Promoting the Interest in and Development of Economic Freedom, Personal Responsibility, and Healthy Habits
Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones

Volunteer Rewards
 Program Recipient
The Miller Family & Librarian Miss Freddie 
The Miller's Earned Walmart Gift card Rewards by spending time together researching healthy foods and nutrition at the Norma & Joseph Robinson Partnership Library in Sulphur Springs. Special thanks to our Hillsborough County Senior Librarian Sonia Baruch for all her help in our program.
The Miller's also earned Volunteer Rewards assisting Christene Worley, Executive Director at PCAT Literacy Ministries assisting Kindergarten children learn to read. Mrs Miller said she will use the Walmart reward cards as a tool to teach my kids about earning, saving, tithing, & spending. 
ALL children have it within themselves to learn how to build Wealth to Provide for their life needs
"Whether you think you can or you think you can''re RIGHT",
  This old saying is still true for everyone.
At Hiphop Basketball we constantly teach children to believe in themselves and KNOW that they will be Successful in life.
Fall Program Ending Fun!
3 Point Shooting Contest
Slam Dunk Contest
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