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August 15, 2013
Message from the Board of Directors

Welcome to The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance's  first newsletter.  This newsletter will be one of the many ways that we will communicate with you as we begin our efforts to stop RICL in our communities and across the state.  For those of you who attended Informational meeting in Ayrshire on July 25th - thank you for taking the time to join us in finding out more information and assisting in establishing this new organization.   
The board of directors is committed to moving forward with a strategy that will include reaching out to community members across the state so we are able to have a show of force and present a large group objection to the Iowa Utilities Board.  This process includes researching important points of objection, gathering information from Illinois, and working with various experts and legal council.   
Support from people and organizations across the state is critical so please take the time to read this newsletter, visit our website, email or call with additional information, questions or concerns.  We need your support so please consider joining The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance.
Carolyn Sheridan, Board of Directors President

board of directors 
News from the Alliance

Since the July 25th community meeting in Ayrshire, Iowa the new Alliance has been busy working on a number of things to help establish our new organization.   



  • July 25th - Ayrshire Community Meeting and 1st Board of  Director meeting. Interview with Farm News.
  • July 26th -  Articles of Incorporation filed. Interview with Emmetsburg News. Governance documents created by law firm and received by Board President.
  • July 29th - Board of Director binders developed.
  • July 30th - Board of Director 2nd meeting.  Review of governance documents, legal documents signed, initial strategic planning.
  • August 1st - Member and contacts data base established from July 25th data base.
  • August 2nd - Conference call with Justin LaVan regarding overall guidelines for judiciously using attorneys time.  Bank account opened.
  • August 2nd - 4th - Alliance website created and launched
  • August 5th  - Promotional flyer created. Conference call with Mark Truesdell regarding priorities. Informational meeting questions, and priorities for lawyers time.
  • August 6th - Board of Director meeting.  Priorities established.
  • August 7th - Clay County Farm Bureau Picnic, Leach Park, Spencer.  Board members present to hand out signs and flyers.
  • August 8th - Call with Iowa Utilities Board to clarify objection process and gather information regarding upcoming upcoming Informational meetings in 6 counties. Board members make phone calls to establish contact in other areas of  the state. 
  • August 9th - Board members travel along route east of Palo Alto County to make contacts.
  • August 9th - Call with Iowa Utilities Board with additional clarification for Informational meetings.
  • August 9th - 11th- Albert City Threshermen Show in Albert City, Iowa.  Community members handing out flyers and signs.
  • August 11th - Constant Contact 1st Newsletter development.
  • August 12th - Ads for community papers finalized.
  • August 13th - Board of Director meeting.

Work by all Board of Director members and other community members is critical in the success of our organization.  Visit our our website in the upcoming weeks to learn more about the Board of Directors and thier role. 


Examples of this work include. 

Communication between board members by email and phone. 

Daily updating of website.

Contact with Illinois leaders and review of testimony.

Numbers phone calls and emails to make contacts and provide information. 

Researching various topics to aid our opposition to RICL. 

Other types of contributions such as donation of time, supplies and talent show the level of community commitment and support. 

Alliance Website Launched
Visit the new website for up-to-date information.  


Our goal is to provide you with the information you need all in one location.  Weekly updates will help keep you informed of what is happening across the state and in your county.  The website provides   a way for the Alliance to update you on a real time basis. 
Click here to visit website

 Web pages include:

  • General Information
  • Maps
  • Legal information
  • Eminent Domain
  • News
  • Governance
  • Next Steps
  • Contact Information
  • Photos


flyer Print and distribute this flyer
Click to download flyer
Informational Meetings


It is important that you attend Informational Meetings in your community.  This is your opportunity to understand the process that RICL must go through and to hear directly from the Iowa Utilities Board. Visit the website to learn more so you can be prepared for these meetings.


The Preservation of Rural Iowa representatives will be at meetings to ask questions of RICL and Iowa Utilities Board (IUB), we will also provide you with additional information and answer specific questions on how this may impact you.


Agust 20, 2013 - Obrien and Clay County

     Hartley, 9am - Hartley Community Center 

     Spencer, 3pm - Clay County Regional Events Center


 August 21, 2013 - Palo Alto and Kossuth County

      Emmetsburg, 9am - Iowa Lakes Community College

      Algona, 3pm - Knights of Columbus


 August 22, 2013 - Hancock and Wright County 

      Britt, 9am - City of Britt Municipal Building 

      Belmond, 3pm - VFW Hall


You are advised not to sign any agreements with Rock Island Clean Line without legal representation!

Learn More - click here to visit the website for more information  

From the Alliance Lawyers

By Mark E. Trusedell and Justin LaVan

Beving, Swanson & Forrest, PC


On August 5th the Alliance lawyers provides us with information and direction for the upcoming Informational Meetings that will be held in your county.  Click here to read the entire document.  An important point that is made in this communication states: "The Alliance asks you to not sign anything at this time. Go to your informational meeting. Listen carefully to the presentation that RICL gives. Ask your questions. Then tell your Alliance Board of Directors the answers you are given".  


Please take time to read this document and call or email with your questions.  Board members from the Alliance will be present at all county informational meetings to answer your questions and provide additional information. 


We want your story!
Your story is important and we want to share the stories of people across rural Iowa on our website and in our large group objection.  Consider sending us your story by email or letter and include a photo of your land, home, or family to help us show how this will impact the community and individuals across the the state. 
Visit our website and click on "Photos" tab to view photos and read the stories of people like you.  While you are there - sign our guest book and take the survey. 
It is important that we know who you are, what your concerns are and how we can help you.
Thank you for taking the time to share with us and for being part of "The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance".

Contact us for more information
The Preservation of Rural Iowa Email and Phone Number

Along with our new website The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance has a phone number and email address.  Don't hesitate to call or send an email and one of our board members or dedicated community members will get back to you.

Phone number:  712-262-5229  Email: 

As of August 15th the Alliance has over 50 different types of members, including lanowners, tenants, families, and community members. 
Join Today  Next Steps 


Why You Should Join the Alliance:


With your support The Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance will help you:

  1. Get the facts and stay updated
  2. Advocate on behalf of landowners, tenants, communities
  3. File objections
  4. Unified legal representation as a large group
  5. File a large group objection at the public hearing 

Click here to visit our website and learn more

Board of Directors
The Presevation of Rural Iowa Alliance

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