January 28, 2016        Issue #69


Remember to Register for Presbytery Meeting 
Small Church Conference 
April 30, 2016 
Fayetteville Presbyterian Church
Details to be sent to churches soon!

2015 Session Record Review DATES

Huntington & Teays Valley Clusters - March 20, 2016

Charleston Cluster - April 2, 2016 at Festival of Faith

Clarksburg Cluster - April 3, 2016

Mountain Valley Cluster - 
April 10, 2016

Parkersburg Cluster - April 17, 2016

Beckley Cluster - April 24, 2016

Greenbrier Valley Cluster - 
May 1, 2016

Prayer List For Churches

Week 5 - January 31 
Summersville Presbyterian Church Winfield Presbyterian Church 
Church: Kiawaithanji 
Pronun: CARE'wha-eeTHA-JEH Parish: Gaaki Spoken: GAH'key

Week 6 - February 7 
Alexander Mem. Presbyterian Church, Stony Bottom 
Bethlehem Presbyterian Church, Shinnston 
First Presbyterian Church, Clarksburg 
Church: Mutathini 
Pronun: Moh-tah-THEE' nay Parish: Gaaki Spoken: GAH' key

Week 7 - February 14 
First Presbyterian Church, Huntington* 
Cabwaylingo Chapel ** 
Parish: Giakanja
Spoken: Gie-uh-KAH'juh

Week 8 - February 21 
Lakeview Presbyterian Church, Lakebottom 
Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, 
Church: Giaichamwenge Pronun: GAY-shah-MWEN'gay Parish: Giakanja Spoken: Gie-uh-KAH'juh

Week 9 - February 28 
Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church, Ripley Richwood Presbyterian Church
Church: Githunguri New Church Development Pronun: Gay-thoh-GOH'REE Parish: Giakanja Spoken: Gie-uh-KAH'juh




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Maureen Wright
Stated Clerk

Rocky Poole
Financial Admin./Treasurer

Barbara Chalfant
Associate for Mission

Susan Sharp Campbell
Associate for Educational Min.

Nellie Howard
Resource Center Director

Mark Miller
Bluestone Camp Director


In October, PDA contacted the Presbytery of Lake Huron to see how we could be of assistance. At that time we learned that First Presbyterian Church in Flint was providing bottled water to some schools in the area.
We recently received a request from the Presbytery for a grant to help with this crisis and One Great Hour of Sharing funds will be provided to fill that request for assistance. PDA is also looking into providing filters for showers since bathing in the water is also a concern.
For more please visit by clicking here. 
Most congregations receive "OGHS" on Easter Sunday, Passion/Palm Sunday or both, while many receive it throughout Lent-however, you can help sustain the important PC(USA) ministries and programs that are supported by One Great Hour of Sharing Offering by making an online gift at any time throughout the year.

A gift to One Great Hour of Sharing enables the church to share God's love with our neighbors-in-need around the world by providing relief to those affected by natural disasters, provide food to the hungry, and helping to empower the poor and oppressed.
For more information click here.
Coming up for Bluestone Bluestone
On February 13, First Presbyterian Church of South Charleston will be hosting "An Operatic Valentine Cabaret" under the direction of Mark Hornbaker.  Dinner is included, and the event is free... but donations will be encouraged to benefit Bluestone via check, cash, or credit card to Friends of Bluestone, Inc. Please click on the links below to download an event flier and/or bulletin insert, and please publicize the event at your church!

For the event flyer click here.
For the bulletin insert click here.
February is when we start the process of ramping up for summer camp and the coming retreat season.  There will be several emails coming to your inboxes next month and we hope you'll catch them all... please post the flier attachments at church when you get them and pass them along via email forward to church members, friends, and family.  We're looking forward to a great year... stay tuned!
Those of us who have lost a parent or dear friend, or a sibling and served as executor of their estate know just how difficult and emotionally draining it is to settle the final affairs of a loved one. 

 "Mapping Your Exit"  is an article written By Glenn M. Gordon, MD, Central Presbyterian Church of Eugene, Oregon which many of us may find useful to reduce the eventual, inevitable burden on our loved ones, and helped us experience the freedom of facing our own mortality.

Click for the full article Mapping Your Exit.

Easy Stuff That Can Change A Life   Needs
The needs of the world are so big sometimes that we are too overwhelmed to move toward a solution.  But it is the little things that can make a big difference in a single life.  So from time to time we will be including a list of needs we have heard about that are easy or simple ways to make a difference in someone's life. Please check the list to see if you can meet a need!

1.  A pool table, air hockey table or foosball table needed for one of our presbyterian homes for residents to share.

2.  A bed and simple room furnishings are needed for an older adult who has recently moved to a bedbug free apartment.

3.  Someone who will help do once a month birthday party for a Presbyterian Home.

4.  Someone with fundraising experience to walk novices through best practices for fundraising for nonprofits.

5.  Someone who might be interested in serving on a state board that addresses disaster response.

Can you help?  Call Barbara Chalfant at the Presbytery office (304-744-7634)  or email [email protected]
Small Church Conference Smallchurch 

"Jumpin' January, Bat Man!  

Look what's coming!"

 In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus, was the god of beginnings and transitions, and thereby of gates, doors, doorways, passages and endings.  It is conventionally thought that the month of January is named for Janus.  It is the month that begins the new calendar year, looking back on what is past and looking forward to what lies ahead, like the two-headed statues of Janus with two faces looking in opposite directions

As we move into 2016, there are great things ahead. Small church folks will be looking ahead to our third annual Small Church Conference on Saturday, April 30.  "Ministry Molded by Mountains, Year II - Mustard Seed Ministry," will again bring us together at the Fayetteville Presbyterian Church for a time of joyful reunions, of learning ways that God empowers our ministries, and gaining a renewed and strengthening sense of what it means to be the people of God, growing stronger together as a presbytery ready for an exciting, meaningful, and confident future in faith, hope and love.  

Mark your calendars; contact your friends; and begin making plans to attend the Small Church Conference and to celebrate the goodness of God as small churches full of big-hearted presbyterian Christians, eager to "blossom 'n bless 'em" in the Lord.  Our Presbytery of West Virginia family of churches will have the "Welcome" mat out, the coffee brewing, and the snacks ready to nourish you as God's people

Stephen Ministry Introductory Workshop  Stephens
Want to learn to care for people who are grieving and reach out to others in a distinctly Christian way? 

On Saturday , March 12, First Presbyterian Church of Charleston will host a Stephen Ministry Introductory workshop from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. The half-day workshop is designed both to enhance participants caregiving skills and to help congregations explore ways to expand their caring ministry. Registration begins at 8:00 A.M., and refreshments will be served. The cost of this workshop is $15 per person or $50 for a group of four or more from the same congregation. For more information or to register for this half day Stephen Ministry Workshop, call Stephen Ministries at 324-428-2600 or visit
The Lay Academy of Religion  Academy
The Lay Academy of Religion Presents:
Dr. Andrew Newberg
"The Spiritual Brain: Science and Religious Experience"  
Sundays, 5:30-7:00pm, 
February 7- March 13 and April 3-May 8
First Presbyterian Church, Charleston 
in the Activities Bldg. Room 201.

All sessions are free and open to everyone.  Open Forum Discussions/Questions Encouraged. For more information, please call the Church Office (304) 343-8961 
or click here for the flyer or click here for the full article.
Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits Network Healthy
West Virginians of 15 denominations joined hands (and put hands in the air) at the October launch of the new Healthy Bodies Healthy Spirits network ( at  West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Extra Credit:  Can you find the Presbyterian in the picture?

For full article click here.
Distance Counseling Available Counseling
Sometimes getting out just isn't easy. It's possible you're physically stuck inside because your town just survived Snowmaggedon 2016. Maybe your sweet but stubborn toddler refuses to wear anything but Ninja Turtle pajamas when you try to leave the house. Perhaps your mood is falling faster than the thermometer, bringing about mid-winter doldrums.

Whatever the reason, we get it. We feel it, too. But rather than just commiserate, we offer a possible solution. KPCC is excited to offer distance counseling.

What is distance counseling? Distance counseling is the delivery of counseling by a mental health professional via secure video, phone, chat, email or other technology mediums. It's also covered by most insurances. That means you can receive secure and HIPAA compliant counseling from the privacy of your own home. Get the care you need without having to leave the house. 

So brew another pot of coffee, put on your (Ninja Turtle) pajamas and give us a call. We want to help.

To learn more about distance counseling, click here.

Kanawha Pastoral Counseling Center
16 Leon Sullivan Way, Charleston, WV 25301
Statistical Reports and Session Records Reviews StatReport 
Statistical Reports: The deadline for completing this report is February 15, 2016. The instruction workbook is available by clicking here or you may use the link found on the Presbytery's website. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Maureen Wright at (304) 720-2065 or [email protected]

Minutes Review for 2015
Session Records Review events will take place throughout the presbytery. Clerks are invited to attend any of the Session Record Review gatherings in order to complete the Minutes Review requirement (G-3.0108a). 
The dates are as follows with locations TBD
Huntington & Teays Valley Clusters - 03/20/16
Charleston Cluster - 04/02/16 at Festival of Faith
Clarksburg Cluster - 04/03/16
Mountain Valley Cluster - 04/10/16
Parkersburg Cluster - 04/17/16
Beckley Cluster - 04/24/16
Greenbrier Valley Cluster - 05/01/16
Important Financial Info Financial
2016 IRS Standard Mileage   
On December 17th, IRS announced the following changes to the standard mileage rates... Beginning on Jan. 1, 2016, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be:

     -   54 cents per mile for business miles driven, down from 57.5 cents for 2015

     -   19 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes, down from 23 cents for 2015

     -   14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations


Important Dates for Employee Tax Forms
Generally, you must furnish Copies B, C, and 2 of Form W-2 to your employees by February 1, 2016.
Also, employers must file Copy A of all Forms W-2 with Form W-3 by February 1, 2016.
Generally, you must furnish Copy B of form 1099- Generally, you must MISC to the recipient by February 1, 2016. The due date is extended to February 16, 2016, if you are reporting payments in box 8 or 14.  You must file Copy A form 1099-MISC with the IRS by February 1, 2016.
You will meet the "furnish" requirement if the form is properly addressed and mailed on or before the due date.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rocky Poole, PWV Treasurer/Financial Administrator, at (304) 744-7644 or at [email protected]
Educator/Clergy/CRE Retreat EdCREClergy
February 22-23 
Hawks Nest State Park

Christian Educators (including those employed in youth ministry), Teaching Elders and Commissioned Ruling Elders are invited and encouraged to participate in the 2016 Educator Clergy CRE Retreat, May the Words of My Mouth: Praying Together as the Body of Christ.  This retreat will be led by Kimberly Bracken Long, Associate Professor of Worship at Columbia Theological Seminary. Retreat information, with a registration form, was sent to Christian educators and those serving as pastors in late 2015.  For those who may need a form, please contact Susan Sharp Campbell. 
Sign Up: Small Church Conference Choir SCCChoir
Come join the Small Church Choir for worship at the Small Church Conference, Fayetteville Presbyterian Church, April 30, 2016.  The only requirement is that you can make a joyful noise!
Nancy Villain, Music Director at Elk Hills Presbyterian Church, will direct the choir that will be made up of church members from all over West Virginia joining their voices in praise to God. Please send an email to [email protected] and let her know you are interested. 

Click Here for more information!
2016 Festival of Faith FOF
Heath Rada, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the PCUSA, will be our keynote presenter for Festival of Faith, April 2, at First Presbyterian Church, Charleston.   In addition to the keynote presentation, there will be opportunities for worship, workshops, fellowship and fun for all ages.   
New this year will be the opportunity to attend 3 workshops during the day.  Some of the workshop offerings and their leaders are:   A Conversation with the Moderator (Heath Rada);  Meet our New General Presbyter (Ed Thompson); Discovering Faith in Calvin and Hobbes (Amy  Parker); and An Invitation to Hospitality: Coloring Grows Up (Jackie Taylor). 
Packets of information have been sent to churches.  Check with your Pastor, Clerk of Session, Church Educator for materials.   Complete information can also be found by clicking here! If you would like a packet of information sent to you, please contact [email protected].
Presbyterian Youth Triennium Triennium
July (18)19-23, 2016

This summer's Presbyterian Youth Triennium for youth currently in grades 8-12 will be here before we know it.  This national youth event, sponosored and planned by the Presbyterian Church(USA) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church,  will be held on the campus of Purdue University. The cost per youth will be $425, which includes housing, transportation (bus), program, t-shirts and meals. Adult advisors over the age of 25 will also be needed, though the exact number won't be known until registrations are in; interested adults should be in touch with Susan Sharp Campbell as soon as possible.  

It is our intention to take all interested youth from the presbytery. Registration and other information was sent to church leaders last fall.  It can also be found on the presbytery website by clicking here. THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, MARCH 11; at this time, registration forms and a $225 deposit are due in the presbytery office.  For more information, check out the Triennium website,, or contact Susan Sharp Campbell
Educator Gatherings & Book Discussions Educator
Educators Gatherings are designed for those actively serving as professionals or volunteers in the educational ministry of their congregations.  Gatherings are held almost monthly during the academic year.  For the most part, these gatherings are held at the presbytery office in South Charleston from 10 am - 1:30 pm. 

Dates for Educator Gatherings are as follows:
Monday, February 8:   Educators who have attended the APCE Annual Event will share their experience and learnings
Monday, March 14
Monday, May 9
Friday, June 3:  End of Year Educators' Picnic

For more information, or to be added to the educators email list, please contact Susan Sharp Campbell. 
Puppet Ministry Needs A New Home Puppets
Highlawn Presbyterian Church in Huntington is looking for a new home for their puppet ministry. They have 5 trunks of puppets of varying sizes and would like to give them to a church that would put them to good use. A monetary donation would be appreciated. If you are interested or want more information, please contact Sarah Specht at (304) 522-1676 or [email protected].  
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