September 2016
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Dear Members and Friends:

One of the things I love about my job is how inspiring our members are. I come home from VBSR events and fill my husband's ear about members using the power of their businesses to change the world.

Years ago, for example, when Joel Melnick learned about s.r. business, he founded Nathaniel Group to put those values into practice. Terry Ehrich Award winner Paul Millman uses the power of Chroma Technology to advocate on policy issues and build community. And we were glad to see that Seventh Generation's sale to Unilever includes forming a Social Mission Board, to maintain their commitment to sustainability and advocacy. The list of examples is endless!
Thank you all. I appreciate your dedication and inspiration --
Jane Campbell
Executive Director
VBSR Welcomes and Thanks our Newest Members! 
Individual Members:
Renae Bouchard (Winooski)
Lindsay DesLauriers (Huntington)
Kathryn Murad (Essex Junction)
 *Also joined Local First Vermont! 
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Sold Out Crowd Honors Paul Millman
15th Annual Terry Ehrich Award Ceremony & Dinner A Success
On September 21st, a sold out crowd celebrated Paul Millman as the winner of VBSR's 2016 Terry Ehrich Award for Excellence in Socially Responsible Business. Co-founder, CEO and President of Chroma Technology Corp., Millman received the award at VBSR's 15th Annual Award Ceremony & Dinner.
"I knew Terry. I was friends with Terry. Terry would have been proud to be here tonight to honor Paul Millman with this award," noted Governor Peter Shumlin, addressing attendees during the cocktail reception.
Each year, VBSR members honor an outstanding practitioner of social responsibility in business in fond memory of late VBSR board member, Terry Ehrich. Ehrich was genuinely concerned about the well-being of his employees, generous with his time as a friend and concerned citizen, and successful with his business.

The Terry Ehrich Award for Excellence in Socially Responsible Business is given annually to a person exemplifying Terry Ehrich's sustained commitment to the environment, workplace, progressive public policy, and community.

Read more about the great event and/or check out the photos here.  
2016 Buy Local Book Released
Support Local Businesses Throughout Vermont 
It's here! On Saturday, September 17, VBSR staff released the
2016/2017 Buy Local Resource Guide & Coupon Book at
City Market, Hunger Mountain Co-op, and Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op.

This year's book retails for $20 and includes more than $3,000 in savings. And, thanks to the new "Explore Vermont" section, we have coupons all over the state! Plus, the release of the Local First Vermont smartphone app makes it even easier to save at your favorite locally-owned businesses.  
What are you waiting for?
Get your Buy Local Book today
Tax Reform the Answer to Climate Change
VBSR Supports a Price on Carbon Pollution  
Despite efforts to increase fuel efficiency, Americans are now using record amounts of gasoline, according to an August report by the Energy Department. We fueled up our vehicles this June more than any other month on record, according to the Department. The United States is expected to set a new record for annual gas consumption in 2016 - a record that we as a country and a state need to stop setting.
At the same time, the impacts of climate change are more real than ever before. Another record will be set in 2016 - the hottest year in history since climate scientists first began tracking that data, according to a report released mid-summer by NASA. Each month so far in 2016 has been the hottest of those months on record. The year 2016 will be remembered for many reasons, but among them will be replacing the record of the previously hottest year, which was 2015.
Look no further than severe flooding in Louisiana, explosive wildfires in California, and a mild, snowless winter in Vermont for evidence of what climate change will bring to our world. These disasters and unpredictable weather patterns have caused billions of dollars in damages and wrecked homes and businesses. The true cost of inaction on climate change is becoming very real.
That's why VBSR has long been a supporter of putting an appropriate price on carbon pollution. With this policy, Vermont can cut taxes on economic activities we want to encourage (personal income or sales, for example) by putting a price on the things we want to discourage, such as pollution. This is common sense tax reform, and an economic analysis shows that Vermont could create new 2,000 new jobs, increase personal incomes by $150 million, and cut the state's carbon pollution by one-third by putting an appropriate price on carbon pollution.
A carbon pollution tax is guaranteed to be a hot topic under the Golden Dome in Montpelier next year, and VBSR is always looking for members interested in talking about the impact climate change has on their business and the economic and environmental opportunities that a carbon pollution tax can bring to Vermont. 

Contact VBSR Public Policy Manager Daniel Barlow to learn more. 
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Nathaniel Group Hosts Get-Together on 29th Anniversary
80 Members and Friends Pack Vergennes Headquarters 
On September 7, more than 80 VBSR members and friends traveled from near and far to "Get-Together" in Vergennes. Long-time member Nathaniel Group (who last hosted an event in 2006!) rolled out the welcome mat, offering food, drink and tours to attendees.

In addition, our program offered guests a chance to learn how to help employees with childcare needs, how to encourage employee buy-in and communication, and why testifying in Montpelier can be so impactful.

We were glad to get such great photos of attendees! Special thank you to our sponsors for making this evening possible: Vermont Community Loan Fund, Let's Grow Kids, Johnson Law Group, Way to Go Vermont, Vermont Web Marketing Summit, Merritt & Merritt, SunCommon and Vermont Trophy & Engraving!
Marketplace Success Story
The Presence Point and Lightspeed Publishing Working Together  
Sarah Lipton of The Presence Point started using the Marketplace immediately after joining VBSR in 2014. She's found new clients, spent Trade Dollars with new vendors and found a new collaboration. Here's her story:

"Initially, I was just looking for a new client through the marketplace, trying to find a way to support the launching of my business. With Trade Dollars earned, I was looking for editorial support on the book I had just finished writing.

Amy connected me with a possible vendor: long-time VBSR member Lee Purcell of Lightspeed Publishing. Lee and I had our first conversation in January, and within about 5 minutes, we were no longer talking about just editing -- we were talking about launching a podcast.

Check out Sarah's complete story, (spoiler alert, it has a great ending!).

We're thrilled that these two VBSR members were able to both grow and improve their own businesses and then use that momentum to launch a new offer to help other members! Look for their new offer soon.
Want to find a new customer or vendor to take your new business to new heights?? Next steps: 
Inside Story of a Nuclear Power Whistleblower
VBSR's The Vermont Conversation Airs Wednesdays at 1 PM 
Arnie Gundersen is a nuclear engineer who defended the nuclear industry for 20 years, managing and coordinating projects at 70 nuclear power plants in the US. In 1991, after complaining about lax nuclear safety to his superiors, he was fired, and the industry turned on him. That's when he and his wife Maggie Gundersen, who worked as a spokesperson for the nuclear industry, became leading critics of nuclear power, forming FaireWinds Energy Education. Arnie Gundersen now consults on nuclear power issues for the Sierra Club, the State of Vermont, and the New England Coalition. This spring Arnie visited Fukushima, Japan, the site of a 2011 nuclear meltdown. The Gundersens joined our host David Goodman to discuss their lives in the nuclear industry, the high personal cost of whistleblowing, the future of nuclear power, and their advice to young people interested in working on energy issues. 
Click here to hear their story and/or stream other recent shows.

 We are grateful to our show underwriters for helping us continue this great community resource!

Upcoming VBSR Events 
Upcoming Member Events

October 24: VBSR & BACC Candidate Forum and Networking Event (Brattleboro) - Sponsorships Available!

November 15: Making it Work in Windham (Brattleboro)

November 30: VBSR Networking Get-Together Co-Hosted by DRM & MVZ Holdings (St. Johnsbury) - Sponsorships Available!
Member Events
Upcoming Member Events

September 26 - October 7: The Way to Go Challenge (Way To Go)

October 5: Professional Certificate in Healthcare Administration (University of Vermont)

October 5: VITL Summit 2016 (VITL) 

October 7: UVM Project Management Certificate (University of  Vermont)

October 8: Home Brew Social Hosted by Green State Gardener (Full Barrel Cooperative)

October 9-12: Sustainatopia Conference (Boston) at Hyatt (Sustainatopia)
*VBSR members receive discount*

October 14: UVM Leadership and Management Certificate (University of Vermont)

October 25: 2016 VT Web Marketing Summit (Curve Trends Marketing) *Earlybird deadline Oct 4

November 9-11: PM50- PMP Certification Book Camp (Desai Management Consulting, LLC)

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    Green Mountain Power & SunCommon Launch Solar Storage Partnership 
    Green Mountain Power Logo Green Mountain Power and SunCommon recently announced a partnership that will allow customers to store their solar power for security during a power outage.  
    The first of its kind program in Vermont partners a utility with a solar company to offer home storage that both strengthens the grid and allows homes to power from solar during outages. Through the program, everyday Vermonters can add a SunCommon solar system and the Tesla Powerwall to their homes with no upfront cost and a fixed monthly payment. Learn More.  
    National Life Works With Vermont Historical Society to Preserve Mural

    National Life Group and the Vermont Historical Society announced a partnership on Monday that will preserve and protect a significant painting that for 55 years has greeted visitors to the company's Montpelier headquarters.

    The mural, "Tribute to Vermont", by prominent artist and Dartmouth College instructor Paul Sample, was installed in 1961 in the lobby of National Life's then-new headquarters building in Montpelier. Learn More.
    Milk Money L3C Announces Vermont Evaporator Company Crowdfunding Campaign 

    Milk Money offers the opportunity for true "impact investing," since a dollar invested in a local business generates potential financial return as well as tangible social return on investment. By investing in a local business such as Vermont Evaporator Company, you may help create jobs and circulate wealth and build a stronger community that fosters new relationships between businesses and community members. The Milk Money platform serves as a meeting place for Vermonters to discover local investment opportunities such as Vermont Evaporator Company as well as other live campaigns from Gringo Jack's and Burlington Herb Clinic. Learn More.
    "Navigating the Health IT Landscape" Theme for Health Care Summit on October 5 & 6 in Burlington 
    Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL)--in partnership with the University of Vermont College of Medicine--announces the 2016 "Navigating the Health IT Landscape" Summit at the Sheraton Burlington Hotel & Conference Center in Burlington, Vermont. The Summit will open on Wednesday, October 5, from 3 to 7:00 p.m. with concurrent sessions and a networking reception, followed by a full-day conference on Thursday, October 6 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Learn More  

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