October 5th 2012
Hiphop Basketball Foundation
Fall Programs - Week 4
News & Notes
Special Guest
Jeff Proctor - Grassroots Education Institute
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We were thrilled to have Jeff Proctor as our Special Guest. Jeff's an Economist with the Grassroots Education Institute, who spoke about "Value & Trade" to 30 participants who were attentive and excited during the presentation. Special thanks to Kim Irvine for connecting us with Jeff who did a great job interacting & involving the children in the presentation.

Participants, 10-15 years old, viewed an informative  slideshow, learned why NBA Star, Labron James has "Value" in his multi-million dollar NBA contract, & played a chocolate candy Trading game.

The kids learned the process of trading chocolate candy they don't like with someone who had the chocolate they do like...now that's incentive! The children also appreciated that they could eat the traded candy afterwards.
Coach Mentors - USF Students Dee & Steve
Serving Dinner, Dessert, & Mentorship
After Mr. Proctor's economics presentation for the kids Chicken Tenders & mini Cuban Sandwiches were served with a variety of cookies for dessert.
Participants Learning From USF Volunteer Steve while beingServed Diner 
Coach Mentor volunteers from USF, Dee & Steve, served dinner and dished out probing questions to get the children to think about their future and importance of learning.
Game Play
Hiphop Basketball YouTube Reality Show!
  All Footage recorded by Lakeema Matthew
Jeff Proctor's GOT GAME!
Jeff Proctor - Playing Hiphop Basketball - Must Watch
Games   Oct 5th 2012
Springhill Park Community Center
 Park & Rec LogoAs always the City of Tampa Parks & Recreation Department was a HUGE help throughout our programs this past Friday. We greatly appreciate the effort from Harold Hart, Coach Wayne, Coach Mark, and the entire staff at the Springhill Park Community Center!
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Fundraising Update
You may have noticed we're using Constant Contact email for the first time. This is due to a generous technology grant from the Children's Board of Hillsborough County. YouTube video footage was recorded on a new HD Camcorder supplied from the grant.We'll also be  purchasing several PC Tablets with a 4G connection for children to engage in our programs more effectively as well as upgrading our website. Many thanks to the Childrens Board!

We're seeing an increase in online donations as we increase our web presence. So if you've already donated, thank you, we appreciate your generosity. If you like how the Hiphop Basketball Foundation engages urban youth to believe in themselves and create a better life for their families then please consider making a contribution.

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