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Video Application Notes for FTIR and UV-Vis Spectroscopy
V614 - Monitoring the Thermal Treatment of a Heterogeneous Catalyst Using DRIFTS
The thermal treatment of a grafted Sn-SiO2 catalyst was monitored in situ using diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy (DRIFTS). Structrual changes and organic intermediates could be observed.
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V615 - KBr: Proper Use and Handling Methods 
Potassium Bromide is a key diluent for IR sample preparation. Learn about optimal sample concentration and how particle size plays a role in achieving clear pellets and consistent diffuse reflectance results.
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V616 - ATR: Single vs. Multiple Reflection
Review the implications of single versus multiple reflection ATR sampling. Investigate appropriate configuration for powders and low-concentration samples.
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V617 - Depth of Penetration vs. Effective Penetration  Explore the difference between these two terms associated with ATR sampling. Discover an easy way to calculate both.
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