December 2013

I chose this picture because to me, it symbolizes magic and miracles. As we come to the end of the year, let's stop and think about the beauty in our lives and what has worked for us this year.  Then look at the snowflakes of which no two are alike and think about what we want to create in the new year. What has not worked for us this year is evident, so let's bring in the new.  I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year.

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Patricia Raskin Positive Radio

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Spotlight Guests for December 

 Sandy Weiner December
7th 8:00pm ET
"Patricia Dating" on WPRO AM630/99.7FM 
Patricia welcomes Sandy Weiner, founder of Last First Date to Positive Dating. Sandy received her coaching certifications from The Coaches Training Institute and the International Coaches Federation, the umbrella organization for life coaches. She is a dating expert at Better Than 50, Divorced Moms, and Your Tango. She also contributed articles regularly to many online sites including and the Huffington Post.
Lynette Turner December 16th 2:00pm ET
"Patricia Raskin Positive Living" on

Tune in as Patricia interviews Lynette Turner, a Positivoligist™ and author of
The 10 Be's Of Positivity-10 Steps To A More Positive Way of Living.
The 10 Be's of Positivity, and the advice she gives to others is: Be honest; Be You, Be Open-Minded, Be Loving, Be a Good Listener, Be Grateful, Be Spiritual, Be Positive, Be Forgiving and Be Present-In the Moment. Despite the challenges we face, we can appreciate and enjoy life by incorporating these 10 Be's.

 Peter Max December 20th  3:00pm ET
"Positive Business" on WPRV AM790
Universe of Peter Max Tune in as Patricia interviews Peter Max, author of visual biography, THE UNIVERSE OF PETER MAX. Max details, for the first time, the large and small brush strokes of his life's journey--in his own words. Max shares from his birth in Berlin to a childhood spent in Shanghai to his odyssey to New York City, and his subsequent ascension into the celebrity-filled artworld of the 1960s and beyond. Max reveals intimate details of his life as they relate to the nature of creativity, and details how he has been able to see art in the everyday, and how you can, too. Considered by many to be the world's most iconic pop artist, Max's signature "Cosmic 1960s"-style artwork defined a generation. With its distinctive line work and outrageous color combinations, Max's art epitomized the energy and optimism of the American spirit, and has been featured the world over. In this lifetime, he has served as the official artist for the Grammys, the United Nations Earth Summit, and five Superbowls, and has had his paintings grace the covers of People, U.S. News & World Report, Life, and Manhattan's Yellow Pages--twice.


             What about the Bees?


Bee imagery has always been meaningful and symbolic to Patricia and she has come to use it more and more as her unofficial logo.

Like the bee that draws nectar from deep inside the flower to make honey, Patricia Raskin is a catalyst
who draws out the positive, life-enriching wisdom of her guests, and serves it up as enriching honey for your soul.. Her radio shows transfer life experiences into food for thought-a honeycomb of strength, hope and positive action for these challenging times."

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Positive Business patricia_headshot
with  Patricia Raskin

Patricia's Co-Hosts

Lynda Adams Robitaille December 6 - Lynda Adams-Robitaille is an accomplished entrepreneur, small business owner, designer, artist and co-founder of THE ROBITAILLE GROUP, founder of Wardrobe & Words consulting firm

gil lantiniDecember 20 - Gil Lantini, Founder and President of Rhode Island Small 
Business Journal and President of Focus Business Solutions.

tuni_schartner_2012December 27 - Tuni Renaud Schartner, President of TRS Strategies, marketing consultant, Public Relations, Social Media and Event Planning professional 


My sponsored guests are featured in the Newsletter below. For a complete listing of guests, please go to my website links for each station shows:

Sponsored Guests
Patricia Raskin Positive Living

patricia_headshot wpro_logo

Patricia Raskin Positive Living

Saturdays AM630/99.7FM
3-5pm ET

Dr. Tadeusz Sztykowski
Saturday, December 7, 21 & 28 4:00-5:00pm ET
dr_tad Tune in for the Wellness Feature as Patricia interviews Dr. Tad Sztykowski, D.Ac., founder of Dr. Tad Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing in Providence, which focuses on restoring patients health by correcting causes of diseases. A licensed MD in 27 European countries, he came to this country in 1987 to study the oldest medical system, Chinese medicine. He graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1990, then opened his private practice and has treated over 15,000 patients with myriads of health conditions. He is author of Healthcare Dollars and Cents: How Classical Chinese Medicine Can Save Your Health and Your Company's Bottom Line.

Sponsored Guests
Positive Business WPRV
Positive Business
with Patricia Raskin
and monthly Co-Hosts
Fridays 3-5pm ET

lisa_bergeronLisa Bergeron,
Cheryl Dugas Ethier, and
Kaye Michelle
Friday, December 6
3:00pm ET

Tune in when Patr
icia interviews Lisa Bergeron, Cheryl Dugas Ethier & Kaye Michelle. Lisa Bergeron is President of Leading Women Southern New England. Cheryl Dugas Ethier, CPA is a team member of SK Wealth Management, sponsor of the upcoming Leading Women Holiday Breakfast. Kaye Michelle, author of Return of the Heroine, a combination of experiences from West Point, corporate management, and a teacher and coach in the wellness industry, describes the vast capabilities that lie within each of us. Kaye will be speaking at the Leading Women Holiday Breakfast. They will discuss the Leading Women Holiday Breakfast December 12th.
Richard Parker
Friday, December 13  3:00pm ET
Tune in when Patricia interviews Richard Parker, author of The Improbably Return of COCO CHANEL: As Witnessed by her Assistant, Richard Parker.  Richard Parker will discuss his recollections of his time as the assistant to the fashion industry icon, Coco Chanel, and the ultimate resurrection of her reputation and legend. He will discuss the challenges encountered in opening a new showroom for Chanel Perfumes in New York in the 1950's and how this compares with the fashion industry of today.
Kevin LeBlanc
Saturday, December 7  3:00pm ET
Kevin Leblanc RWL 2013 Tune is as Patricia interviews Kevin LeBlanc, owner of RWL General Contractors, which has been a family owned business for over 40 years. They specialize in kitchens and bathrooms, windows and doors, vinyl siding and roofing, general remodeling and painting. He will discuss how you can beautifully and cost-effectively make changes in your home to enhance your comfort, style, and daily function.  
Dr. Tadeusz Sztykowski
Saturday, December 14, 3:00-5:00pm ET
Tune in for the special 2-hour Wellness Feature as Patricia interviews Dr. Tad Sztykowski, D.Ac., founder of Dr. Tad Centers for Integrative Medicine and Healing in Providence, which focuses on restoring patients health by correcting causes of diseases.
He is author of Healthcare Dollars and Cents: How Classical Chinese Medicine Can Save Your Health and Your Company's Bottom Line.

Paula Marshall
Saturday, December 21  3:00-4:00pm ET
Tune is for the Success feature as Patricia interviews Paula Marshall, CEO of Bama Companies and author of the new book, Finding the Soul of Big Business. The Bama Pie Company's story began in 1927 in the kitchen of Cornillia Alabama "Bama" Marshall, Paula Marshall's grandmother. This book is an amalgamation of every lesson she has learned as a CEO. She will answer your questions about happiness, fulfillment and change in the workplace today.

Tom Kane
Friday, December 6 4:00pm ET
Tune in when Patricia interviews Tom Kane, President and CEO of AccessPoint, a non-profit human services organization established in 1965. The agency specializes in services for children and adults with cognitive, physical and medical needs, supporting each person to live to his or her fullest potential. The mission of AccessPoint is to empower persons with differing abilities to claim and enjoy their right to dignity, respect, equality, and choice throughout their lives.

Nancy Thomas
Friday, December 20 4:00pm ET
nancy_thomas Tune in when Patricia interviews Nancy Thomas, president of Tapestry Communications, writer, public relations and marketing professional. Nancy will discuss effective ways to promote books, products or services in Rhode Island.  She has 25 years of proven success in communications, and customizes each project to the needs of her clients.  "Own your story....own your success" is her approach and mantra.  She will discuss end of the year and first of the year PR for your business.
Positive Dating Radio Show on WPRO!

Positive Dating Radio Show on WPRO Providence Saturdays 7-9pm ET

Patricia brings you a two-hour live call-in, on air and online program that combines call-ins, sharing, new perspectives and advice and knowledge from guests and opportunity to find matches online.
Her co-hosts in December are Alex Bering on Dec. 7th and Dennis Serpone on Dec. 14, 21 & 28.

Listen live on AM630/99.7FM or streaming online at!

Listen to the Podcasts on




12/7 - Sandy Weiner - founder of Last First Date  


12/14 - Katherine Woodward Thomas - author of Calling in The One: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life  


12/21 - Sarah Karmely - counselor who specializes in Jewish relationships, love and marriage 




@PatriciaDating on twitter
Positive Dating will feature:
  • Best-selling authors and national experts sharing dating and relationship tips
  • Callers sharing their experiences and questions about dating and relationships
  • Patricia and co-host sharing their opinions
  • Opportunity for listeners to find matches online with a customized portal for the Positive Dating radio show

Positive Dating is the program that helps you explore positive living, positive dating experiences, positive dating relationships and positive energy to attract the right person for you. We listen and share our perspectives and encourage you to share with fellow WPRO listeners on the air and online.

Sponsored by:


Welcome Dennis Serpone

Welcome to Dennis Serpone, who will Co-Host Positive Dating on December 14, 21 and 28. Dennis is the founder of, Singles Events For You (, Singles Executive Club and, all based in the Boston area. Dennis is bringing events to the Providence area in the near future and will keep you posted.

Singles with Style is a new sponsor of the Positive Dating radio show. These singles events are fun, well attended, and full of energy. To learn more about these great events, which include singles networks, singes clubs, dances, cocktail parties, golf, and cruises, log onto

Radio Coaching/Offerings by Patricia

  Brand Yourself Through Radio

Patricia Raskin now offering customized workshops to show you how honing your message for radio will get you more exposure. Refine your elevator pitch and gain more clients. Increase your revenues as other have who have been guests on her radio shows and other shows. Radio can give you another platform to deliver your message and stand out. Patricia has interviewed over 2,000 guests and she knows what works.


Are you looking to host your own radio show?

That's one of Patricia's specialties. She will help you get on the air, stay on the air, find guests and sponsors. Write or call her for more information and check out her coaching brochure on the website!

Write or call Patricia for more information - or 401.440.6299

Prophet Share - Seasoned Professionals Sharing Trade Secrets
Prophet Share, Inc., formerly known as the RI Small Business Recovery Program, has emerged as an excellent example of what has become internationally known as "a sharing community".  In simple terms, "a sharing community" removes duplication that doesn't add value and concentrates on things that do add value. Through participation in Prophet Share, talented business owners and trainers (prophets) no longer have to individually own projection, video and recording equipment.  Nor do they have to rent expensive classroom or hotel space in order to share their talent and experience with their peers. As the result of this "penny-pinching" sharing approach, Profit Share, Inc. will be able to bring high-quality business training to the Rhode Island entrepreneurial community on a meager budget of less than $25,000 annually. In the past thirty two months, the Recovery Program provided peer-to-peer training to over 7,000 business owners and entrepreneurs.  With the collaborative efforts of experienced business leaders and teachers, Prophet Share, Inc. is expected to greatly add to that number.

To register for any of the free seminars below, please go to  Any questions, please call Dave Nash at 401-447-8000.   All events will be held at the Centerville Seminar Center, 875 Centerville Rd, Warwick, RI - Building 2, Suite 5.

Lisa Tener - Award-winning book writing coach

Have you thought about writing a book?

I have someone I want you to meet-and a gift for you to help you write your book. lisa_tener

My friend Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach and published author who has helped aspiring authors just like you write a book and get published. Her clients include doctors, company presidents, coaches, professors, therapists, holistic practitioners, moms and others.

Many have gotten 5- and 6-figure book deals with major publishers, some self-published, and many clients have appeared on National TV: the CBS Early Show, CNN, Oprah, Good Morning America and, of course, on Positive Living Radio! Lisa's Bring Your Book to Life Program won the 2012 American Business Award's Silver Stevie Award for Best New Service of the Year-Media.

Lisa serves on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School continuing education course, and is a regular columnist on writing and publishing for the Huffington Post.

Many people wonder about how to get started with their book. Lisa's FREE AUTHOR TOOLKIT makes it easy. You'll receive Lisa's 7-day book writing e-course which includes:

    • Crucial advice on how to start
    • Powerful book writing exercises
    • A free subscription to Lisa's bi-weekly book writing & publishing news, tips, events and articles

You can get Lisa's complimentary author toolkit here. And feel free to contact Lisa to find out how she can support you in writing and publishing your book-a book you can be proud of and one that can make a difference in the world.

I've experienced Lisa's coaching first hand and she is so knowledgeable, creative, intuitive, and has a pulse on what works and what doesn't. She is also well-connected in the industry. I highly recommend Lisa. 

Positively Speaking


As 2013 Comes To a Close, New Beginnings Open in 2014

As the end of the year approaches, I  begin to think about the new year which for me is the the opportunity to start fresh and renewed. This is a great time to try something new, change a habit I don't like, or do something I always wanted to do, but haven't up to this point.

 Many of us make New Year's resolutions and most of them fail. Why? Lots of experts explain why in their books, but here's my explanation. You most often choose specific goals to accomplish or make lists of things you want to attain. When you choose the "form" or actual thing, you often miss the context or situation around it which may not be desirable to you  Instead of choosing the specific diet program, new car,  improved relationship, I suggest looking at the "essence" or concept. What is the non-tangible you want in your life ? Is it peace, financial prosperity, comfort, security, ease, pleasure, fun, humor, safety, loving relationships, structure? Then look at what specific things you want that will bring you one or more of those qualities.

For example, if you want ease and pleasure and select a very structured diet and exercise program,  the program probably won't work.  On the other hand, if you choose a diet and exercise program with foods that you enjoy and are easy to prepare or buy made, you are much more likely to stick with it because it brings you ease and pleasure.

 Another example is the resolution to make more money. If you want peace of mind, good relationships and ease and you take a job or opportunity that brings us more money, but have to be home less or work in an environment that is stressful, the opportunity probably will not work out.

 Most of us want the qualities of peace of mind, loving relationships and financial comfort and stability. If there is something that is troubling you or bringing you stress, it probably does not match the qualities of what you want. That is when you need to look at those things and determine what you can do to make a change or eliminate what is not working.

 As 2013 ends and 2014 begins,  let's look forward. You can not change  the past, but you can change what you do in the future. There is a "bowl burning" ceremony where you make a list of what you want to release from the past year. You "burn" your list in the flames. Next you make a list of what you want in the upcoming year and put you list in a sealed envelope to open next year at this time.   It is a great affirmation to see what has been achieved in that year.

 As the year comes to a close, I want to share with all of you how grateful I feel to share my thoughts with you on the air on my positive radio programs and interview so many amazing authors, experts and community leaders and business people.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all! May the New Year bring us all good things.




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