pm when Patricia interviews Wayne Grover, founder of YANA (You Are Not Alone), based in Newport, RI, which is a movement of caring people-letting others know that they are not alone no matter what they are experiencing.  Wayne will discuss YANA Foundation's Mission  to support and recognize people, initiatives and organizations worldwide that need assistance and/or who are living and practicing. The company sells clothing, jewelry, blankets and candles. Two percent of the company's revenue is donated to the YANA Foundation,  which randomly selects a YANA customer to choose the people or organizations in need to receive the donation.   and   


 Saturday, June 27th - guest to be announced hour 5:30-6 pm  


Patricia's guests on
I am in my 14th year with I began in the early days of internet radio and am pleased to say Voice America is outstanding in topics, hosts, and programing. Check out their other programs to be inspired.  All current and past programs are archived on this site and can be heard after they air at

Special guests on VoiceAmerica will be:
Monday, June 1st
2pm                     Dr. Mary Lippitt author of Brilliant or Blunder.
2:30pm                Sharon Lipinski, Donation Defender and Generosity Expert
Monday, June 8th
2pm                    Nancy Solari, is legally blind. According to our research, she is the first person in
                           the USA to host a live talk show with a visual impairment.
2:30pm               Dr. Gail Brenner PhD., author of The End of Self Help: Discovering Peace
                           and Happiness Right at the Heart of Your Messy, Scary Brilliant Life                 
Monday, June 15th
2pm                    Charles Souby, author of A SHOT OF MALARIA
2:30pm               Roy Nelson author of Love Notes from Hell
Monday, June 22nd
2pm                     Elizabeth Dennison who specializes in Terra Essential oils & Wellness

2:30pm                Ellen A. Roth, author of the romantic escape TEN FINGERS TOUCHING
Monday, June 29th
2pm                     Carole Morton author of ENTERING YOUR OWN HEART
2:30pm                Emily Bartlett &L aura Erlich co-authors of THE NATURAL AND HOLISTIC GUIDE

Patricia's Speaking Engagements
                                            JUNE 7th - MAD HATTER PARTY
Patricia will emcee The Mad Hatter Party, a fund-raising event, hosted by the Association of Migraine Disorders for support of migraine research. It will be held at the Aldrich Mansion in historic Warwick Neck, RI, on Sunday, June 7 from 3 to 7 pm, rain or shine.

The "Alice in Wonderland" Croquet Tournament: Starting promptly at 3 pm, there will be a round-robin competition between 16 teams. Each team has 4 players. There is no additional fee, but to play, you need to sign up and name your team online before May 29. The tournament is limited to the first come - first served online sign-up. There will be prizes for the winners. A croquet master will explain the rules but we have information about how to play the official game. He will officiate the tournament.


                                            JUNE 9th - AWE Conference
Patricia will facilitate the AWE Conference roundtable discussion "Sailing Through Choppy Waters with Positive Attitude." at the 2015 AWE Making Wave conference on June 9.!2015-awe-conference-overview/c9hp


Do you have to deal with difficult people? If you are interested in this topic for your group, please contact Patricia.

If you deal with difficult people in your life, this workshop will help you to understand how they think, why they do what they do, and specifically what you can do to be less of a target for the difficult people in your life.  You will learn how to derail problem people, how to bring out the best in them, while being treated with respect.

Transition Coaching with Patricia
Patricia offers change and transition coaching to her radio show listeners, readers and clients. This is a client led coaching process which is co-creative, where Patricia asks the questions, and you, the client provides the answers.

Patricia has a Masters Degree in counseling and was recently trained by World Coach Institute which is affiliated with the International Coaching Federation. With her 30+ years asking questions as a TV and radio interviewer, Patricia knows the questions to ask to bring you awareness, clarity, motivation and confidence.

We all go through change, but the stress of the transition during this time, often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Before we can move on, we need to process and move through the change that is happening. Patricia states, "The insights that come forth from clients are amazing and i have heard many aha moments."

Here is a sampling of some of the key issues that Patricia's clients typically face:
  • Moving to a new city
  • Birth of a new child
  • Starting a new job
  • Chaning a life or work pattern or strategy
  • Going back to school
  • Going through relationship change (e.g. breakup, divorce)
  • New health challenges
  • Loss of a job
  • Financial changes
  • Transitioning to retirement
  • Empty nest issues
Patricia works with people all over the country, by phone, so there is no travel time and geography is not a concern. 


Please contact Patricia for special introductory rates and initial complimentary consultation.

Get to the other side and on to a new chapter in your life!


Call Patricia (401) 440-6299
Brand Yourself Through Radio
Are you looking to launch your own radio show?

That's one of Patricia's specialties. She will help you get on the air, stay on the air, find guests and sponsors.

Radio can give you another platform to deliver your message, stand out and earn revenue. Patricia has interviewed over 2,000 guests and she knows what works.
Check out her coaching brochure on the website!

Write or call Patricia for more information - [email protected] or 401.440.6299
Positively Speaking

2015 SBA Awards Speech by Patricia Raskin

I came back to my New England roots specifically RI at the beginning of 2008 in the height of the recession.  I had lived on the beautiful coast of NC in Morehead city for 10 plus years and moved back here to be near family and to bring my radio program to a larger market. My career started as a teacher and guidance counselor and Positive messaging has always been my calling. I had my first cable television program in Rockport MA in 1982 called Positive People and I have never strayed from my original mission to exemplify positive role models and help listeners and viewers turn problems into solutions.


However, when I got here on that cold day at the end of December in 2007 the house I was renting had it's oil tank outside frozen, with no heat. As I stood among the many boxes in the freezing cold temperatures now having to pay for radio air time, never having had to monetize radio or media before...I asked myself the question, What the ------ was I thinking?  Well, that was 2008 and this is 2015 and here I am standing before you today.


I was at a crossroads then. I had a choice to make, I either found a way to monetize my calling and passion or I couldn't do it anymore.  So, starting over in my 60's in a new state, with a relatively new concept then, I tried various things and eventually the answer came to me.  If I could help businesses in RI get their message across in long form radio, I knew I had something.   And that is what I have done.


I would like to thank the following people who have helped to make this award possible. Paul Giammarco former program director at WPRO who, believed in my concept and brought my show "Patricia Raskin Positive Living" to the station show seven years ago. 


Joe Lembo, Director of Sales at Cumulus Broadcasting  in RI who has guided me along the way and most recently, Tony Mascaro, Program Director at WPRO, who has given me opportunities to fill in on weekday morning radio during the holidays.

Claire Eckert, my first marketing and business consultant who gave me the strong foundation to create my business in RI.


And those here today, Dr. Tad Sztykowski, with his CEO Steve Merrill. Dr. Tad is the founder  of CIMH who has been a radio show sponsor from the beginning and brings my listeners on WPRO a tremendous, dynamic and much needed message of positive health and hope every week. My brother Russell Raskin, with his wife Devorah, who was the catalyst in bringing me to RI. Nancy Thomas, owner of Tapestry communications, my excellent and astute public relations consultant, my outstanding bookkeeper, Lisa Wood who keeps me financially straight, Miriam Ross a former SBA award recipient who supports my work, Phyllis Cannava, my friend and exemplary entrepreneur  in RI, Steve Gareau SCORE Chair and on the Executive Committee for SCORE RI, who has been such a great supporter and mentor.


My best friend from childhood in West Hartford CT, Ellen Garber Stokoe, with her husband Andrew, who received the National Distinguished Principal award for the state of CT.  And last but not least, my beautiful daughter Laura Shmishkiss, who is doing such important and groundbreaking work in the area of racial equity and social justice in the NYC schools and way beyond. Thank you. I wouldn't be here without all of you.


In closing, I want to say that RI is a small but mighty state and offers entrepreneurs great opportunity. I feel honored and privileged to be an SBA Award recipient.


You have to work for it and it can be done, but you need vision, passion, persistence, resilience and support. I have been fortunate to have all of those.  Thank you very much


watch on-line at




The first annual "YOUR LIFE" EXPO will be held at the Rhode Island Convention Center on June 7th from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M.


The event will feature over 75 local businesses and vendors that specialize in topics relating to home furnishings, fashion, finance, home improvement, beauty, health, wellness, spiritual, green living, career building, fitness, travel, family, and lifestyle. 

"YOUR LIFE" EXPO is being produced by Pat Paolino Cruz, who has been a show promoter for over 20 years. For her, the goal is to fuse all the fields into one comprehensive show. 

"Think, Home Show meets Women's Expo, meets Health and Fitness Expo meets Holistic Event and put it into a one day show which is enticing to everyone," said Paolino Cruz. "We've infused exhibitors that feature innovative products and services, with interactive demonstrations, free educational seminars, fashion shows, food tastings, fabulous giveaways and live entertainment. It's all one day, under one roof and involves all aspects in which we can enhance our lives. What's not to love?"

Admission to the expo is $12 and tickets can be purchased at the door. For more information,


Rhode Island Creative Magazine (RICM), a multimedia company that connects the creative arts industry and professionals to other business sectors. The founder, Kimberly Sherman-Leon, a graphic designer, publisher and an honorable mention Woman to Watch Entrepreneur, has a mission to educate and promote the artistic community. 

RICM is very excited to collaborate with TOJ Design Studio and Ocean State Printers for their Annual Makers Event! If you value craftsmanship, pride in the details, be part of a community of makers and join us for an evening of inspiration!
This year, we are going bigger! We will have Maker booths with products handcrafted by local artisans; vendor booths that will provide locally made food and beverages; entertainment by Rhode Island musicians; inspiring speakers and exciting raffles filled with local goodies! It is all about celebrating our creative community, meeting and learning about our amazing RI Makers and supporting their craft. This event will also include our Inspirational Speaker Series. 
This is a family friendly event for all to attend. FREE and Open to the public with an entrance donation of $5 is kindly appreciated. 
Join the Makers Event on RICM's Facebook page at to stay connected with the latest updates!
If you are interested in a table please fill out the Maker Application here

What is going on creatively in Rhode Island? Read here


Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain a new book 
by Anne Marie Ludovici


Most books tell you what you need to do to change your health behavior. Change Your Mind, Change Your Health: 7 Ways To Harness The Power Of Your Brain To Achieve True Well- Being, teaches you how to actually initiate change and sustain the change over time. Based on the TTM method of psychotherapy, and known to psychologists and medical professionals worldwide, Ludovici now makes this information available to the general public with proven, evidence-based behavioral tools for "achieving a self-assured and sustainable sense of health and well-being in the face of all obstacles or challenges."  A daring promise, to be sure, considering that right now only 6% of U.S. adults follow public health recommendations about physical activity, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, fruit and vegetable consumption, and dietary fat intake. Change Your Mind, Change Your Health reveals how monitoring and changing your thoughts can change your health, the relationship between self-confidence and mastery-and how to gain both and how to leverage the powerful strategies from sports psychology to you charged and ready for action.


Change Your Mind, Change Your Health is your guide to a happier, healthier life. Pick up your copy of Change Your Mind, Change Your Health today at bookstores, or at or at  and learn Annie's 7 insider secrets will help you change from the inside out


About the Author:   Anne Marie Ludovici (Annie) is a noted author, speaker, well-being activist, and leading authority in affective personal lifestyle enrichment. Annie helps people change-from the inside out.  Her bestselling book, Winning Health Promotions Strategies, is considered the blueprint for fostering healthy communities everywhere. With a master's in kinesiology and a major in psychology and social aspects of behavior change, Annie blends academic theory with over thirty years of health and wellness experience to empower meaningful, personal, life-enriching changes that last. Her unique expertise and proven methodology have helped a wide range of clients-from Fortune 100 clients to small businesses, healthcare providers, and state and local governments-make a change for the healthier.  

Patricia Raskin | 401-398-8114 | [email protected] |
PO Box 1439
East Greenwich, RI 02818
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