October 12th 2012
Fall Programs - Week 5
News & Notes
Mission Statement
Promoting the Interest in & Development of Economic Freedom, Personal Responsibility, & Healthy Habits in Urban areas
We utilize the thrilling new sport, Hiphop Basketball, to attract participants aged 10-15 years old to engage in our programs.


Programs include, Life Lessons, Gettin' Fit, Game Play, & in 2013 Incentive based Work to Reward.
A total of 22 children, 6 for the first time, participated in our programs on Friday, 17 boys & 5 girls.
Since July 2012, when we began conducting our programs at the Springhill Park Community Center, we have had a total of 61 participants.
Coach Mentors - John Echevarria & Son Jay
Put the Hip Hop in Hiphop Basketball
LL1Hiphop Basketball owould like to welcome Coach Mentor Director John Echevarria's son, Jay, who joined us this Friday and he did a great job with the kids.

Coach John brough his Hip Hop keyboard and put on a show with Ray Ray! 
hip hop 2
Hip Hop
HHBBF Programs - YouTube Reality Show 
Life Lessons - Economic Freedom, Personal Responsibility, & Healthy Habits
 LL2Life Lessons Oct 12th 2012
Gettin' Fit - Pre Game Exercise
Jumping Jacks  Gettin' Fit   10 12 12pushups           
Game Play
Shooting Games 3     
Bye Week - Friday October 19th
No HHBBF Programs
The Springhill Park Community Center will be closing early due to a short school day. Hiphop Basketball Foundation programs will resume Friday, November 2nd.
Help Our Cause
Please    to others who share our vision of a better financial future for urban children.
If you've already donated, thank you, we appreciate your generosity. If you believe our programs have value helping urban children create a better life for themselves and their families please consider making a contribution so we can improve and expand. 
For $15 you can Sponsor 1 child to receive the necessary City of Tampa Parks & Recreation Department Rec Card who can them participate in our Free Programs.



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