March 2015
Dear Patricia, 
March is the month of Spring and celebration of green as in the green grass of spring and green drinks 
in honor of St. Patricks Day. In March, we get ready for a lot of things, including taxes, spring cleaning, change of seasons, and summer plans. 

March weather lore has many old sayings to guide us

When March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb.
A dry March and a wet May fill barns and bays with corn and hay.
As it rains in March so it rains in June.
March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.

We "march on" in March. Happy beginning of Spring! 

Spotlight Guest on  
Jack Schafer - March 16th 
2:30pm ET
"Patricia Raskin Positive Living" on 
 Tune in as Patricia interviews Jack Schafer, Ph.D., co-author of THE LIKE SWITCH: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Influencing, Attracting, and Winning People Over, Schafer, a former FBI Special Agent specializing in behavior analysis and spy recruitment, shares proven strategies on how to instantly read people and get them to like you for a moment-or for a lifetime.   Dr. Schafer spent fifteen years conducting counter-intelligence and counterterrorism investigations, and seven years as a behavioral analyst for the FBI's National Security Division's Behavioral Analysis Program.  Now a law enforcement and criminal justice professor, Dr. Schafer has adapted his proven-on-the-battlefield tactics to the minefields of day-to-day life, helping readers develop successful relationships at home, at work, or anywhere else that personal interactions take place. Readers will learn how to improve their "Likeability Quotient," spot lies both in person and online, master nonverbal cues, and more.


             What about the Bees?


Bee imagery has always been meaningful and symbolic to Patricia and she has come to use it more and more as her unofficial logo.

Like the bee that draws nectar from deep inside the flower to make honey, Patricia Raskin is a catalyst
who draws out the positive, life-enriching wisdom of her guests, and serves it up as enriching honey for your soul.. Her radio shows transfer life experiences into food for thought-a honeycomb of strength, hope and positive action for these challenging times."

In This Issue


 My sponsored guests are featured in the Newsletter below. For a complete listing of guests, please go to my website links for each station shows:

Patricia's 7 Principles For 
Positive Living
  1. Honor your heritage
  2. Be in the precious present
  3. Use your imperfections to perfect your life
  4. Use your innate gifts, talents, and abilities
  5. Focus on the positive
  6. Respect and protect positive relationships
  7. Believe in the miracles

Sponsored Guests
Patricia Raskin Positive Living


Patricia Raskin Positive Living

Saturdays AM630/99.7FM
3-6pm ET

Special Saturday airing on March 14th
1-3:30pm ET

Dr. Tadeusz Sztykowski
March  7, 21  and 28 3:00-5:00pm ET
March 14 special time 1-3pm.
dr_tad Tune in for the double Wellness Feature as Patricia interviews Dr. Tad Sztykowski, D.Ac., founder of Dr. Tad Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing in Providence, which focuses on restoring patients health by correcting causes of diseases. A licensed MD in 27 European countries, he came to this country in 1987 to study the oldest medical system, Chinese medicine. He graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1990, then opened his private practice and has treated over 15,000 patients with myriads of health conditions. He is author of Healthcare Dollars and Cents: How Classical Chinese Medicine Can Save Your Health and Your Company's Bottom Line.
Joining Patricia and Dr. Tad will be:

March 7: 4pm
Lani Simpson, DC, CCD, is a chiropractic doctor and a Certified Clinical (bone) Densitometrist (CCD).  She is author of Dr. Lani's No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide.  Using a well-rounded, whole-body approach to bone health, she discusses the importance of appropriate diagnostic testing, digestive health, diet, supplements, and exercise. Readers learn surprising facts about which foods and medicines might hurt, and which ones will help build bone health.

March 14: 2pm Special time today 
Tune in at 1pm today as Patricia Raskin's regularly scheduled show is pre-empted due to a local basketball game.  At 2pm tune in when Patricia and Dr. Tad are joined by Dr. David Foreman, a retired pharmacist known nationally as America's "Herbal Pharmacist",  who says prescription and over-the-counter drugs can actually make chronic pain worse. He says chronic pain is complex to treat and as a result you really need a multidisciplinary approach to address the whole person.  Foreman recommends combining or replacing traditional medications with natural treatments to help facilitate more long-term relief with fewer side effects. 

March 21: 4pm

Dr. Holly Lucille, a.k.a. "Dr. Holly," is a nationally recognized and licensed practicing naturopathic doctor, and television & radio host. The author of Creating and Maintaining Balance: A Woman's Guide to Safe, Natural, Hormone Health and The Healing Power of Trauma Comfrey, Dr. Lucille was listed in Time Magazine's 2007 "Alt List" as one of the "Top 100 Most Influential People."  As part of her commitment to natural medicine principles, Dr. Lucille is also an expert on physical training and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


March 28: 4pm

Dr. Christine Horner, board-certified surgeon and renowned preventative health expert and author of award-winning book, Waking the Warrior Goddess, the most comprehensive guide to all research-proven natural approaches to prevent and fight breast cancer. Dr. Horner is best known for her national crusade to pass laws requiring insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomy. She will discuss neglected breast cancer discoveries that could save your life.

Patricia Raskin Positive Living has expanded to 3 hours, so you can now listen on Saturdays from 3-6pm ET. We will continue to show you how to turn your problems into solutions with our regular guests and new ones as well. So, stay healthy, stay happy, get the support you need and tune in to Patricia Raskin Positive Living Saturdays at our expanded time, 3-6pm, on News Talk AM630/99.7 FM and streamed online at - the Voice of Rhode Island.
- Patricia  

Kevin Leblanc RWL 2013 Kevin LeBlanc
Saturday, March 7   5:00-6:00pm ET
Tune is as Patricia interviews Kevin LeBlanc, owner of RWL General Contractors, which has been a family owned business for over 40 years. They specialize in kitchens and bathrooms, windows and doors, vinyl siding and roofing, general remodeling and painting. 

SCORE logo
WPRO MARCH 14  3:00-3:30 PM, Special time today

Tune in when Patricia interviews members of SCORE. and successful clients The RI SCORE team consists of more than 39 seasoned business counselors. They are business owners, CPAs, MBAs, college professors, patent attorneys, web designers, insurance brokers, marketing communications consultants and more.



paula_marshall_2011 Paula Marshall
Saturday, March 21  5:00-6:00pm ET
Tune in for the Success feature with guest expert Paula Marshall, CEO of Bama Companies and author of the book, Finding the Soul of Big Business. The Bama Pie Company's story began in 1927 in the kitchen of Cornillia Alabama "Bama" Marshall, Paula Marshall's grandmother. This book is an amalgamation of every lesson she has learned as a CEO. She will answer your questions about happiness, fulfillment and change in the workplace today. 

Bruce BoguslavBruce Boguslav
Saturday, March 28  5:00-6:00pm ET
Tune in when Patricia interviews Bruce Boguslav, Executive Director at HSI Trust, a non-profit consumer advocacy agency dedicated to keeping homeowners in their homes. HSI is a team of financial professionals who after going through the process themselves, formed a nonprofit consumer advocacy group to help others successfully navigate the system.  They have saved hundreds of homes with imminent auctions and have even successfully reversed a number of foreclosures. HSI can help you whether you are still current on your mortgage payments, but having financial hardship that may cause you to fall behind in the future, or a homeowner who has missed a payment or two, or have just been served with an intent to foreclose or auction notice.
Transition Coaching with Patricia

Patricia is now offering change and transition coaching to her radio show listeners, readers and clients. This is a client led coaching process which is co-creative, where Patricia asks the questions, and you, the client provides the answers.

Patricia has a Masters Degree in counseling and was recently trained by World Coach Institute which is affiliated with the International Coaching Federation. With her 30+ years asking questions as a TV and radio interviewer, Patricia knows the questions to ask to bring you awareness, clarity, motivation and confidence.

We all go through change, but the stress of the transition during this time, often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Before we can move on, we need to process and move through the change that is happening. Patricia states, "The insights that come forth from clients are amazing and i have heard many aha moments."

Here is a sampling of some of the key issues that Patricia's clients typically face:
  • Moving to a new city
  • Birth of a new child
  • Starting a new job
  • Chaning a life or work pattern or strategy
  • Going back to school
  • Going through relationship change (e.g. breakup, divorce)
  • New health challenges
  • Loss of a job
  • Financial changes
  • Transitioning to retirement
  • Empty nest issues
Patricia works with people all over the country, by phone, so there is no travel time and geography is not a concern. All interested clients receive a free 15-minute coaching session to see if Patricia can help them.


Please contact Patricia for special introductory rates and initial complimentary consultation.

Get to the other side and on to a new chapter in your life!


Call Patricia (401) 440-6299


Brand Yourself Through Radio

Are you looking to launch your own radio show?

That's one of Patricia's specialties. She will help you get on the air, stay on the air, find guests and sponsors.

Radio can give you another platform to deliver your message, stand out and earn revenue. Patricia has interviewed over 2,000 guests and she knows what works.
Check out her coaching brochure on the website!

Write or call Patricia for more information - or 401.440.6299
Patricia Speaks
March 7 -  Annual Living Well Festival - Poliquin Group, East Greenwich, RI - 11:00am ET
Living Well, Feeling Well and Thinking Well - At any Age
In this workshop, focus is on the signs of  physical, mental,  emotional and spiritual vitality. We will discuss the health "robbers" and how to reduce and eliminate them as well as the health "feeders" and how to incorporate them and establish them into our lives.  
Participants will access their own habits and how to improve upon them.

March 11 - AMPRI - Red Stripe, East Greenwich, RI - 5:30pm ET
Strategies to "Deal with Change and the Transitions it Brings."

Patricia will do coaching demonstrations during her talk.  This is a client led coaching process which is co-creative, where Patricia asks the questions, and you, the client provide the answers.  
We all go through change, but the stress of the transition during this time, often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Before we can move on, we need to process and move through the change that is happening.

March 14 - Women & Teen Health and Wellness Expo - 11:00am ET
Academy Players of RI - Q2Q Blackbox Theatre in Providence, RI.
Living Well, Feeling Well and Thinking Well - At any Age
In this workshop, focus is on the signs of  physical, mental,  emotional and spiritual vitality.
We will discuss the health "robbers" and how to reduce and eliminate them as well as the health "feeders" and how to
incorporate them and establish them into our lives.  

Participants will access their own habits and how to improve upon them.

Do you have to deal with difficult people? If you are interested in this topic for your group, please contact Patricia.

If you deal with difficult people in your life, this workshop will help you to understand how they think, why they do what they do, and specifically what you can do to be less of a target for the difficult people in your life.  You will learn how to derail problem people, how to bring out the best in them, while being treated with respect.

American Cancer Society of Rhode Island
American Cancer Society of Rhode Island 2015
Relay for LifeŽ 
is a fun-filled community activity to celebrate survivors, remember those who have lost their lives to cancer, and raise money for the fight against cancer.  Volunteer committees plan and run each event.  Help is needed to recruit teams to walk, recruit survivors to participate, and help with every part of the event, from publicity to day-of activities. 


Rhode Island Cancer Action Network Lobby Day

Lobby Day will be held on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 from 2:30 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. at the Rhode Island State House, Governor's State Room. The focus will be on obesity prevention and updates on the palliative care advisory committee.  Volunteers will be able to speak with their elected officials and ensure they are representing their best interest in cancer related issues.  

For more information contact Cheryl Albright at 401.243.2641 or


Rhode Island Creative Magazine

 Rhode Island Creative Magazine (RICM), a multimedia company that connects the creative arts industry and professionals to other business sectors. The founder, Kimberly Sherman-Leon, a graphic designer, publisher and an honorable mention Woman to Watch Entrepreneur, has a mission to educate and promote the artistic community. Kimberly conceived and developed this unique one-of-a-kind publication in 2012 to promote Rhode Island's creative arts professionals. RICM has become a catalyst for raising awareness of the economic value of the creative arts industry to the state and the springboard of expanded interest and understanding of the abundance of talent and creative energy in the local area. RICM presents at local schools and universities, provides workshops and hosts networking events including our newest events called "Inspirational Speaker Series," a collaboration with our local makers to inspire, motivate and educate the community through their stories.

Kimberly Sherman Leon presents at The Artist Loop at Rochambeau Library, Providence
March 12th 6-8pm
RICM's Introduction to Publishing Workshop at the Artists' Exchange
8 Week Course March 18th - May 16th 


Positively Speaking

The Power of Positive Pictures in Our Minds

We often hear that if we want something, we need to see it until we believe it. A quote from William James explains this, "There is a law in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and you keep that picture there long enough, you will soon become exactly as you have been thinking." 


In my book Pathfinding I write, "Visualizing positive outcomes is using our imagination to create what we want in our mind's eye. I have used visualization techniques for many years, and I believe that the power of your "mental movies" to change your life is real, enriching and life-affirming. The stuff that dreams are made of is the stuff we visualize and believe can happen.


Shakti Gwain, author of the inspirational bestseller Creative Visualization, says that we can "use our imagination in a more and more conscious way, as a technique to create what we truly want." She goes on to say that creative visualization gives us "a key to tap into the natural goodness and bounty of life." As scientists now know from biofeedback technology, we can alter our heart rate and other functions through the process of visualization. Researchers are rediscovering how much our outer experience is connected to our inner experience.


"These movies-of-the-mind," says Adelaide Bry, author of Visualization: Directing the Movies of Your Mind,"help improve our health, expand our thinking and achieve goals wewouldn't otherwise believe we could." When we visualize, we bypass the limitations of our rational, logical, linear mind and tap into the limitless source of our creative, intuitive, left brain. On a practical level, this means our right brain consciousness does not know the difference between wishful thinking and reality. So, when we visualize - a right-brain process - our subconscious mind believes the mental images we project are part of our physical reality. This is why it is so important to visualize positive outcomes. Our subconscious will believe negative images as well


This implanting begins the day we are born, and we continue to add footage to these mental movies each time we think, act and visualize. When we visualize positive outcomes, make the mental pictures as clear, specific and real as possible. Form a precise image of what is needed...and play the mental movie several times each day. Visualize the same positive outcome. Replay those images until they become real. It may take weeks, months or even years to turn mental images into physical reality, but that is how the imaging process works. It takes commitment, patience, practice and most of all, belief in the power of positive imaging and trust in the process.


In my book, Success, Your Dreams and You, I wrote: "The answer to so many of life's questions is to think positively. It is the effort to hold positive thoughts, regardless of the appearances of outer circumstances, that enables us to create the future we want...And that future comes from the inner pictures we create in our visions...It's the stuff dreams are made of." Even though I wrote that fifteen years ago, it still rings true today. 



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