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  April 22, 2014 Vol. 4   |  Issue 4 youtube twitter rss facebook

Customer Service is Key

Last month, the Propane Engine Fuel Summit brought together many leaders in the propane industry. A recurring theme throughout the summit was the importance of customer service.

In addition to providing customer service through quality, cutting-edge propane autogas technology, we must offer support to our customers once vehicles have been purchased. Customer service has been a priority at ROUSH CleanTech since day one. And you, our valued partner, are an extension of this network.

Here are some of the valuable tools we offer our partners to help ensure unparalleled service:

Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins

Manager of
Field Service

ROUSH CleanTech

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Now Available

Calculate Savings

Want to see how much money switching to propane autogas saves? ROUSH CleanTech’s savings calculator figures the gross and net vehicle lifetime savings based on vehicle type. Simply select the Ford vehicle in a dropdown menu, and you’ll immediately learn the average savings. Some fields are adjustable to help you with specific customer evaluation.

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Safety First

Find Fueling

Many customers add propane autogas fuel stations on their properties due to the low-cost and easy installation. But did you know there are already thousands of public stations across the country? Find the public refueling facilities near you at the Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center website.

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