A Better Way For A Better Life
"Promoting the Interest in & Development of Economic Freedom, Personal Responsibility, & Healthy Habits in Urban Tampa"
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In this Season of Giving Please Consider Helping a Low Income Urban Child Increase their Opportunities for Success
$15 will sponsor 1 child to enroll in our programs.
A donation of $25, $50, or more will sponsor a child and help capacity building to expand our Programs Empowering Urban Children
We firmly believe every child has it within themselves to gain the knowledge & build enough Personal Wealth to care for their Family's basic life needs without dependency.
Will you be that person to give urban children permission to dream?
Hiphop Basketball Foundation

DJ was a  quiet 12 year old when our programs started two 2 years ago. Recently he demonstrated growth by excitedly responding, after a Life Lessons Post-Test, that he was "I'm thinking about doing better and I like it".


We're Proud to be helping kids in our programs become aware and realize that the American Dream is alive & well ready for them to sieze the opportunities that await.  




We're NOT just about Hiphop Basketball. This thrilling copyrighted new sport played - 3 on 3 on, a short full court, with goals lowered to dunking height is a magnet.
Once engaged participants realize that we're really about teaching children what's expected of them to achieve success for a better life.

An incentive based program where children volunteer to work for 1/2 hour a week earning 0 to 3 points to:


1 - Be on time

2 - Do a good job

3 - Act appropriately


At the end of the 10 week session children cash in points for basketballs, school supply, bike, etc


Additional benefits -learning work ethic & delayed gratification.

 Jobs Hub
 2013 New Programs 

LaKeema is an example of success in our Off-Court Jobs program we're building on in 2013. 

For 2 years she's grown designing logos & videotaping events for us. She gained employment as a graphic artist by seeing opportunity in our partnership with with    Fast Lane Clothing. LaKeema now has her own business, click MissyLTM.com and see how she can make your graphics come to life!

LaKeema recently paid us a compliment saying "you guys have help me gain more experience in the career field I am seeking for".


The Hiphop Basketball Foundation is committed to matching the passions of urban adults with businesses in that industry for apprenticeship and jobs.

 Extraordinary Athlete
A scholarship for a child who's overcome a physical or social handicap in sports. Thanks to The New Mexico Youth Foundation for sharing this terrific program!
PC Tablet
Two Way Education with positive, supportive messaging, work to personal wealth gaming education, & incentives built in.
Hiphop Cardio & Hiphop Art
On The Drawing Board
Renovate distressed single family homes. Partner with housing trades & urban residents in Apprentice Jobs Program.
Follow up with Rent to Home Ownership opportunity to a good family from within the community. Then Property Management, & Fiscal Empowerment education.
Test Pic 10-15 Year Olds Listening Attentively for Financial Empowerment!
Coach Mentors Applauding the Childrens Program Accomplishments    
Thank You!
To the many great partnerships we've made over the past 2 years. You have been an inspiration for the Hiphop Basketball Foundation and it's because of you that we have been successful this past year.
We know there is more work to do so if you have time and a passion for helping others please contact us or let a friend know.
And we look forward to a breakout year in 2013 building new collaborations! 
How far do we have to go?
A long ways...and as a new nonprofit we're working hard, growing, and gaining confidence thanks to support from people like you. 
We're ALL about teaching urban children about the knowledge & tools necessary to be successful adults.
Improving urban America is the key to our future.
Join us
We need your help building a network for urban restoration leading to an American Renaissance
The Hiphop Basketball Foundation will be back in January at the Springhill Park Community Center with Expanded Programs & Times!