Fruit, nature's sweet treat, gets kids' attention when it comes to getting them to the table, and can be used as a tool to nutritionally balance meals. Canned pears are a smart food choice that children like. Include canned pears in kids' meals as the centerpiece for lunch, the sweet addition to savory recipes, and the fun ingredient in unexpected places.


Engaging Kids at the Table

Preparing meals for children is an ongoing challenge. We offer a few simple strategies for making wholesome items into appealing, natural choices.


Kids' Menu Strategy
Can Do Idea!
Capitalize on creativity in
your presentations

Use pear halves to hold cheese cubes or carrot salad 

Make it interactive
Find nutritional balance

We can't seem to get enough of salads because we love them and they satisfy a need to eat a healthier diet. According to research from Food Genius, "Over half of all menus mention at least one kind of salad."* A trend report from Technomic shows that "76% of consumers order salad at least once a week."** This demand for salad fuels a variety of creative salad offerings on restaurant menus that strive to strike a balance between craveable and healthy and innovative and familiar. Canned pears fit the bill, adding a touch of sweetness that complements savory and spicy flavors in the salad or the dressing.


We think Pear, Chicken & Farro Salad strikes a perfect balance. For more recipes go to


*   Food Genius, Inc., "Salad Menu Insights," April 2015.

** "Soup & Salad Consumer: Left Side of the Menu Report," Technomic, Inc, February 2014.


Convenience and Nutrition Leads to Better Year-Round Diet

There is good news for American adults interested in improving their overall diet. New research from the Canned Food Alliance suggests that adults who eat canned fruits and vegetables not only eat more fruits and vegetables than those who do not eat canned varieties, but they also have an increased intake of some essential nutrients, including fiber and potassium.  


Read more about the study from Canned Food Alliance.