Feeding kids can be tricky. As parents we want to make sure our children are getting the nutrients they need to fuel their bodies for learning and being active. School meal programs help parents achieve this goal by offering a variety of nutritious foods every day for breakfast and lunch. Serving canned pears is a super simple way for schools and parents to meet the MyPlate guidelines for healthy meals, including making "half your plate fruits and vegetables."


With a task to offer nourishing options that appeal to kids, parents and schools alike include canned pears on the menu. Canned pears are convenient and they are always available, so there isn't a question about seasonality and cost. Serving canned pears helps kids get their recommended servings of fruit for less than 100 calories per half cup.


Kids love canned pears because they are naturally sweet, juicy, and easy to eat with a fork, spoon, or even with little fingers. Northwest Bartlett pears are canned at the peek of ripeness so they are always full of natural pear flavor. Served plain, or dressed up a bit, children enjoy the taste of this familiar fruit.


Try these ideas for including canned pears on your menu at home or at school:

  • Stir diced canned pears, cinnamon, and sliced almonds into warm oatmeal for a sweet and hearty breakfast.
  • Fold diced canned pears into muffin batter for a moist and sweet breakfast or snack. Recipe... 
  • Layer sliced canned pears, ham, and cheese between two slices of lightly buttered bread and grill in a Panini press for a sweet and savory toasted breakfast sandwich.
  • Layer canned pear halves with Greek-style low fat-yogurt, perfect for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Recipe... 
  • Dress up a serving of canned pear halves with a few colorful raspberries, blackberries or blueberries.
Garrett Berdan, RD, Chef is a culinary nutrition consultant and part-time stay-at-home dad based in Bend, Oregon. Being a registered dietitian and chef prepares Berdan to meet the demand for healthy menus without sacrificing flavor. In addition, Berdan trains kitchen staff on the culinary techniques to prepare new, healthful menu items.

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Studies indicate kids and teens that eat breakfast have more energy, do better in school, and eat a healthier diet throughout the day.* Scientific evidence shows children have a stronger preference for sugar than adults, naturally, so why not tempt them with a bit of sweetness to help them get a head start on the day.  Sausage and Caramelized Pear Breakfast Rolls combines the best things about pizza with just the right amount of fruit goodness from canned pears that are caramelized with sweet onions and Italian seasoning. Find storage and reheating instructions at the bottom of the recipe.



Bartlett pears mature at the end in August, when harvest in Oregon and Washington starts
and the canneries open for the high volume production season that ends in November. Approximately 150,000 metric tons of Bartlett pears harvested from approximately 34,000 acres are canned each year.