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     Thinking about August used to bring up in my mind thoughts of summer vacations, swimming pools, and family fun. Yet all the teachers I know are getting ready to start school or have already. Curious, I asked Google and found exactly the answers I was looking for in an interesting article by Liz Dyer in Good Magazine, "Why the Day After Labor Day No Longer Means the First Day of School." Apparently, air conditioning, picking crops in the field, and the cost of child care all have played a part.

     Heartful Art posters have long been used to decorate classrooms in our country. Color and inspirational quotes are motivating to teachers and students alike. All of my Heartful Art is designed to give you the words to say what's in your heart to people you love, and you can find more wonderful examples of colorful word art on my website and in my Etsy shop. Here are a few of my favorite classroom posters.

What I Do Matters 

11x14 poster to assist in developing character by understanding the consequences actions taken now may have on future possibilities. 


11x14 poster of Raphaella Vaisseau's original motivational quote for children. 

Speak Your Mind 

11x14 poster of Maggie Kuhn's important words to give courage to young and old alike to speak up for ourselves, to express and believe in our own self-worth and experiences. (anti-bullying support)
     As the new school year begins, my hat goes off to teachers everywhere, for your creativity, flexibility, perseverance, focus, and inspiration. You are the solid foundation on which our future stands. And to all parents, for your loving hearts, confident guidance, and steadfast vision for the children of today who will become the leaders and players in the dance of tomorrow. Also, to the students, who know not yet the impact your learning will have on the direction you take in life, I have confidence you will make the perfect choices, and all of us and our world will be better off because you have walked the Earth. Bravo all!!! 
     Thank you teachers, parents, and students, from the bottom of my heart. I wish you the best school year ever. I celebrate you, every one, in my Spirit.

Raphaella Vaisseau

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