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Fall Update
Future Harvests FREE of Transmission Lines 
What is Happening? 

In the past few weeks there has been a flurry of activity with emails and letters arriving in your email or mail box.  This is a very busy time of year with harvest and many of you will not have time to open the mail or emails, let alone digest what you are seeing.  The goal of this Newsletter is to give you the short version of the activity that is happening now.  Most importantly we want you to know  The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance is keeping close track of everything happening with RICL and the IUB.  We will let you know if there are any developments that would require action on your part.  

Thank you for continuing to call and email with your questions and for remaining strong in our fight to stop RICL.  

Stay safe this harvest season! 
Carolyn Sheridan
Board of Directors President  
Details of recent mailings and emails
What do you need to do? 

In the past few weeks a number of filings have occurred with the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) related to the RICL transmission line.  There are a number of ways you can access these filings including the Iowa Utilities Board website under each county docket.  If you filed your objection electronically or provided your email address when you filed your paper objection you have received notification of these filings from the IUB in a Notification email.  Some of you may also receive these as a paper copy in the mail.  The list below also has clickable links that will take you to the IUB website dockets.  
Below are the recent filings with the IUB. 

1.  September 12th - Rock Island Clean Line filed a Request for Clarification Concerning Service of Franchise Petitions.  

2.   October 6 - The Iowa Utilities Board filed two documents:

3.  October 6th - The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance filed Response to Request for Clarification. 

4.  October 6th - RICL filed Clarification in Response to Order of IUB. 

5.  October 14th - The Consumer Advocacy Group filed  Response to Board Order.  

6.  October 14th  - RICL filed Reply to Responses of The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance and The Office of Consumer Advocacy.  

7.  October 16th  The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance filed Comments to Other Efficiency Measures to the IUB. 

8.  October 17th RICL filed Comments to Other Efficiency Measures to the IUB.

What does all of this mean? 
The franchise process is complex with very specific procedures required through out the process by statues in the law.  On September 12th  RICL requested clarification of certain portions of the statue.  Following that filing The Iowa Utilities Board responded with clarifications and suggestions.  The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance then responded with follow up comments and clarification.  Our responses and work is to protect the rights of landowners across the state.  As you can see there have been several other filings since the initial request for clarification.   

Much of the clarification is related to  "mail only" objectors and the public hearing procedures that will happen once RICL files their petition for franchise.  Normally this would not be an issue but a large volume of paperwork is anticipated  with a project of this magnitude which may create  difficulties for all of those who file motions.  Other procedural clarifications have also been raised and discussed.  

We encourage you to read the documents and ask questions of the Iowa Utilities Board or of our organization. At this time there is no action required of any party unless you have a concern regarding the filings and responses.  

In August 2013 The Alliance filed a motion to intervene with the IUB  which gives us the ability to advocate on  behalf of all landowners in all 16 counties on the proposed RICL route in Iowa. This is one of the key functions of our organization and we will continue to monitor all activity related to the Iowa Utilities Board and RICL.  When appropriate, with consultation from our attorneys, we will file appropriate motions and comments on your behalf.  

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone if you have any questions.  If you do not hear back from us in 3 days please send us another message as we are not ignoring you but may be busy with other requests or questions. 
Block RICL Website 
Update from Illinois 
The Illinois Commerce Commission has not made a final decision.  The Administrative Law Judge made a preliminary decision in September. This decision included important criteria that RICL must meet such as having all financial commitments and the lack of ability to use eminent domain. This will be followed by a decision by the entire 5 person Illinois Commerce Commission.  

To keep updated on the most up to date information regarding Illinois visit the Block RICL website. 

Our organization remains in close contact with the Illinois Landowners Alliance and other states with Clean Line Projects. We understand the importance of working together  to increase awareness of these large scale high voltage transmission lines and the negative consequences to landowners and communities.  
The Alliance continues to encourage landowners  NOT to sign Voluntary Easements and to file objections  
According to our weekly review of county auditor records the information we are able to find shows approximately 10% of the 1247 parcels of land on the route have been signed by a voluntary easements.
Weekly review of objections indicate nearly 1200 formal objections  have been filed with the Iowa Utilities Board.

1.   Do Not Sign Voluntary Easements
Learn more by going to our website easement tab. 
     Click to read the press  release from Kristine Tidgren,
     staff attorney, ISU Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation

2.   File your Objection Letter with the Iowa Utilities Board
    • If you want to be a "recognized party" with the right to testify at the public hearing you must file an objection. 
    • Anyone can file an objection. You do not have to be a landowner.
Click here for the suggested objection form.
 Click here for a sample objection form which includes information on what needs to be included on you objection and ideas on what to say

 Contact Information 
             Phone: 877.565.4450  (toll-free) / 515.725.7321 
Vote to protect your private property rights and to protect future generations from the misuse of eminent domain for economic development.

The 2014 Election is fast approaching. Before you vote make sure you know how the candidates stand on private property rights. Do not let politicians tell you "there is a process and we need to let that process work."  

The current Iowa Utilities Board  process was put in place by laws crafted by legislators.  Therefore these laws can be changed by legislators who value private property rights. 

 Existing eminent domain laws can be changed to protect private property rights of landowners in Iowa. The Alliance will continue to work with legislators in the upcoming legislative session to make these important changes in Iowa law.  Let's put people in office who respect and want to protect landowner rights! 
Commstock Special Reports on Eminent Domain  

David Kruse, author and producer of The CommStock Report  wrote two excellent reports related to Eminent Domain. Click to read these reports.   
To see the first report from September report as printed in the Farm News visit our website News Tab.   
New Printable Brochure 
The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance has a new informational brochure that you can obtain by calling or emailing us.  You can also print the brochure by downloading the PDF file.  Please help us increase awareness by printing and distributing our information.  

 Publicity is  Important 
Banners, Yard Signs, Posters 
Publicity items can be ordered
Look for a LARGE SEMI sign on Highway 20 near the Dike exit created by our board member Kim Junker.  Thank you Kim for your hard work. 


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The Alliance is asking for your support to assist with the important work needed to stop RICL and the ongoing preparation for the upcoming public hearing.  All contributions will be used to stop RICL including legal fees, expert witnesses, publicity and marketing.  
Why You Should Join the Alliance: 
  1. Get the facts and stay updated
  2. The Alliance advocates on behalf of landowners, tenants, communities
  3. The Alliance will help you file objections
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  5. The Alliance legal team will file a large group objection at the public hearing 
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With your support The Preservation of Rural Iowa will continue our ongoing work to stop RICL in Iowa.  We recommend a membership of $300 for all landowners

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