Promoting the Interest in and Development of Economic Freedom, Personal Responsibility, and Healthy Habits in Urban Tampa
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Posimoto Sports Philosophy
Healthy Living
Vitality Race

Children exercise by dribbling up and down the court picking up healthy food cards and placing in a bucket. This activity helps children understand what foods are healthy and what foods are unhealthy for them

How to be Healthy
Youth form a circle and pass the ball around when one child in the middle says stop the youth holding the ball answers 3 "Healthy Living" questions. This activity helps promote a healthy life style for a longer, less stressful life
The Hiphop Basketball Foundation firmly believes ALL children have it within themselves to acquire knowledge and build 'Personal Wealth' to provide for their families basic life needs; Food, Housing, Education, Health Care, and Retirement
Rewards for Work Program
Assists Parents and their Children to come closer together by volunteering in the community while Earning Rewards for their efforts.
Pre-Game Prayer
Minister Reggie Hobbs pre game prayer on YouTube.
Minister Hobbs is very active in the community promoting a Better Life
Healthy Game Play Program
After Posimoto activities its time for some Hiphop Basketball game play! The kids love the short court & low goals! Healthy Protein & Fruit Snacks are then distributed to all participants.

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