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February 9, 2015
About: hands-on science learning
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Today's activity in Kindergarten Science was truly hands-on: after learning all about the heart over the past weeks with Lower School Science teacher Lise Sansom, the students had the opportunity to see, hold, and dissect a pig's heart. Everyone put on lab coats, plastic gloves, and safety glasses for this scientific occasion. After the dissection and discussion, each Kindergartener had a chance to explore the heart and name its parts.
     Middle School Science teacher Mark Sumera brought along two assistants, Eighth Graders Flynn and Ashby. The Kindergarteners were almost as fascinated by the two older students as they were by the heart itself. 
     A robust science curriculum in the lower grades helps foster curiosity, inquiry, and a sense of wonder. Starting in the earliest grades, Country Day children build a strong foundation in the sciences.

Play secrets revealed
Inquiring minds want to know: what is the All-School Play all about this year? OK, so just imagine this: it's time for the 20th reunion of this year's graduates. There is some problem with getting everyone together via hologram (darn technology). So it falls to one graduate to write actual letters to each member of the class. Where will she find them, and what are they doing today? Will they ever make it back to Aspen? Come find out when Writer's Block is onstage at the Wheeler Opera House April 24 & 25. 

Tickets go on sale after spring break, but you can act now by making a congratulatory ad in the full-color play program. Click here for details or  download the order form now.
The week that was
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry in Sixth Grade English
What do you value? Top 14 coming soon

What makes this school special to you? 
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We'll share the top 14 reasons on Saturday, February 14

Spoken word: at our school AND throughout the valley
Coming soon to Castle Creek: spoken word artists leading workshops for Middle Schoolers. A similar program was a huge hit last year, and we are so excited to welcome Myrlin Hepworth, Logan Phillips, and Mercedez Holtry, brought here by the Aspen Writers' Foundation. 

Parents, just so you know, after these workshops at school, your children will be insisting you take them to at least one of these events: 

Youth Poetry Slam
Friday, 2/27, 6:30 pm, Third Street Center, Carbondale, Free!
Student registration begins at 5:30 for 7th - 12th graders.
Judges will be selected from the audience!

Winners perform with Myrlin, Logan, and Mercedez at The Wheeler on 2/28!

Cumbia Dance Party
Friday, 2/27, 9 pm , Third Street Center, Carbondale, Free!

Following the Youth Poetry Slam, Logan Phillips DJs this unforgettable night of heart-pounding Latin music and dance!

ALOUD: High Altitude Poetry Jam at The Wheeler
Saturday, 2/28, 6:30 pm, The Wheeler Opera House, Aspen, Free!

Poets Myrlin Hepworth, Logan Phillips, and Mercedez Holtry explode onto The Wheeler stage with the power of the spoken word, joined by the winners from the Youth Poetry Slam.

Announcing: ACDS on Instagram
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Help wanted: judges for National History Day. 
Explore the mind of a Seventh Grader!
The local competition for National History Day is Wednesday, February 25. Middle School History teacher is looking for any parents who might want to be judges for this exciting event. You don't have to be a history buff, but you can't be a parent of a current Seventh Grader. If you can come to the public middle school gym from 9:30-11:30 am on Wednesday 2/25 to judge a few projects, please contact Thanks!
Anyone you know interested in ACDS? Applications due next week
    The application deadline for new students -- including siblings -- is Monday, February 16. This is now the only way to receive priority consideration for any classes where space may be available next year.
    Many prospective new students and their parents have been visiting in the past few weeks. There has never been a better time to consider Country Day.
Grandparents & Special Friends Day: invitations going out soon
    Our very first Grandparents & Special Friends Day was such a big success last year that we are delighted to announce the return of this new tradition. It's the morning of Monday, April 27, the Monday after the All-School Play (how convenient!)

Do we have your grandparents' address for the paper invitations that will be going out soon? We collected addresses as part of the admissions process, but it never hurts to be sure.

Please also consider inviting any big sisters or brothers, aunts or uncles, friends from the community, big buddies, or other important people in your child's life. It's so much fun to welcome all our special friends to campus. 

This is what progress looks like:
It's remarkable, at this time of the year, to be so close to 100 percent participation in the Annual Fund. Two classes (PreK Four and Fourth Grade), along with the teachers and trustees, are "all in" for ACDS. Have you joined them in the circle?

The Annual Fund supports:
  • professional development for teachers
  • academic enrichment and support for students
  • financial aid for qualified families
If you have already given, thank you. If not, please consider doing so today!

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