Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Service ran two contests in 2012 - one for consumers and one for foodservice professionals. We'd like to congratulate our winners and share the great ideas and recipes that won! Both contests asked for easy-to-make, crowd-pleasing ways to cook with canned pears.



Check out the professional Canned Pear Ripe & Ready Contest Winners section of our website for these recipes and more.


The Ultimate Summer Menu Guide


Thanks to our fans who shared their ideas and recipes for using canned pears in our Facebook No Fuss, Pear + Contest. Entrants offered easy ways to add flavor, moisture and fruit appeal to their favorite recipes - pureed to replace oil in baked goods, diced in salad, and sliced for a quick pear crisp. Top prize was a pear tree, others received Amazon gift cards.


Sign up as a fan on our Eat Canned Pears Facebook page for recipe ideas, fun facts and occasional contests. Some of our contest winners' ideas are posted there!


It's easy to lighten your meatloaf recipe with a little help from canned pears. Substitute ground turkey for your protein, use more veggies and fruit, and cook the meatloaf on a rack or broiler pan to allow the grease to drain off. Start a new tradition with our Perfect Pear Turkey Loaf. Try it and let us know what you think.


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