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"Nonprofit arts can be good for business" -- OC Register

The Orange County Register's Tim Mangan has written a story about the economic impact of the nonprofit arts community:


"Call it a trend. Nonprofit arts organizations are increasingly taking a look at themselves in economic, rather than artistic, terms. They are making a case for the arts from an accountant's point of view, ordering studies that assign real cash value to creative activities, establish their relationship to local economies and show how they drive economic activity in their area.


"The nonprofit arts, supporters contend, are good for business. 


"'We know that the 'art for arts' sake' argument - that the arts are good for quality of life and for civilized society to embrace - those arguments do not necessarily resonate with certain key decision makers,'" says Rick Stein, executive director of Arts Orange County, an advocacy group. Economic-impact studies help him when he speaks to government officials, local businessmen and philanthropists who don't necessarily understand or value the arts."  Read more here. 

OC Fair's 125 Year History Featured in John Wayne Airport

If you are flying in or out of John Wayne Airport through December 2, 2015, via Terminal C, you will find in the Vi Smith Concourse Gallery "Fair Play," an exhibition depicting the 125 year history of the Orange County Fair. "Fair Play" is curated by Stephen Anderson and Bolton Colburn, and celebrates some of the most important, memorable and fun aspects of the Fair. From rodeos and cattle drives of years past to farm animals, games and beauty queens, this exhibit aims to trigger memories of the Fair while adding to peoples' knowledge and appreciation of its history.



 Arts Orange County is supported in part through funds from
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Bank of America Supports ArtsOC Professional Development Programs

Bank of America has awarded a grant of $5,000 to support Arts Orange County's Professional Development Program.  This program aims to elevate the knowledge and improve the skills of, as well as inspire, nonprofit arts organization volunteer and paid leadership and management in Orange County. This year-round activity has several components: a regular schedule of topical convenings that bring together CEOs, Board Chairs, Vice Presidents and Directors of Development, Vice Presidents and Directors of Marketing, Vice Presidents and Directors of Education, City Arts Coordinators, Small and Mid-sized Arts Organization Leaders, and Emerging/Next Gen Arts Leaders--to learn and to share best practices and new ideas.  Stronger leadership skills will help these organizations strengthen their service and their economic impact. Bank of America has supported this program for the past three years and previously provided support for other ArtsOC programs. 

State of the Non-Profit Sector
Last month, the Nonprofit Finance Fund released their 2015 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey, based on responses from 5,451 non-profit organizations in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico. The survey provides critical insights into the current conditions of non-profits in their attempts to meet urgent community needs while answering ongoing financial challenges.  The survey included 906 organizations classified as Arts/Culture/Humanities.
Arts Orange County is the leader in building appreciation of, participation in and support for the arts and arts education throughout Orange County. 
It is a powerhouse in advancing Orange County's arts ecology, a trailblazer in advocating workforce development through arts education, a leader in building future audiences and a trendsetter in the world of nonprofit arts councils.

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