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January 12, 2015
About: asking the good questions
Alum Pete McBride '89 with Middle Schoolers Thursday
    Sixth and Seventh Graders had a special visitor last Thursday: alumnus Pete McBride '89, an acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, and writer for National Geographic and many other publications. He showed images and told stories from all around the globe. 
     The students were transfixed by his tale of documenting the Colorado River from its source to the sea; he graciously gave us a Middle School version of the presentation he's delivering on a national speaking tour this year: National Geographic Live: Chasing Rivers, Part I, The Colorado (listen here). At the end of this video, which we encourage everyone to watch, there's a short film (Delta Dawn) about a paddleboard journey down the Colorado during last spring's pulse flow, when the river actually "kissed the sea" for the first time in many years.
See more of McBride's work here
     It was inspiring for the ACDS Middle School students to spend time with such an accomplished alumnus. Pete attended ACDS for Kindergarten through Ninth Grade, graduating from St. Paul's School and Dartmouth. He explored the campus after his talk, marveling at all the changes -- and at what remains the same. "I see the luge run for sledding is still there on the hillside," he noted approvingly.
     Another thing that hasn't changed: the ability of ACDS students to ask probing questions and engage in thoughtful conversation. Here are just a few of the questions the students threw at Pete:
  • "Will we ever figure out a way to take the salt out of the oceans?"
  • "Is water that comes from underground (in aquifers) a way to help the rivers?"
  • "We are just kids, so we are not in charge of how often our lawns get watered and everything. What can we do to help conserve water?"
Bravo: Eighth Grade Kidsculptors
Congratulations to the ACDS Kidsculpt team that won a commendation for "best use of theme" in the Winterskol snow sculpture competition Friday. A team of Eighth Graders is selected for the honor of competing in this annual rite of winter, and this year's group spent the day downtown with art teacher Paula Ponto. Inspired by the Winterskol theme, "Drop in and dream," they created creating their sculpture in the shape of a snowy bed with the title "Dreaming in the Mountains." 
Victorious: The GREEN Team
It was a close call, but in the end, the Green team pulled ahead to win the Winter XLV Blue Green Games: they scored 715 points to Blue's 700. Perhaps their win came from their skill in the Human Pyramid game, above! Blue was victorious in the Fall games, so that means a giant showdown in the spring games. Who will prevail? Stay tuned! Full photo album is posted here:
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Just posted on our Vimeo channel: Our week in pictures (January 5-9). 
Check out plenty of other videos from the school year so far and follow us on Vimeo:
Rounding up the Circle of Friends
The Annual Fund at Country Day supports three things. Which is most important to you? Choose one and make the gift to bring us full circle:
  1. teaching excellence
  2. student enrichment & support
  3. financial aid 
As of January 12, overall participation is now up to: 73%
Bonus photos: Then & Now
Then: the old gym before Phase 1 construction
Now: today's scene by the ponds

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