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Volume 2: Issue 1August 19 - September 31, 2013

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Welcoming eighty-eight new students, hiring six new teachers, and launching new academic and extra-curricular programs have proven to be a great start to the 2013-2014 school year. Rosarian's administration remains focused on providing a strong foundation for life.

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Alumni Spotlight: Andrea Pisciotto Drake 1961
New Teacher Spotlight
Rosarian Keeps Enrolling Along: 88 New Students
Strings Chamber Orchestra Program
2013-2014 Duke T.I.P. Scholars
Adrian Dominican Associates Gather as 'Partners in Mission'
Teacher Ordained as Deacon
Over 15,000 Sandwiches Made to Feed Homeless in the Last 10 Years
Living Out Our Faith in Service to Others
Student Ambassadors Greet Guests and Welcome Prospective Families
iPads Have Arrived
What's for Lunch?
Core Knowledge Language Arts Program
Underwriting Party
The Casino Royal Auction & Ball
Gardens Mall Shopping Day
Do You Know? Rosarian Performed Cinderella in 1958
Alumni Spotlight
Andrea Pisciotto Drake, Class of 1961 
Andrea Pisciotto 1961

Grades and years you attended Rosarian Academy:    

9th though 12th,  1958 - 1961


College and year graduated?

Marymount, Tarrytown, NY 1965


Graduate school and year graduated?

Stony Brook University, Master Degree plus 75 credits 1965 


What are your fondest memories of Rosarian?

Laughing; trips to deliver food to the needy;  teachers who loved their students and loved what they taught; laughing; debut and graduation in Our Lady's Garden; the yearly Father Daughter dance on Valentine's Day; learning to ballroom dance with each other for a partner; laughing; chatterbox; lectures at the Four Seasons; the Royal Poinciana Playhouse in all its glory with hanging Venetian glass chandeliers, red velvet seats; laughing; participating in the rich cultural experiences so available in the Palm Beach area that surrounded our lives.  


Everyday something exciting might happen: a call to serve Mass... in the middle of morning math class; a visit to the Count to ask him to chaperone our prom; weekend trips to the beach or the roller rink; a request to participate in a speech contest; the arrival of unbleached muslin by the ton for the making of backdrops for the Christmas pageant; a win for our team in volleyball; the ringing of a small bell to announce the end of morning silence.


What was the school like 60 years ago?

Andrea Pisciotto Drake 2013

Rise at 7:00 for morning mass, fold the covers of the bed back to air, dress in your choice of uniform, attend Mass at 7:30 ( all in silence); breakfast; return and make bed; sweep and empty the trash basket and wait until a student council member checked. Classes until 2:30; showers in the afternoon and free time until dinner at 5:30; set up tables for breakfast after eating dinner (served family style with a senior as hostess, one server, one clearer and then you would rotate around the table of six each week, except for the senior who remained hostess FOREVER!) and spend time walking in the front of the school until study hall in the classroom began.  After study hall ended around 8:00, we would go to a brief night prayer in chapel and then to our rooms until lights out at 9:30.  

Weekends:  You were only allowed home once a month on a designated weekend. A usual weekend at school included Friday night movies in the "Yacht Club" presently the Theatre! Saturday we cleaned our rooms and organized our laundry that had been washed and folded for us, and Saturday afternoon we could go to town in groups of two or more from 2:00 to 4:00. There we feasted on coke floats and dazzling clothes from Burdines. There was a crazy parrot that lived in the little brick house just off campus.  He could imitate a terrific wolf whistle, and we would walk past him just for the thrill of it! 

We had to wear white to mass with a blue veil to cover our heads, and after mass we went to the classroom for "letter writing" for about an hour or so.  You had to write home and then you could write to whomever you pleased but you were not permitted to seal the letter. They were given to your homeroom teacher and she then mailed. All daily incoming mail was opened by your homeroom teacher and placed on a table in the cafeteria. I always remember hoping there was a letter from my boyfriend! The rest of Sunday could be spent on your own.  If you had permission, you could visit with someone, go to visit someone in the area, feast on a dinner if your relatives came up, swim in the pool ( built during our senior year) if the school had secured a lifeguard.  Sister Rose Brendan would sometimes let the seniors swim without a lifeguard if we promised not to drown!


What was your impression of the school when you came back to visit this past summer?

The school is a wonder. Beautiful new buildings, refurbished older spaces, no more high school and Montessori rooms and spaces for little ones.


Where are you living now and what are you doing? 

My husband Robert and I live part time in Shelter Island, NY, and part time in Callawassie, South Carolina.  I had taught in various schools for over thirty years; worked for GE teaching microwave cooking; owned a tree nursery; sold educational materials for a publishing company; and worked in regional theatre for over forty years..  At the present time, I am teaching English in the college in SC, working as an actress and director at the USCB campus and performing Love Letters whenever my fellow actor and I are hired.


How did your experiences from Rosarian shape who you are today?

It gave me confidence and made me believe in myself.  The nurturing atmosphere and advantages of a small school allowed me to blossom and provided an excellent education that helped me all my life.  It is the time I remember most when asked who I am.


Any other comments about Rosarian that you would like to share?

I miss it still.

New Teacher Spotlight
Rosarian Welcomes Six New Full-Time Teachers to Our School Family

Mrs. Blene Betemariam, Fifth and Sixth Grade Science
Mrs. Betemariam joins us with a B.S. in Biology from George Mason University and an MBA from American Intercontinental University. She most recently taught high school science at G-Star School of the Arts.


Prior to coming to Rosarian to teach, Mrs. Betemariam had been a parent here for ten years. Her two children, Leyla and Menab, have attended Rosarian since pre-school. She is now thrilled to be a part of the excellent program here at Rosarian. Mrs. Betemariam enjoys helping students with their critical and logical thinking, which paves a way for making a connection between what students learn in the classroom to their everyday life.


When Mrs. Betemariam is not busy teaching, planning or grading, her favorite activities are traveling with her children, reading and playing the piano. She is looking forward to working on her Educational Leadership doctoral program in the Fall of 2014.



Mrs. Mary Edmonson, Seventh and Eighth Grade Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry
Mrs. Edmonson comes to Rosarian with a B.S. in Biology from Idaho State University and Masters in Education from Drexel University. She has spent the last five years teaching middle school math, most recently at Our Lady of the Lake Roman Catholic School in Mandeville, LA.


Mrs. Edmonson enjoys watching middle school students make connections, grow in understanding and take ownership of their studies. Having recently moved from out of state, she instantly felt welcomed,  supported and right at home at Rosarian. Outside of teaching, Mrs. Edmonson loves throwing pottery on the wheel. Although she grew up snowboarding, she has become quite fond of paddle boarding.




Mrs. Mindy Gibbons, Seventh and Eighth Grade English      Mrs. Gibbons joins our faculty with over twenty years experience teaching middle and high school English. She also served as a school principal for five years. She most recently comes from St. Mark Catholic School in Boynton Beach. Mrs. Gibbons received her B.A. in English Education from Berry College and M.A. in Educational Leadership from University of Illinois Springfield.  


Mrs. Gibbons enjoys watching her students learn something new that they did not previously know, seeing them figure out how to do something they didn't think they could do, and helping them to enjoy something they didn't think was fun. She gives her students the tools for success through engaging lessons and activities that not only strengthen their skills but also stretch their imaginations and encourage them to become life-long learners.


Outside of teaching English, Mrs. Gibbons loves to read. She could live in a book store and be happy forever. Her most favorite activity is spending time with her daughters and husband.     



Mrs. Michele Henry, Fourth Grade

Mrs. Henry, a member of our faculty since 2003, has taught fifth and sixth grade social studies, religion, English and literature. She most recently served as our communications coordinator for the past two years. She taught fourth grade at Palm Beach Day Academy and worked as the librarian for five years at St. Ann School prior to coming to Rosarian.  Mrs. Henry holds her B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida. 

Mrs. Henry was attracted to Rosarian when looking for a middle school for her children. With Rosarian's great reputation of academics and spiritual growth, she knew she had chosen the right place. When not teaching, she loves to travel and be on the boat in the islands just relaxing, reading and scuba diving.


Mrs. Laura Jane Linck, Seventh and Eighth Grade Science & Health

We welcome Mrs. Linck back to our middle school science department. She previously taught science here from 1997-2000 and most recently was a science teacher and science curriculum coordinator at Palm Beach Day Academy.  Mrs. Linck earned her B.S. in Human Development from Cornell University, a M.S. in Diagnosis & Treatment of Reading Disorders, and is currently engaged in graduate studies at Harvard University.

Mrs. Linck is an action researcher and a Harvard University Future of Learning and Project Zero Fellow. Her
recent presentations include the International Conference on Thinking 2013 NZ, and the Global Summit on Childhood Education, Washington DC. Mrs. Linck has seventeen years of teaching experience with a strong focus on Science Instruction and Interdisciplinary Collaboration.

Mrs. Linck is thrilled to be back teaching at Rosarian Academy. When not teaching or researching, Mrs. Linck enjoys traveling with her husband Robert and her two sons, Robbie and Addison.


Ms. Katie Segerdahl, First Grade 

Ms. Segerdahl has over ten years experience teaching lower school grades, including six years as a first grade teacher. She most recently comes from St. Mark's Episcopal School in Palm Beach Gardens.  Miss Segerdahl received her B.A. in Sociology from Loyola University in Chicago; M.A. in Teaching from Louis University; and Master's in Literacy from New York  University.


Miss Segerdahl loves watching her students grow and learn throughout each shool year. The loving and warm community attracted her to Rosarian. Having attended a Catholic high school and college, Miss Segerdahl understands the importance of a Catholic education. Outside of school, she enjoys traveling, reading, spending time with family and friends.


Rosarian Keeps Enrolling Along: 88 New Students
Enrollment at its Highest in Five Years
We happily welcomed 60 new families, 88 new students, to the Rosarian Academy community for the 2013-2014 school year. Out of those 88 new students, 31 entered the Early Childhood program (which is now at maximum capacity with an extensive wait list), 34 Lower School, and 23 Middle School. 
This increased enrollment is a reflection of our faculty and staff who are committed to providing a superior education and whose passion for teaching truly instills a lifelong love for learning. Rosarian is grateful to our parents, students, and alumni who speak so highly about the value of a Rosarian education and the unparalleled foundation of academics, faith, athletics, arts, service and community.
Strings Chamber Orchestra Program
3 Years to Grade 2 Begin to Play the Violin 
Rosarian loves the Arts! To further integrate the Arts into our curriculum and school community, we started a Strings Chamber Orchestra Program earlier this month for the Children's House and children in kindergarten through grade two. 
Antonio Rincon, an accomplished professional violinist, is the lead instructor of this program. Mr. Rincon is currently teaching the twenty enrolled students to play the violin. Eventually, these children will be ready to play as an orchestral group. For additional information on Antonio Rincon and his violin studio, please visit 

Click here to view photos of our young musicians.
2013-2014 Duke T.I.P. Scholars
Twenty-Three 7th Graders Qualify

Twenty-three 7th grade students qualified for and have been recognized as Rosarian Academy Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) Scholars.  These students qualified by earning at least a 95 percentile or higher on an acceptable composite or subtest area from a previous standardized test.


The Duke University Talent Identification Program allows students an opportunity to pursue an out-of-level testing experience by inviting them to participate in taking either the SAT or ACT college entrance examinations.  These tests are exactly the same as that of high school juniors and seniors preparing for college admission.  In addition to building their testing skills, students also have the opportunity to learn and/or possibly participate in other programs for academically talented students.


Congratulations to the following qualifying students:


Joseph Arrigo
Preslie Brown 

Evan Carlson
Sarah Elhilow

Caroline Fulton

Jake Kaywell
Will Keen

Tommy Keogh

Madeleine Landers
Trey LePore

Diana Lewis

Walker Mahoney
Charlie Mordente
Harper Murphy
MacCrea Murphy
Emma Quattlebaum

Nicholas Nunez
Colin Riley
Menab Said
Ella Schrotenboer
Toby Vega-Dadurian
Taylor Whigham

Erin Yavinsky 

Adrian Dominican Associates Gather as 'Partners in Mission'
August 2-4, 2013, Adrian, Michigan
About sixty Adrian Dominican Associates came from far away places, including California, Arizona, and the Dominican Republic, to gather in Adrian, MI for a special, first-ever gathering of Associates the weekend of August 2-4, 2013. 
Partners in Mission gave participating Associates and Sisters the opportunity to get to know one another, pray together, listen to presentations, discuss their role in the Adrian Dominican mission, welcome four new Associates, and attend the First Profession of Vows of Sister Adela Langa. 
Sister Attracta Kelly, Prioress of the Congregation, gave a talk, "Dominican Charism Alive" where she noted that the laity can share in the mission of religious orders and focused on the Dominican call to seek and speak the truth to Church and society. Sister Attracta challenged the Associates to be aware of all that is happening in the world today - the various powers that dominate the world, the plight of immigrant families and the status of immigration reform in Congress, and of friends and neighbors who are "seeking desperately for some sign of hope." She urged the Associates to resist the temptation to look away from the reality around us. "We who claim the charism of Dominic know no other way to live out our "contemplata alies tradere" than that of listening with the open eye and open heart."
The Dominican motto - "Contemplare et Contemplata alies tradere" (to contemplate and to share the fruits of contemplation) - is the foundation, the rock from which Adrian Dominicans speak. Dominicans are called to "seek and preach truth out of a contemplative stance, and as a result of rigorous, constant study." They also find the truth by walking in the "shoes of the other," and by dialogue with them - listening to them respectfully, knowing that the Spirit speaks through them as well as through oneself. 

For more information on the Adrian Dominican Sisters, the founders of Rosarian Academy, click here.
Teacher Ordained as Deacon
Mr. Serge Dube Ordained as Deacon on September 7, 2013
After spending five years studying at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, Rosarian's religion teacher and Dean of Students, Serge Dube, graduated with a Master's Degree in Theological Studies on May 9th. The process of becoming a deacon starts as an aspirant for two years, to a candidate for a year, a lector for a year, then an acolyte for a year. On September 7, 2013, Mr. Dube was ordained as a deacon at the Cathedral of St. Ignatius of Loyola in Palm Beach Gardens.
Now Deacon Serge may witness marriages; lead wakes, funerals and internment services; participate in the Mass by reading the Gospel, giving homilies and assisting at the altar; and serve in ministries within the parish and throughout the diocese of Palm Beach. Deacon Serge's ministry at his parish of St. Peter Catholic Church will include some form of teaching, and he is exploring the diocesan ministry of assisting at retreats at Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center in North Palm Beach.
Over 15,000 Sandwiches Made to Feed Homeless in the Last 10 Years
NJHS Continues Tradition

Led by Rosarian Academy's National Junior Honor Society, eighteen seventh and eighth grade students prepared over 300 sandwiches to be distributed to vulnerable populations at St. Ann Place in West Palm Beach on Friday, September 13. For the last ten years, the school's service organization has spent one Friday afternoon a month making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The school has delivered upwards of 15,000 sandwiches to help feed homeless women and men in Palm Beach County in the past decade.


St. Ann Place, established in 2001 as the outreach center for St. Ann Catholic Church, provides a variety of services to the poor and homeless in the area, including breakfast and lunch. 
Living Out Our Faith in Service to Others: 8th Grade Visits Underprivileged Children
September 19, 2013 Community Service Outreach at Opportunity, Inc.

The philosophy of Rosarian Academy clearly states that we are a group of people "who live out our faith in service to others." Aligned with the school's philosophy and an objective of the religion curriculum to perform service within the community,  the eighth grade had their first class community service project of the year on Thursday, September 19th. Organized and arranged by Sister Donna Baker, OP, the entire class visited Opportunity, Inc.--one of the oldest not-for-profit charitable organizations in the Palm Beaches where children from low income homes are nurtured, educated, and loved. 

Each Rosarian student brought in a children's book to share with a child at Opportunity, Inc. and then donated the books to the organization's library. The students were divided among six classrooms to meet the children ranging in age from infant to four years old. They did activities in various learning centers, played outside, and read to the children. The 8th graders also brought enough peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to share lunch with all the children, teachers and staff.  

This service project not only enriched the lives of the children at Opportunity, Inc. but also the lives of our eighth grade students as they experienced the joy of giving to others. 
Student Ambassadors Greet Guests and Welcome Prospective Families
New Ambassador Program Off to a Great Start

Newly implemented this year, Rosarian Academy started a Student Ambassador program to help recruit more wonderful students and families to our school and to provide our current students with opportunities to build leadership and communication skills. 

Rosarian provides an unparalleled foundation of academics, faith, service and community. Our students are true representatives of the product of a Rosarian Academy education and the ideal candidates for helping to successfully spread this message. 

We are pleased to have twenty 5th-8th grade students selected to serve as Student Ambassadors for the school: Sammy Adamczyk, Joey Arrigo. Sailor Kate Ashley. Billy Bachman, Dylan Cabot, Elizabeth Cloninger, Devyn Dyett, Caroline Fulton, Izzy B Goldstein, Bettina Johnston, Haley Lewis, Hannah Lewis, Sofia Mendez, Sebastian Merchan, Mac Murphy, Tara O'Brien, Emma Quattlebaum, Joey Rouijel, Leyla Said, Lacey Steele.
This dynamic group of students applied by writing a 500 word essay on the topic, "What qualities do you think make a great ambassador of the school? How do you exemplify those qualities." Based on their essay responses, students were then selected for an interview and ultimately accepted to be ambassadors. As Student Ambassadors, the students are held to extremely high standards of representing the school in a positive light at all times (on and off campus) and always promoting the following character traits: caring, respect, courage, honesty, fairness, integrity, diligence, citizenship, responsibility, and trustworthiness. 
Some responsibilities of a Student Ambassador include: participating in Open Houses throughout the school year; greeting spectators at home volleyball and basketball games; representing Rosarian at local parishes; helping with prospective students  when they come to "shadow" for a day at school. 
The ambassador program is already off to a great start as students helped with the first Open House on September 20th and have been greeting guests who come to campus for home volleyball games.
iPads Have Arrived
Meeting the Demands of Our Digital World


Teachers are trained, student and parents have signed the "Acceptable Use Policy," iPad carts are in the classrooms. The Middle School now has two carts with 24 iPads each to be shared in the core subject classes.


Embracing our ever-changing technological world within our classrooms, teachers are increasingly bringing 21st century skills into their daily lessons. The iPads are being used to enhance self-directed learning, creativity, varied learning activities and student engagement. 


What's for Lunch?
Wholesome Tummies: New Healthy Lunch Program 


After many years of preparing delicious food and serving Rosarian Academy, Chef Mary Yanni retired this past June. We attempted to fill her shoes with the Food Network's best. Unfortunately, when Rachel Ray was not available, we had to research several companies who serviced area schools. 


We are happy to have Wholesome Tummies, also known as WT Cafe, preparing lunch in our kitchen and serving the children in Kindergarten through grade eight. WT Cafe uses only the purest, freshest, all-natural ingredients to make meals kids love (as well as our adult staff). They prepare the foods from scratch daily in the Rosarian cafeteria. 

Core Knowledge Language Arts Program
Implemented in Lower School


At the start of this academic year, grades K-3 began implementing the new Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) program. CKLA is designed to increase knowledge across subject areas with informational and literary texts that are organized to build students' reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The program includes two powerful strands: the skills strand and the listening and learning strand. The skills strand teaches reading and writing in tandem and harmonizes with the findings of  the National Reading Panel and the Reading Foundation Skills section of the Common Core State Standards. The listening and learning strand comprises authentic fiction and nonfiction texts that teachers read aloud. This strand prepares students to make the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. 


CKLA is part of the Core Knowledge approach followed by Rosarian's Lower School and Middle School. Kindergarten through grade eight follow the guidelines of the scientifically researched and nationally ranked Core Knowledge Curriculum which promotes intellectual risk-taking and fosters development of confidence and competence in the areas of math, science, social science and language arts. A systematic sequence of grade specific content is taught consistently year after year in these subjects, as well as in religion and Spanish. This curriculum provides a guide to coherent content and skill development from grade to grade, designed to ensure steady academic articulation as students build their knowledge and skills from one year to the next.

Click here for more information on this very exciting and progressive enhancement to our Lower School academic program.
Underwriting Party
A Night Honoring Auction Underwriters and Sponsors


Special thank you to all of our generous Auction & Ball underwriters and sponsors! An appreciation party was held on Saturday, September 28, at the home of Guillermo & Cecilia Perez-Vargas, co-hosted by Max & Anabella Wulff. The party honored those donating $250 or more to the Guardian Circle (the Auction's underwriting group) and those becoming a sponsor. Nearly 100 attendees enjoyed the "Night Club" theme with music by DJ Carlos Samour and hors d' oeuvres by Christafaro's.     

Underwriting & sponsorship gifts make up 40% of the auction proceeds.  Underwriting gifts go directly to Rosarian's bottom line and are a vital part of the auction.  
Limited sponsorship opportunities are still available. To learn more about sponsorship or underwriting, visit or contact the Development Office at 561-832-5131 x 239 or

The Casino Royale: Auction & Ball
November 2, 2013 at The Breakers



The Casino Royale, Rose Ball, benefiting all students at Rosarian Academy, will be held at The Breakers on November 2.  Auction chairs, Paula Cook, Cecilia Lim & Kelly Rooney, have planned an exciting evening of dancing, dinner, a "casino", and more! The silent & live auctions are filling up with incredible items that you will want to bid on.  Keep your ears open for more information on selected, premium items that will be available for online bidding. 


Join in, get tickets, donate, or become a sponsor. All the information you need is at Tickets are $225 per person.   Questions? Contact Sheena Wilber, the Director of Annual Giving & Events, at or 561-832-51312 x 239.


Don't miss out on the upcoming events leading up to the Auction:

Children's & Sports Corner Event - October 6, 3-5pm @ Verdes Tropicana

Garden & Home Corner Event - October 9, 1-4pm @ Norcross Patio

Bag & Jewelry Corner Event - October 10, 12-3pm @ Rosarian in Schar Hall

Gourmet Corner Event- October 16, 8-10am @ Amici Market

Travel & Entertainment Corner Event - October 17, 8:00pm @ IMPROV Comedy Club

Rocco's Taco's Culinary Adventure - October 23 @ Rocco's Taco's on Clematis

Gardens Mall Shopping Day
October 11, 2013


Find that perfect dress for the Rose Ball, get all your Christmas shopping done, stock up on everything you need for the holidays AND enjoy the feeling of giving back all at once. Yes, all of that can be accomplished on October 11!  The Gardens Mall will generously donate 5% of up to $100,000 on that one day only.  Shop anywhere in the Gardens Mall, take your receipts to the info desk to be logged, and Rosarian receives a donation.   


ADDITIONAL OFFERINGS include 10% off with 10% of total sales coming back to RA from Vineyard Vines; free Mascara & make up at M.A.C.; gift with purchase at Vera Bradley & the Christian Dior Counter at Nordstrom's; fashion presentation & champagne at 11:30 and 1:30 at Bloomingdales and MORE!  


Click here to print the COUPON BOOK YOU WILL NEED to take advantage of these special offers!

Do You Know? 
Rosarian Performed Cinderella in 1958 and will again in 2013

Cinderella, portrayed by Alum Debbie Walley, finds her Prince Charming, Don Muray,  in 1958
Prior to the erection of the Margaret Tighe Machlin Theatre and Fine Arts Center in 1964, Rosarian students performed at the Royal Poinciana Playhouse in Palm Beach. Directed by Paul Crabtree, producing director of the Playhouse, Rosarian presented Cinderella in April of 1958. Fifty-five years later, the school will once again put on a production of Cinderella to be presented November 16, 2013. 
In the "early" years of Rosarian's history, the school was an all-girls high school. Through the 50's and 60's, Mr. Crabtree produced and directed productions that were acclaimed by local audiences and visitors outside of South Florida. Boys from neighboring Palm Beach Junior College and St. Ann's Catholic School would often participate in these Broadway-worthy productions. 

Today, although the school has changed from a single-sex high school to a co-educational 12 months - eighth grade institution, the arts continue to be an acclaimed area of focus and pride for Rosarian Academy. Under the guidance of Theatre Arts Instructor Robert Sherman, the elements of staging, including set design, costumes and lighting, are nothing shy of professional. Mr. Sherman, a veteran of theatre, feature film and network television, has produced sixteen theatrical performances at Rosarian.

The 1958 production of Cinderella featured freshman-at-the-time, Andrea Pisciotto (highlighted in this newsletter's Alumni Spotlight) who went on to work and perform in theatre for over forty years. The 2013 production of Cinderella, directed and produced by Mr. Sherman, will showcase talented second through fourth graders who too may one day choose a career in theatre. And if nothing else, complementing a rigorous academic curriculum, these children are developing a joy of and respect for performing.

Click here to view The Palm Beach Post's article on Rosarian's Cinderella performance in 1958.

Rosarian Academy, founded in 1925, is a private, coeducational, Catholic school sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters. Its mission is to educate the whole person for life in a global community in the light of Gospel values.