September 2014

September is a month of change. Many start something new, a new school, maybe a new job, a new season, a change in weather in many parts of the country and a feeling of summer ending. In the northeast, it is a time for apple picking and waiting for the foliage to change. Enjoy the rich changes in the fall. 
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Spotlight Guest on  
Marion Baker September 29th 2:00pm ET
"Patricia Raskin Positive Living" on

Tune in as Patricia interviews Marion Baker, RTC (Registered Therapeutic Counsellor), The Love Therapist, is trained in transpersonal psychology, a modality that marries spirituality and psychology.  She was trained through Clearmind International, a counselling and personal development school whose courses are based on A Course in Miracles. She is author of The Lime Green Plastic Covered Couch.


             What about the Bees?


Bee imagery has always been meaningful and symbolic to Patricia and she has come to use it more and more as her unofficial logo.

Like the bee that draws nectar from deep inside the flower to make honey, Patricia Raskin is a catalyst
who draws out the positive, life-enriching wisdom of her guests, and serves it up as enriching honey for your soul.. Her radio shows transfer life experiences into food for thought-a honeycomb of strength, hope and positive action for these challenging times."

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Patricia Raskin Positive Living

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Patricia Raskin Positive Living

Saturdays AM630/99.7FM
3-6pm ET

Dr. Tadeusz Sztykowski
September 6, 13, 20 and 27  3:00-5:00pm ET
dr_tad Tune in for the double Wellness Feature as Patricia interviews Dr. Tad Sztykowski, D.Ac., founder of Dr. Tad Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing in Providence, which focuses on restoring patients health by correcting causes of diseases. A licensed MD in 27 European countries, he came to this country in 1987 to study the oldest medical system, Chinese medicine. He graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1990, then opened his private practice and has treated over 15,000 patients with myriads of health conditions. He is author of Healthcare Dollars and Cents: How Classical Chinese Medicine Can Save Your Health and Your Company's Bottom Line.

Joining Patricia and Dr. Tad during the 4:30 time slot will be:

September 6:
Dr. Jeffrey Bland, author of The Disease Delusion: Conquering the Causes of Chronic Illness for a Healthier, Longer, and Happier Life. Dr. Bland draws on cutting-edge research to explain that we do not have to live with chronic disease and how we can profoundly improve what we previously thought was our genetic fate.

September 13 (4:00pm):
Carl & Jhoane Robinson, health educators and co-founders of liquid dietary supplement manufacturer Cedar Bear Naturales.  A clinical & formulary herbalist and nutritional therapist with a Master of Herbology in herbal pharmacognosy and pharmacology.  Jhoane is a traditional herbalist, yoga instructor & meditation facilitator and organic gardener and the former lead writer for a nationally distributed herb journal and natural health newsletter. They will discuss the widespread use of bromine (and its chemical variations) as an additive to commercial breads and baked goods has been a huge contributor to what nutritional scientists are calling "bromide overload;" And this burgeoning overload, being seen now in many Western Nations, is producing a variety of serious health problems for tens of millions of children and adults.

September 20: Dr. David Foreman, a retired pharmacist known nationally as America's "Herbal Pharmacist."  He uses his expertise in physiology, pharmacology and natural medicine to educate consumers on cutting edge approaches to natural health and healing. He will discuss new evidence that drugs like ibuprofen, antibiotics, hormone replacement therapy and Botox are putting women at increased health risks.  Foreman will show the natural remedies that can be just as effective as some of these drugs without the harmful side effect to women (hops, cranberries, black cohosh, etc.)

September 27: Lani Simpson, DC, CCD, is a chiropractic doctor and a Certified Clinical (bone) Densitometrist (CCD).  She is author of Dr. Lani's No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide.  Using a well-rounded, whole-body approach to bone health, she discusses the importance of appropriate diagnostic testing, digestive health, diet, supplements, and exercise. Readers learn surprising facts about which foods and medicines might hurt, and which ones will help build bone health.

I'm excited to announce that Patricia Raskin Positive Living has expanded to 3 hours, so you can now listen on Saturdays from 3-6pm ET. We will continue to show you how to turn your problems into solutions with our regular guests and new ones as well. So, stay healthy, stay happy, get the support you need and tune in to Patricia Raskin Positive Living Saturdays at our expanded time, 3-6pm, on News Talk AM630/99.7 FM and streamed online at - the Voice of Rhode Island.
- Patricia  



Kevin LeBlanc
Saturday, September 6 5:00-6:00pm ET
Kevin Leblanc RWL 2013 Tune is as Patricia interviews Kevin LeBlanc, owner of RWL General Contractors, which has been a family owned business for over 40 years. They specialize in kitchens and bathrooms, windows and doors, vinyl siding and roofing, general remodeling and painting. 
Linda Bohmbach
Saturday, September 13 5:00-6:00pm ET
Tune in when Patricia interviews Linda Bohmbach, Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Home Healthsmith.   Linda has more than 16 years of experience in the consumer products industry. While working with major drug and food retailers along with wholesalers and distributors, she effectively managed national accounts, secured new distribution and maintained existing product lines. Her relationships with CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid , Wal-Mart, etc. have increased her knowledge and awareness of the needs and choices available to the consumers. Linda is a graduate of Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas with a B.S. degree in communications, and is pursuing her certification for Home Modifications at the University of Southern California. She is the author of the Top 5 Danger Zones in Your Home. 
Bruce Boguslav
Saturday, September 20 5:00-6:00pm ET
Bruce Boguslav Tune is as Patricia interviews Bruce Boguslav, Executive Director at HSI Trust, a non-profit consumer advocacy agency dedicated to keeping homeowners in their homes. HSI is a team of financial professionals who after going through the process themselves, formed a nonprofit consumer advocacy group to help others successfully navigate the system.  HSI has helped many families save their homes even after the banks have turned them down. They have saved hundreds of homes with imminent auctions and have even successfully reversed a number of foreclosures. Their team of experts will do a financial analysis and contact your mortgage servicer to learn the specifics on your mortgage and which programs you may be qualified to apply for. Whatever your situation, whether you are still current on your mortgage payments, but having financial hardship that may cause you to fall behind in the future, or a homeowner who has missed a payment or two, or have just been served with an intent to foreclose or auction notice. 
Emilio DiSpirito & Zack Levesque
Saturday, September 27 5:00-6:00pm
Tune in when Patricia interviews Emilio DiSpirito from The DiSpirito Team and Prudential Gammons Realty and Zachary Levesque, Vice President of Maverick Funding.  This is the second time these two have shared the airwaves with Patricia.  Emilio and Zachary will be discussing the new tax credit available for first-time homebuyers in Rhode Island that has just been released.  Those who qualify can receive a max 2,000 per year tax credit.  Listen while Zack and Emilio educate homeowner's on this wonderful tax initiative and also incorporate all areas of Real Estate and Finance.  With interest rates projected to rise in the coming years along with property values slated to increase as well, now may be the time for you to purchase a new home!
Patricia Presents
"Fall Transitions" at Talbots
Wednesday, October 1 at Talbots - Cranston, RI   6:00-9:00pm

Come hear Patricia speak at Talbots on "Fall Transitions". 

As Patricia is now doing transition and change coaching. 
This is a perfect time to talk about the seasonal transitions the fall brings.

Talbots will serve light refreshments and a promotion for the evening for everyone attending.
talbots logo
10 % of the evenings sales will be donated to the American Diabetes Association.
Transition Coaching with Patricia
As of October 1, I complete my coaching training with the World Coach Institute, affiliated with the International Coaching Federation, I am offering change and transition coaching to my listeners, readers and clients. With this co-creative client led coaching process that creates awareness, clarity, motivation and confidence, my masters degree in counseling and my 30+ years asking questions as a media interviewer, I am ready to work with you.


We all go through change, but the stress of the transition during this time, often leaves us stunned and numb. My role as coach is to help you move through this time of transition so that you can get to the next place and new chapter. I am the first step in the process and I do this as a co-creative process with you. I ask the questions, and you provide the answers. The insights that come forth are amazing and create many aha moments. See my column below. 


Please contact Patricia for special introductory rates and initial complimentary consultation.  

[email protected] or 401.440.6299 

Brand Yourself Through Radio

Are you looking to launch your own radio show?

That's one of Patricia's specialties. She will help you get on the air, stay on the air, find guests and sponsors.

Radio can give you another platform to deliver your message, stand out and earn revenue. Patricia has interviewed over 2,000 guests and she knows what works.
Check out her coaching brochure on the website!

Write or call Patricia for more information - [email protected] or 401.440.6299
Patricia Speaks
raskin_speaking_02_11Do you have to deal with difficult people? If you are interested in this topic for your group, please contact Patricia.

If you deal with difficult people in your life, this workshop will help you to understand how they think, why they do what they do, and specifically what you can do to be less of a target for the difficult people in your life.  You will learn how to derail problem people, how to bring out the best in them, while being treated with respect.

Prophet Share - Seasoned Professionals Sharing Trade Secrets
Prophet Share, Inc., formerly known as the RI Small Business Recovery Program, has emerged as an excellent example of what has become internationally known as "a sharing community".  In simple terms, "a sharing community" removes duplication that doesn't add value and concentrates on things that do add value. Through participation in Prophet Share, talented business owners and trainers (prophets) no longer have to individually own projection, video and recording equipment.  Nor do they have to rent expensive classroom or hotel space in order to share their talent and experience with their peers. As the result of this "penny-pinching" sharing approach, Profit Share, Inc. will be able to bring high-quality business training to the Rhode Island entrepreneurial community on a meager budget of less than $25,000 annually. In the past thirty two months, the Recovery Program provided peer-to-peer training to over 7,000 business owners and entrepreneurs.  With the collaborative efforts of experienced business leaders and teachers, Prophet Share, Inc. is expected to greatly add to that number.

To register for any of the free seminars below, please go to  Any questions, please call Dave Nash at 401-447-8000.   All events will be held at the Centerville Seminar Center, 875 Centerville Rd, Warwick, RI - Building 2, Suite 5.

Betsy Ross Coaching

Betsy Ross Coaching
"Time away, be it for a vacation or for professional development, is precious.  More and more, women are choosing to combine the two at retreats designed especially for them. The 'Weekend Retreat For Professional Women' which runs this October 24th-26th, offers the replenishnment and 'down time' of a vacation plus 5 expertly facilitated, practical workshops to stimulate new thinking, build and enhance skills, and create opportunities to refocus on what matters most. Attendees enjoy the energy and support of their peers in an all-inclusive, private setting at the elegant Norwich Inn and Spa, CT. The Retreat is the brainchild of Betsy Ross, LICSW, a noted leader in working with professional women. If you'd like to learn more about: finding balance between your personal and professional life, setting healthy boundaries between you and the rest of the world (clients, colleagues, family, etc), how to incorporate deep relaxation into your daily regimen, and more, visit: BetsyRossCoaching.Com/Retreat or call Betsy Ross at: 781.784.0905. Come for a day, a night, or the whole weekend, and REIGNITE!"
Positively Speaking
Moving Through Change and Life Transitions

As you end one phase in your life, a new one begins. And so it goes with life's transitions. The challenge with transitions, exciting as they can be, is that you do not know what's on the other side.


When change comes suddenly, it's important to get support and to hold on to routines and structures that work for you. Keep that exercise routine, classes, group activities that feel supportive


In many situations, we have a sense change is coming and when we do, this is best time to take action.   Spencer Johnson, M.D. author of the bestselling Who Moved My Cheese? writes about the styles of four mice who have to adapt to the cheese being moved. The message is that those of us who perceive that change is coming and prepare for it, adapt most quickly to change. Those who become angry or deny that change has arrived and do nothing, do not adapt well to change and pay the consequences. Those who eventually adapt to change have to work through their denial and procrastination in order to see something better.


Here are some ways to ease the stress of the end of projects, situations and relationships:

*As you see change coming or know it is in the near future, seek new opportunities.

*Grieve what you are losing and appreciate and give thanks for the positives of the experience.

*Identify things that did not work and ways to do them better in the future.


Successful navigators of transitions understand change and take advantage of new situations. They transform obstacles into opportunities by finding ways to use their strengths and build on them. Change and transition is inevitable. It can work in your favor when you have tools to move through it.



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