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January 26, 2015
About: Mindfulness practice at ACDS

MindUP, the innovative mindfulness curriculum in practice at Country Day, has become such a part of the fabric of our school that it no longer surprises us to see children taking their own brain breaks or to hear them chatting about how their amygdala is functioning today. Here, in a video documentary, is the story of MindUP at ACDS. 
Friends or siblings interested in applying to ACDS? Deadline coming soon
    The application deadline for new students is approaching. All new applications must be received by noon on Tuesday, February 16, 2015 to receive priority consideration for any classes where space may be available. This goes for siblings of current students as well. 
    Many prospective new students and their parents have been visiting in the past few weeks. There has never been a better time to consider Country Day.
Housekeeping messages, please read
1. Morning dropoff at the Lower School, please use the sidewalks
Bringing children to school in the morning? Best is to pull into the upper lot so kids can use the sidewalk. If you must pull up in front of the Lower School building, make sure children exit the car on the side closest to the building. The scary scenario is the child who steps out into oncoming traffic from cars heading back up the lot to exit. 

2. Morning dropoff at the Middle School, don't cross the bridge
Older students heading to the Castle Creek building should be dropped off in the traffic circle. No matter how much they beg you to drop them closer to the building, remind them that they are hardy ACDS kids -- tough and independent enough to cross the bridge on their own. The second bridge is closed to parent traffic in the morning for safety reasons.

3. Staying after school? Send a snack!
Kids who are working with teachers, getting picked up late, or are in after-school programs -- they are starving! Considering that their last meal was lunch, sometimes as early as 11 am, that's a long stretch on an empty tummy. Please plan ahead. 
Community service projects on MLK Day: a big hit with students
     Last Monday's Martin Luther King Jr. Day activities were eye-opening for many ACDS students. On this day when we strive to learn about the lessons and legacy of Dr. King, children in all grades engaged in thoughtful discussions and projects. Did you see our Middle Schoolers on the front page of the Aspen Times at the screening of Selma?
In one particular class, Fifth Grade, the students prepared a meal -- homemade enchiladas, southwestern salad, and brownies -- and delivered it to a local homeless shelter. At a faculty meeting Wednesday, teacher Anson Kendall reported that the class had not expected to have any interaction with the occupants of the shelter. Nonetheless, when the children walked in, they were met with enthusiasm and warmth. Some respectful and thoughtful conversations followed. One child reported leaving with a "sky-high feeling of happiness" at having given to others. (See more comments, above). 
Change of plans after school? don't text or email, use the phone
     Quick reminder, if your child has a change of plans during the day:
  • call 925-1909 x 203
  • don't give up until you reach a live person
  • don't email
  • don't text
   Why? Because if a child ever goes missing, we need a central record of where everyone is going. Also, teachers and administrators do not use texts for school communication; please support this ACDS policy designed to keep our school personal and professional. 
     When a parent calls with a change of plans, we give a written note to the bus drivers, who deliver notes at pickup time. If you want us to hand an urgent message to your child before the end of the day, please call before 2 pm (1 pm on Wednesdays); otherwise, we can't guarantee the message will get to your child in time. 
Thanks for your cooperation!

This Friday, Coffee + Conversation: at Town in Carbondale, 7-ish am
     Join Head of School Josh Wolman at Town restaurant in Carbondale on Friday, January 30, right after the school bus pickup. All residents of the entire valley, but particularly of the Carbondale area, are invited to join in for coffee and conversation about everything happening at ACDS. Town opens at 7.
Be a true snow angel: donate used snow boots to Shining Stars
Cleaning your closet? Please bring in any snow boots in kids' sizes (for boys or girls). Children with cancer who come for the Shining Stars visit in March need snow boots for outdoor fun. Bring your snow boot donations to the box outside the First Grade classroom; they'll be reused every year. A representative from the Shining Stars will be at our All-School Assembly Friday, March 13 at 8:15 am to collect them and tell us more about the Shining Stars. 
Report Cards for Middle Schoolers: now posted 
     Semester 1 report cards were mailed today for students in Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade. They have also been posted on our portal. To access, go to
If you have problems signing into the portal, please email for instructions. Please note, only Middle School reports are posted in this location.
New video just posted: Our Week in Pictures
New in the lunchroom: peanut-free butter, gluten-free items
Chef Danny writes:
We have begun stocking SunButter, a sunflower seed spread that many kids like, and some gluten-free breads. 
     We know of some children who are allergic or sensitive to certain substances, as we collect that information at the start of the year. However, if your child has developed a new allergy or is specifically sensitive to gluten, please drop me an email at Thanks!
Bonus photos: academic life in Middle School
The second semester is underway, and students are fully engaged with academic work in Middle School. The three Eighth Grade girls on the right are studying transformations of parent functions. The students on the left are studying the quadratic equation. Middle School Math and Physics teacher Mark Sumera projects the homework as students explain how they solved the problems

Seventh Graders study Western Civilizations with teacher Zeke Tiernan. They spent the morning in a seminar-style art history session discussing iconic works of the past
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