Announcing 50K STEM Classroom Grants to Four Iowa Districts
The Governor's STEM Advisory Council has named Davenport Community School District, Hoover High School of the Des Moines Community School District, Mount Pleasant Middle School and Sioux Center High School as the recipients of a $50,000 district-matched award to implement a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) classroom in their schools. The recipients were chosen from a group of 23 applications submitted through a request for proposals released earlier this summer.  READ MORE.

Kari Webb
NW Iowa
Regional Manager
Iowa Lakes
Community College
NW Hub for the
Governor's STEM Initiative

Teachers Scale UP STEM in Northwest Iowa
Hundreds of Iowa educators will be rolling out STEM Scale Ups across Northwest Iowa in the next few weeks.  Educators are ordering STEM equipment from Engineering is Elementary, and from A World In Motion, thanks to the fantastic work of our Scale Up program providers.

Teachers in NW Iowa are reporting great things from Scale Up!  Darci from Hinton CSD wrote, 
"I am so excited to implement this learning kit into my classroom! It was so beneficial to have someone answer questions, walk us through using the materials, and model how to use and organize the supplies. I am so appreciative of the opportunity provided to me as an educator, and for the students learning in my district."
Now, that is getting #IASTEM right.

Northwest Iowa makes the Guinness World Record Books for STEM
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, we are OFFICIALLY AMAZING.  We rocked the world record for Largest Practical Science Lesson by bringing together 771 enthusiastic "STEM-Geeks" at the Clay County Fair.  From levitating objects to outrageous oxidations, it was a day to remember!  Read More HERE.
In My eSTEM-ation:

In my eSTEMation, Iowa's classrooms are now entering the fourth dimension-STEM is the tesseract of teaching


Until now, America's classrooms have been mostly two-dimensional, attached to a textbook or a worksheet.  Good teachers have labored to share an up-down-all-around world using only "X" and "Y".  Learning science from a worksheet is something like imagining music without ever hearing a song.


Honestly, good teachers have always tried to add the third dimension to their mostly flat classrooms.  Grasping at the "Z", we tell stories, take fieldtrips and show videos.  We entertain guest speakers and assign projects.  Yet, it's hard not to admit that most classroom experiences are still a 2-D drawing of the Cartesian coordinate, tethered to the inertia of traditional teaching and learning.


Recently, I have come to see STEM as the fourth dimension: spacetime.  STEM begins with the "XYZ" of content and rigor and relevance.  But STEM doesn't stop there:  STEM insists on the fourth dimension of "spacetime".  STEM is the tesseract of teaching.  It drags the cube to a new place of real-world, localized, time-sensitive event connections


STEM translates learning experiences to the fourth dimension using the vectors of community partners and multi-disciplinary work.  Students tackle the grand challenges of their own generation, building on the framework of essential content. And, in case you think this is just STEMfiction, talk to the Iowa kids who are touching a four-dimensional world: Real World Design Challenge and  FTC World Champion or Siemens We Can Change The World national finalists.


In my eSTEMation, it's time to break loose from the two-dimensional plane of worksheets, textbooks or even computer screens.  Let's tesseract.


Kari Webb

NW Iowa STEM Regional Manager
Iowa Lakes Community College, NW Hub
Reynolds to visit SIoux City 

Sioux City, Iowa (October 29, 2013) -Western Iowa Tech Community College and the Sioux City Community School District will host Lt Governor Kim Reynolds on Friday, November 1. Reynolds, who is co-chair of Iowa's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Initiative and Advisory Council, will visit with school leaders, teachers and students at both institutions.


Realizing the growing demand for students educated in STEM, Iowa created the Council in 2011. A partnership of business, policy and educational leaders from across the state, their priority is to increase student interest and achievement in STEM fields as potential career pathways. 


The Sioux City School District was one of the first districts in the state to hire STEM coaches to sponsor after-school robotics clubs such as FIRST Tech Challenge and Hyperstream.  In addition, by utilizing grant funding from the Iowa STEM Initiative, the District is steadily increasing curricular and extra-curricular educational opportunities for students. 


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