The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance
1 year Anniversary 
July 25th 

TOGETHER WE WILL KEEP OUR SKYLINE FREE of Unnecessary Transmission Lines! 
July 25th marks the 1st Year Anniversary for The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance

Please join me in thanking The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance Board of Directors and many neighbors, friends, and community members from across the state as we celebrate our 1 year Anniversary.  One year ago we formed our nonprofit organization at a community meeting in Ayrshire, Iowa with no idea of what would happen in the next several months.  

As a grass roots volunteer organization we have much to be proud of and many people to thank. I continue to be amazed by the ongoing support and dedication from people that I have known all of my life and many more people I just met in the past year.  Everyone has an important story and we are joined together in a common goal to protect our rights as landowners, families, businesses and communities. 

My community of friends has grown in a way I cannot describe. I am looking forward to working with all of you as we continue our fight to stop RICL.  I have no doubt that we will be successful! 

Happy Anniversary to The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance 
With gratitude,
Carolyn Sheridan
Board of Directors President  

Photo taken North of Outing, Minnesota 
Letters to Editor 


Guest Essays

Over the past several months many board members and community members from across the state have put their thoughts and concerns in the form of letters or articles. This type of information sharing is an important part of our fight to stop RICL.  The Alliance does not have a large publicity budget so this is an excellent way to get our message in front of many people who may not understand the project or the potential impact.  


News articles can be seen on our website under our News tab.


Recent examples of articles:  

Eminent Domain Out of Control 

Questioning RICL 

Protect Landowners from RICL 


Email us at [email protected] 

or call 712-262-5229 if you are interested in writing a letter and would like assistance. Find more information on our website under the Call To Action Tab where you can also download a listing of publications across the state.

Commstock Special Report -  RICL's Intransigence 

David Kruse, author and and producer of The CommStock Report  wrote an excellent report July 11th entitled " RICL's intransigence."  
To see this report as printed in the Farm News visit our website News Tab.
 Publicity is  Important
Banners, Yard Signs, Posters 
Publicity items can be ordered


 Contact us if you have a great place for a 2 1/2 by 6 ft banner

   18 X 24 inch posters and Iowa specific Yard Signs are also available




New Look for our Website 
Website Update 
Over the past several months The Alliance has outgrown its original website design so we are in the process of designing  a new website to help you find what you need with ease. 

The transition to our new website will be seamless so continue to check our existing website for all the information that you need to help stop RICL.  

If you don't see what you want on our website call  712-262-5227 or send us an email at [email protected]  
RICL Open House Meetings


RICL is holding "open house meetings" across the state.  Meetings have been held in O'Brien, Clay, Palo Alto, Hancock, Wright and Buchanan counties.  Additional meetings will be held in Scott, Jones and Cedar counties the week of July 28th.  To our knowledge the remaining county meetings have not been scheduled.


The meetings are held over several hours and the goal is to meet with landowners to discuss easement agreements and to talk with community members to gain support of the project. It is up to you to decide if you wish to attend these meetings but The Alliance is encouraging you to ask important questions and not to sign voluntary easements. 

Top 10 Important Things To Do 
click to download and read all top 10  

The Alliance continues to encourage landowners to do 2 important things: 
1. Do Not Sign Voluntary Easements
 Several red flags have been identified in the easement agreements.
Learn more by going to our website easement tab. 
     Click to read the April press  release from Kristine Tidgren,
     staff attorney, ISU Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation

2. File your Objection Letter 
We have achieved almost 1200 objections and many more are needed. 
         Anyone can file an objection. You do not have to be a landowner.
Click here for the suggested objection form.
 Click here for a sample objection form which includes information on what needs to be included on you objection and ideas on what to say

Make sure you include your docket number on your objection form

Clay County (# E-22124); Palo Alto County (#E-22125); Obrien (# E-22123)

Kossuth is (# E-22126); Hancock (# E-22127 ); Wright (# E-22128);

Franklin (# E-22129) Butler ( # E-22130); Grundy(# E-22131);

Black Hawk ( # E-22132); Buchanan (# E-22133) Benton (# E-22134);

Linn(# E-22135); Jones(# E-22136); Cedar (# E-22137); Scott (# E-22138)

Finding objections that have been filed on the IUB website:
After you file your objection electronically or by paper  you should be  able to view your objection on the IUB website under the  
Iowa Utilities Board docket search.  This is also available on our website on the Objections Tab.Click here  to be directed to that page.
 Contact Information 
             Phone: 877.565.4450  (toll-free) / 515.725.7321 
             Email: [email protected] 
 Membership - Join Today   


The Alliance is asking for your support to assist with the important work needed to stop RICL and the ongoing preparation for the upcoming public hearing.  All contributions will be used to stop RICL including legal fees, expert witnesses, publicity and marketing.
Why You Should Join the Alliance: 
  1. Get the facts and stay updated
  2. The Alliance advocates on behalf of landowners, tenants, communities
  3. The Alliance will help you file objections
  4. The Alliance will provide unified legal representation as a large group
  5. The Alliance legal team will file a large group objection at the public hearing 
  6. Click here to visit our website and learn more  or call 712-262-5229.  
With your support The Preservation of Rural Iowa will continue our ongoing work to stop RICL in Iowa.
Block RICL Website 
Update from Illinois 
of July 25th - the Illinois Commerce Commission had not made their determination regarding RICL. To keep updated on the most up to date information regarding Illinois visit the Block RICL website. 

Our organization remains in close contact with the Illinois Landowners Alliance and other states with Clean Line Projects. We understand the importance of working together  to increase awareness of these large scale high voltage transmission lines and the negative consequences to landowners and communities.   Our new website design will offer more links to other state activities. 
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