Protecting Our People, Our Property
and Our Way of Life
AUGUST 18, 2015
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Upcoming NLLD Meetings

August 18, 2015
NLLD Office
627 Jackson Street, Suite A
Thibodaux, LA 
6:00 pm
Finance & Priority Committee Meeting
6:15 pm 
Regular Meeting of the
Board of Commissioners

for more details about meeting schedule and agendas closer to the meeting date.
2015 NLLD
Board of Commissioners 

Cory Kief,

Daniel Clement,
Vice President

Kenney Matherne,

Timothy Allen


Louis Andolsek


Nolan Smith, Sr.



Dwayne Bourgeois,
Executive Director

Madonna Viguerie,
Administrative Assistant
About the NLLD  
The North Lafourche Conservation, Levee, and Drainage District (known as NLLD) was formed in 1992 to provide drainage and flood protection services for the northern portion of Lafourche Parish, including the entire parish north of the Intracoastal Canal. 

The District includes over 250 miles of levees and drainage canals, and over 40 pump stations.

The NLLD office is located at 627 Jackson Street,
Thibodaux, LA  70301. 

Phone:  985-537-2244
Gubernatorial Candidates  
Will Talk
Coastal Issues  
at Today's Forum
in Thibodaux  

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana 
Featuring 2015 Candidates for Governor of Louisiana 
Tuesday, August 18, 2015 
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 
Peltier Auditorium at Nicholls State University

Bayou Onion and 80 Arpent Canal 
Dredging Continues in Bayou Onion 

The NLLD Bayou Onion Maintenance Dredging Project in the Choupic area is progressing. The work includes clearing obstructions and vegetation from Bayou Onion and the adjacent rights of ways, and performing maintenance dredging  from Grand Bayou to the 80 Arpent Canal. This will allow the canals to better handle a greater flow of water, and it is vital for reducing the risk of flooding in the entire area, including the City of Thibodaux.  

Bids Received for 80 Arpent Canal Project

The NLLD Board of Commissioners will consider the awarding of a contract for the 80 Arpent Canal project in Thibodaux during its meeting today, subject to approval and concurrence from the State Office of Facility Planning and Control.  Funding of this project is through a cooperative endeavor between the District's general funds and Capital Outlay funds from the State of Louisiana.

The project involves the clearing of spoil banks along the 80 Arpent Canal from Caldwell Plantation to Laurel Valley, removal of fallen trees from the canal, and maintenance dredging in the canal. Work could begin as early as the first week of October.
The City of Thibodaux and neighborhoods north of LA Hwy. 308 such as Abby Plantation, Abby Lakes, Highland Lakes, Twelve Cedars will benefit from improved drainage as a result of the 80 Arpent Canal project. 
 NLLD is committed to protecting our people, property and our way of life in Lafourche Parish!

For a complete list of levee and drainage projects that the NLLD is working on or has planned, visit 
Why Is Vegetation Control Important? 
Many of the NLLD projects such as Bayou Onion and 80 Arpent Canal involve clearing vegetation along the banks of canals and bayous or from the waterways themselves. Why is this such an important job of the levee district?

Maintenance of the right-of-ways and canals assures maximum water flow for drainage by minimizing the amount of debris that could potentially grow or fall into the canals and cause obstructions to drainage.  NLLD established an Annual Vegetation Control Program back in 2011 to control weeds, grass, brush and small trees on the levees, spoil  banks, berms and canals throughout the District.   As the District performs maintenance dredging in canals, they are added to the program to prevent unwanted vegetation growth. 
By controlling weed growth, the Bermuda grass  
on the levee flourishes, providing greater cover for the levee, as seen in this picture.