ROUSH CleanTech: Partner Newsletter
  October 28, 2014 Vol. 4   |  Issue 10 youtube twitter rss facebook

Partners: Diagnostic Tool Testing in Progress

For the past six months, we have been diligently beta testing our new ROUSH CleanTech diagnostic tool (RDT). The RDT will provide a more comprehensive, interactive software for our installer and service center partners. The following highlights what you can expect from this state-of-the-art system.

For our installers, the RDT will:

1) Capture complete vehicle information records to determine correct calibration and vehicle emissions controls information label certification.

2) Allow full diagnostics of all parameter identifications as well as data logging capabilities, which can be shared with the ROUSH CleanTech hotline.

3) Perform tests on ROUSH CleanTech fuel system components for correct operation and vehicle drivability.

Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins

Field Operations

ROUSH CleanTech

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Now Available

Propane Autogas Vehicle Primer

NGT News, an online news source for the latest in transportation technologies, walks you through a hypothetical purchasing scenario of a ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas vehicle. Learn more about selecting the right vehicle, assessing fuel cost savings, securing refueling infrastructure and more.

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Safety First

Passengers Ride Clean with Autogas

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority purchased 20 propane autogas paratransit shuttle buses to provide clean and affordable transportation for individuals with disabilities. The first of its kind in Ohio, the new shuttles are projected to save $21,000 per vehicle in fuel costs and maintenance over a six-year period.

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