The Castle Creek Campus is about to become even more wonderful. Construction begins in August on the final phase of our campus renovation. Even before the first shovel hits the ground, we're beginning a series of updates for families, friends, alumni, and neigbors. 

What is coming in the final phase?
A new Middle School building with science lab (#7 above)
A new dining hall
with a terrace by the ponds (#2 above)
A new gymnasium
with full court and turf field (#8 above)
What is happening next year in construction?
The last time our school was under 
construction, the entire campus was torn up. We moved our whole school to the Aspen Meadows for 2012-13. While we were out, Shaw Construction (same contractor as this time) built nine buildings in nine months.

This time, all construction will be in a limited area. So rather than moving again, ACDS will stay on the Castle Creek campus. Current facilities will operate exactly as they do now -- everything will be open except the gym tent and lunchroom. All construction traffic, personnel, and activity will be kept away from the children, behind a fence, to ensure the children's safety at all times.

Key things to know about next year:
  • We'll have lunch in a modular dining hall on campus. busatstop
  • Children will still be able to buy a hot lunch daily.
  • PE and play areas will be near the Castle Creek building.
  • We'll use nearby gyms and fields for PE adventures.
  • Parking will be tight; more reason to use the bus!
  • A comprehensive construction safety plan is in place.
  • All new buildings will be finished and open for fall 2016.
Campus images courtesy of Teague Architects.