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  September 23, 2014 Vol. 4   |  Issue 9 youtube twitter rss facebook

Understand Propane Autogas Technology


In the upcoming weeks, we are offering many opportunities for you to learn more about our propane autogas fuel system technology firsthand. Next week, we are hosting our first Propane Bobtail Spec Review at our headquarters in Livonia, Michigan. At this event, you'll learn about the innovative Ford F-650 bobtail with a 3,000-gallon barrel. We'll also provide a complete chassis and vehicle review of all other Ford medium-duty offerings powered by autogas, including a preview for the new Ford F-650 / F-750 chassis.

Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins

Field Operations

ROUSH CleanTech

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Now Available

ABCs of Autogas

Accessible. Bountiful. Clean. President Joe Thompson provides a complete propane autogas overview for the Clean Cities publication, Fuels Fix. This magazine includes news on alternative fuels, conservation and efficiency initiatives, emissions reducing technologies, and more. Learn the facts about autogas in this easy to understand article.

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Safety First

Exclusive Medium-Duty Event

You're invited to our Propane Bobtail Event. Join us on September 30 at our headquarters in Livonia, Michigan, for a full vehicle spec review of all propane autogas chassis options. The new Ford F-650 bobtail with a 3,000 gallon barrel will be on display. Do not miss this unique opportunity!

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