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 Pool Safety Isn't 

Just For Humans


   As the temperature heats up, families will be heading toward the water to keep cool. Make safety a priority to protect children and pets around your swimming pool. Approximately 4000 children in the U.S. drown each year in pool accidents. Multiply that number by 100 and you have the number of dogs that drown each year. 

   Remember when you have a pool (even a wading pool) to make safety a priority. Unfortunately for one family, their intentions were too late. This young family excitedly moved into their first home. While mom went to the store for groceries, dad stayed home with the two year old to unpack boxes. They had planned to install a self-closing, self-latching safety device on the slider door. But, while dad got involved with the boxes, the two year old opened the slider and drowned in the pool....click here

to learn more about family pool safety 





Inexperienced dogs PANIC, while many are front end swimmers, forgetting to use their back legs (which is ineffective). Depending on the weight, muscle mass, and body type, some dogs are just not meant to swim. A veterinarian writes in the DAILY VET BLOG how he lost his beloved french bulldog at a friends poolside party. After just ten minutes of inattention he found his dog at the bottom of the pool....click here for

Tips to keep your pet safe







  • Kale has cholesterol-lowering abilities  
  • Lowers the risk of cancers such as bladder, colon, ovary and prostrate
  • Supports the detoxification of the body
  • Contains over 45 flavonoids with both anti-flammatory and anti-oxident benefits


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Power Green 

Salad Recipe



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The Giant Birdsnest


Penny Brookins



     In 1978 I was working for a construction company. Sitting in the office one afternoon, I was surprised by one of our framers, when he came in carrying a three foot section of a birds nest. He quickly explained that he was on a remodel job and when he tore back some of the roofing he saw that the attic space contained a birds nest 12 feet in diameter. He later discovered as he continued to work, that four newly hatched birds were in that nest.

      Knowing that I am an animal lover, he brought the birds to me. He thought that since the nest was so GIGANTIC, certainly the birds must be from some large or exotic species. 

     Many phone calls later to bird rescue groups and veterinarians, I was dismayed to find that no one would take these baby birds. I did learn, however, that they would need to be fed "Monkey Chow" and water through an eyedropper every two hours 24/7. So being an "animal lover" I set my alarm and got up every two hours to feed those birds. Did I mention that I also had a one month old baby to feed as well? 

      The birds grew until they were flying around the garage, when I released them to the wild with hopes they would do well on their own.  By the way, they turned out to be small, ugly grey birds!


 Polaroid photo taken in 1978

by Penny Brookins



What's in Your Attic?


  Hello friends and associates! today's topic is attics. When was the last time you took a look at your attic? It is one of those dark dirty places that is out of site and often out of mind. However, the attic is a space that can be home to many things you don't want living above your head, such as raccoons, birds, squirrels, rodents and many other animals that love the warmth, shelter and soft insulation that makes good nesting material for their comfort. You may love some of these critters, but should not love them in your attic. 

     First you must locate the attic access panel. It is generally located in the garage or carport, or in a bedroom closet or hallway ceiling. Be sure to have the mechanical equipment running so you can hear if you have any duct-work leaks. If you are unable to climb a ladder or if you don't have a good sturdy and safe ladder, hire a home inspector to take a look at your attic. If you hire a contractor or handyman, get ready to spend some money




 Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, 

but take the step.


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