Join us next Wednesday, March 27, for part 3 of:
Featuring keynote speakers Yvette Shank and Paul Reynolds. Admission is free, and all are welcome!
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Yvette Shank (Scientology)
Yvette Shank is President of the Church of Scientology's Canadian national office. She is Metis and has been a Scientologist since 1967. A vibrant speaker and a gifted storyteller, she has worked on numerous social improvement programs throughout Canada, focusing primarily on human rights and drug education.
Paul Reynolds (Baha'i)
Paul Reynolds is the former Secretary General of the Baha'i World Centre, the international headquarters of the Baha'i faith in Israel. He has served with many national and regional Baha'i institutions, has written three books and published over 20 articles. A former professor of law, he is a member of the bar in England, New York, and Hong Kong.
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