ArtsOC is proud to bring back by popular demand arts marketing guru 
Matt Lehrman...

Audiences Everywhere™ Workshop
 Thursday, April 28, 9 am - 12 noon
Orange County Location TBA

Discover a "mind-opening, rut-clearing & possibility-renewing" strategy for audience development.  Substantially updated for 2016!

Developed specifically for non-profit arts & cultural organizations, this forward-looking workshop delivers insights and real-world examples designed to quickly get your organization advancing compelling new strategies for attracting, returning, cultivating, and diversifying audiences in an environment where prospective customers have access to infiniteinformation and abundant leisure-time options.
 Let's be clear: your organization's imperative for audience development is urgent - the function of this workshop is to help you achieve results immediately and dramatically.
Profound & actionable, you will learn:

* 1 impactful way to definitively answer the question, "Who is our audience?"

* 4 ways to use social media to "pull" (rather than "push) audience engagement

* 6 essential metrics to gauge the bottom line of audience engagement throughout your company - and how to improve them dramatically

* 8 techniques to meaningfully connect your audience to your organization's mission

* 12+ behaviors that make audience-building a priority for everyone in your organization

* and much more!
Who Should Attend: CEO's/Executive/Managing Directors, Artistic Directors, Curators,
Development & Marketing Professionals and Board Leaders from organizations large and small and from every arts and cultural genre. This is no mere "marketing" seminar. This is about vigorously engaging audiences throughout your organization. Attendance by management teams is highly encouraged as the workshop prompts profound group
Sponsor: This professional development workshop is made possible, in part, thanks to the sponsorship of Patron Technology and Worldwide Ticketcraft.
About: Matt Lehrman, the principal of Audience Avenue, LLC, helps arts & cultural organizations pursue artistic relevance, audience engagement and financial sustainability. His expertise is in revealing a non-profit's options and opportunities when viewed from the audience-side of its mission statement. Matt's blog, AUDIENCE WANTED, is published by ArtsJournal. Matt was the founder & longtime CEO of Alliance for Audience &, Arizona's collaborative initiative for audience development. He has since served as Interim Managing Director of Arizona Theatre Company. Previously, he served as VP/Marketing for the Scottsdale Cultural Council, energizing growth of the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts and the opening the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.