It's tough to argue with FREE:  The STEM Advisory Council is bringing an Information Technology Academy to Iowa's Classrooms

The Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council and Microsoft IT Academy have announced their partnership to provide 150 Iowa high schools and community colleges with an IT Academy. 100 of those schools will be provided with Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam site licenses, which includes 500 vouchers for those institutions to use. By taking advantage of this offering, students will have an amazing opportunity to validate their skills and gain industry-recognized certification - giving them a competitive advantage when applying for college or a career.  All at no cost!

The Microsoft IT Academy program provides a complete IT education solution that bridges the world of education with the world of work. The program is designed to help drive employability, digital literacy, technical and STEM-focused training and certification, and 21st-century workforce development for students.


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Gov. Branstad's STEM Advisory Council Launches Public Awareness Campaign



DES MOINES, IOWA - (Dec. 9, 2013) - With only 26 percent of Iowans understanding what STEM stands for - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - a public awareness campaign is launching this week to inform more Iowans about the importance of STEM-related education.


Selected this summer through an RFP process, West Des Moines-based Strategic America was chosen to design the public awareness campaign that will focus on making sure students in Iowa are competitive with those in other states and countries when it comes to STEM education and interest. This interest and achievement will be needed in

the next 10 years, as projected STEM-related job growth will increase by 16 percent due to the recovering economy and our growing reliance on technology. READ MORE.


In My eSTEM-ation:

In My eSTEMation...

Greatness STEMs from Iowans.  I like that.


I like the fact that Iowa's new STEM message is focused on the only essential reagent in Iowa's STEM equation:  the human elementGreatness STEMs from Iowans.  Greatness does not STEM from programs and policies.  Greatness STEMs from Iowans, who invigorate programs into passions, and policies into practice. 


Greatness STEMs from Iowans, the front-runners within the formal and non-formal sectors of Iowa's educational landscape. Almost overnight, a statewide roster of "Who's Who" in STEM education is being built.  These Iowa educators are shaping a functional definition of "what STEM is" and "how STEM works." Iowa educators are beginning to understand that STEM is strongly anchored within the broader context of educational reform.  Educators are leveraging STEM to promote active, student-centered classrooms, characterized by personalized experiential learning.


Greatness STEMs from Iowans, the visionary leaders in business and industry who are working to build strong partnerships with local educators.  The private sector sees STEM as anchored in practices of global citizenry that shape the decisions of the next generation related to both career choice and civic life, for a thriving Iowa future.


In my eSTEMation

Greatness STEMs from Iowans I like that.


Kari Webb

NW Iowa STEM Regional Manager
Iowa Lakes Community College, NW Hub
NW Advisory Board Spotlight


Board Member, NANCY MCDOWELL was born and raised on a diversified century family farm between Archer and Sheldon in O'Brien County. Nancy McDowell is a graduate of Sheldon High School and a 10 year O'Brien County 4-H member.  In 2010, McDowell moved back to O'Brien County where she enrolled in Northwest Iowa Community College's welding program and graduated in 2011 as a state champion welder and the first female to graduate from the program in more than a decade. Currently, Nancy teaches continuing education welding courses in addition to being a substitute welding instructor at Northwest Iowa Community College and also does custom welding work. In November of 2012, she was elected to the O'Brien County Board of Supervisors and in January of 2013, took her oath of office as an O'Brien County Supervisor, becoming only the second woman to ever hold the position in the county's 163 year history. 

Nancy remarks that, "As a welder, County Supervisor and community college instructor, I have a desire and interest in promoting our local industries and manufacturing, generating new avenues of economic development and strengthening our education and job training programs in Northwest Iowa. Through serving on the Northwest Iowa STEM Advisory Board, I am excited to put my expertise and experiences to work in bolstering our STEM outreach and helping others succeed in their goals. We are at our best when we pair top-notch STEM education curriculum with responsible government policies and our businesses and industry who badly need a vibrant workforce and bold innovation."
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