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After the Eclipses
A Little Less Intensity
June 8, 2013
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If your life has been anything like mine, things have been very busy and sometimes hectic these last couple of months. I didn't realize I hadn't written you in April or May. I meant to! I promise to write more regularly.

I hope you made it through the "eclipse season" okay. The past two Full Moons were Lunar Eclipses, with the New Moon in the middle a Solar Eclipse. This trio was more intense than the usual duo of eclipses that occur about every six months - and they're usually powerful enough! Our next trio won't occur until the summer of 2018.

Uranus-Pluto Strikes Again
in Tornadoes and Politics
Uranus multihue blue

The current long-term Uranus-Pluto square can be translated as sudden (Uranus) destruction (Pluto). Among its many possible manifestations, it applies strongly to tornado deaths and damage. Although the May 20 Oklahoma EF5 twister occurred on the very day the Uranus-Pluto square was exact, this duo doesn't constitute the only culprit. That dubious honor goes to the normally fortuitous Jupiter. The largest planet rules everything BIG and this was a whopper! At the moment it "touched down" (began) in the city first hit (Newcastle), Jupiter was at the exact most overhead point in the sky (the "Midheaven"), a point very specific to the exact time and longitude. Jupiter's current sign, Gemini, rules wind, so we could read this as "enormous wind here and now." As bad as the death toll and damages were, they could have been worse, considering the size and force of the cyclone. Perhaps Jupiter was exerting some benevolent influence after all. It was in a formation I call a Quintile Triangle, a pattern associated with luck. It was joined by Uranus, indicating intuition and intelligence, and the North Node, a point that shows connections between people. Indeed, there are many stories emerging of teachers, neighbors, family members and even strangers using their heads to save others in the storm and afterward.

In other turbulent news recently, the Obama Administration and the President himself have received a lot of criticism and intimations/accusations of mismanagement or worse. Reporters' questions to him and his press secretary as well as congressional hearings and news reports have been brutal. I won't comment on the relative merits of the so-called scandals, but I do want to point out the difficulties in his chart. The May 9 Solar Eclipse squared his Ascendant/Descendant axis (Asc = him, Desc = his opponents) while the May 25 Lunar Eclipse opposed his Moon, ruler of his 6th house (job performance, employees). Neptune (suffering, scapegoating) traveling through his 1st House (house of the self) is at the degree of his natal Chiron (wounds, weaknesses). Each planet in the Uranus-Pluto square has been making a friction-producing sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) link to his natal Uranus, forming a troublesome triangle I sometimes call the Fickle Finger of Fate. (SolarFire astrology software calls it "Thor's Hammer." Neither are terms you ordinarily hear astrologers use.) His Uranus is in his 7th house of open enemies and challengers, as well as his marital partner, and even Michelle had some criticism for him. Also, she had to deal with a heckler at a recent speech.

Another Mercury Retrograde
on the Horizon

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Cancer doesn't cover a lot of degrees (only 10) but will still have its usual effects (communication mix-ups, backward thinking and transportation trouble) that are prone to being problematic on the home front (Cancer's turf). Luckily, it does not backtrack through the range of degrees that would form a T-square with Uranus and Pluto. However, it does make the stress-producing sesquiquadrate (square-and-a-half) connection to Neptune three times. This adds to the confusion and mental mishaps for which Mercury Retrograde is already infamous. The 13-degree pivot point is the location of the Sun in the USA chart, which is the indicator for the top dog, namely Obama. This suggests his troubles are likely to have another crescendo around July 20 as Mercury Retrograde ends at the degree of the USA's Sun.

Mercury enters the Retrograde degree range on June 8, turning Retrograde on June 26 at 23 degrees of Cancer. It turns Direct on July 20 at 13 degrees of Cancer and exits the Retrograde degree range on August 3. If you have any planets or important points in your chart (like your Ascendant or Midheaven) between 13 and 23 degrees of Cancer, you will have three chances to work on that point in the coming weeks.

If we begin something during the "entry shadow" (as Mercury moves through the back-up range and makes the first of three contacts to your chart), we get the chance to modify it at the next two contacts. Sometimes we're forced by circumstances beyond our control to make a change at the second or third occurrence.

You can see the planets' Retrograde ranges, degrees and dates for 2013 all on one page on my free download: 2013 On a Page .

The June Moons
a Little Friendlier

The June 8 New Moon [8:57 am (P), 11:57 am (E)] is at 18 degrees of Gemini. Although it won't be as heavy as the prior one (which was a Solar Eclipse), there still are some challenges lurking for the month ahead. The Sun and Moon are happily approaching Jupiter (the Sun reaches it June 19) and this lends a hopeful tone to the cycle and helps us keep up our sense of humor no matter what happens. Jupiter is the main planet related to transparency, foreign relations and the media, so expect these topics to dominate headlines the next couple of weeks. Messenger Mercury makes a nearly exact T-square with the Uranus-Pluto square, assuring that there is more surprising news to come. Pluto is related to secrecy and privacy while Uranus is associated with freedom and rebelliousness. Fourth Amendment discussions will remain in the forefront. In your personal life, you may discover something that shakes your world, or find the words to help bring about a big change quickly. Weather-wise, expect intense storms like we've been having, possibly with more in the way of precipitation and flooding, since Mercury is the instigator and it's in a water sign (Cancer). Of course, Gemini is an Air sign and with Jupiter there for only a few more weeks, big winds are also in the offing. (Jupiter enters Cancer June 25 for a year, which should be a very wet period.) Venus at the New Moon isn't far behind Mercury and will make the same T-square very soon (June 11-12), when its rulership over relationships and finances will likely manifest as some turbulence in those arenas. The stock market (ruled by Pluto) has been a little more volatile lately than it has been most of the spring; don't be surprised to see some sliding.

June's Full Moon comes on the 23rd, just two days after the Summer Solstice, at a low enough degree (2) not to knock into the Uranus-Pluto square, thankfully. The Sun makes a helpful Grand Trine with Saturn, the planet of manifestation, and Neptune, the planet of vision and imagination. The Sun is very creative and also associated with will power. This is a good combination to give form to your dreams. The planets in the Grand Trine are all in water signs, and that could mean an overload of feelings. However, the Moon in down-to-earth Capricorn (the sign ruled by Saturn) keeps emotions from becoming overwhelming and lifts the Grand Trine into the pattern called a Kite, very favorable for bringing out the best of a Grand Trine. Plan something special for around that Full Moon, whether an artistic pursuit, charitable activity, family gathering or home improvement project. Any or all of these are apt to go swimmingly. We don't often have a Kite at a Full Moon, so take advantage of the great energy.

Of course, before you launch any new venture, you should check your Janet's Plan-its 2013 Celestial Planner to ensure you are selecting a favorable day (rated 3 or better) and that you avoid the Moon in the condition called Void of Course, when momentum has slowed and beginnings often come to naught (see explanation below).

Awaiting the Supreme Court
Same-Sex Marriage Decisions

In June, we should learn the Supreme Court's decisions about California's Prop 8 and DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act). Both cases concern same-sex marriage. Testimony was presented in March. In the case of Prop 8, the briefs were given on a day when the Moon was Void of Course. This is a condition defined by when the Moon is coasting on auto-pilot after its final connection to another planet from its current sign until it enters the next sign. Things begun in such a period are thought to have little motivation and often fail to have the desired outcome. I anticipate there won't be a landmark decision here. But DOMA's day in court was strongly accentuated astrologically, strong in the moment and directly related to the US Constitution and to the prior hearings in its case. I expect that decision to confirm prior decisions that the US Government must provide equal treatment to marriages in the states where such marriages were recognized as legal. That will be monumental.

You may remember I wrote about this in March and mentioned my blog post in my eNewsletter then. You may want to read it for further details. (If you enjoy my blog, become a follower and you will automatically get an email of any blog I post.)

If you are a new reader of this eNewsletter, you might like to access the archive of prior issues.

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Here's wishing you a smooth June!

Yours in the stars,

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