January 22, 2015                          ISSUE #47


Save the date!

The favorite getaway for the men - The Guys' Weekend 2015! Mark your calendar for the Presbytery of WV's annual men's retreat at Bluestone Camp & Retreat, April 24-26. Watch for more information.




  Save the date!
Small Church Conference will be held on April 18, 2015 at Fayetteville Presbyterian Church with Joan Stewart at keynote speaker.



Resource Center Features


Prayers for People Who Say They Can't Pray

by Donna Schaper


Here is a simple book for anyone who trusts that it means something to offer a prayer, including people who are not sure if they believe in prayer, people who claim to be too busy to pray and all others. We are given words to pray and ways to work prayer into our daily activities.




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Confession of Belhar, Equipping Disciples Events 


Time is running out to register for the Equipping Disciples Event nearest you.


These will be held on Sunday, January 25, at Clifton Presbyterian Church, Maxwelton, and Bridgeport Presbyterian Church, from 3-6 pm.  If you want to attend, but haven't registered, please send an email to [email protected].


There will be four more events on Sunday, February 8, from 3-6 pm, at Westminster, Vienna; Enslow Park, Huntington; Beckley Presbyterian Church; and Westminster, Charleston.  The registration deadline for these events is Monday, February 2, and registering helps host churches and leaders of these events prepare.  Again, let Susan Sharp Campbell know if you plan to attend.


As the Presbytery prepares to vote on amendments to our constitution on Saturday, February 28, these events offer an opportunity to learn more about the Confession of Belhar and our confessional heritage. 

Let Us Pray LetUsPray

Years ago when I was an intern at Kopperston  Presbyterian Church, I had the privilege of being taught how to be a pastor by many of the women of the church.  The most unforgettable lesson I learned about prayer came from Florence Mae.  Florence Mae and I were in the grocery store when a woman came up to her, and in tears she said, "Florence Mae, will you pray for me?"  Florence Mae did not say "Of course I will," she immediately took the woman's hand and said, "Let us pray."  Right there in the canned goods Florence Mae prayed for God's blessing on her life, and to bring healing to her pain.  I was awed...  


"Let Us Pray" is our challenge for 2015, and a challenge we pass on to the Presbytery of WV.  To call it our "theme" sounds trite.  To say we are going to make prayer our focus may cause many of you to think "DUH!"  We want to stop, to listen, to seek God's will in Word, in Community, and in the sheer silence.  We want to lay down our oars, stop rowing madly toward some vague goal, and let the Wind of the Spirit fill our sails instead.  As we pray for God's direction in our Presbytery, please join us.  Let us pray.

Joan Stewart, Leadership Team Chair



Prayers From the Pews PrayersFromPews

We invite you to share your stories of the power of prayer-from miracles and providence to God's great sense of humor.  Your stories of Prayers from the Pews, like the Good News from the Pews we share when we meet together at Presbytery meetings, helps all of us connect to the strength we find in praying for and with one another. Let us pray!


Please send your stories to Leslie at: [email protected]

Educator Gatherings & Book Discussions Educators

Educators Gatherings are designed for those actively serving as professionals or volunteers in the educational ministry of their congregations.  Gatherings are held almost monthly during the academic year.   For the most part, these gatherings are held at the presbytery office in South Charleston from 10 am - 1:30 pm; most months a book discussion follows from: 130-2:30 pm.   Certified Christian Educators are also invited to participate.  Retired educators are invited for the Christmas lunch and end of year picnic.    


Dates for Educator Gatherings are as follows:

Monday, March 9:  Those who attended the APCE Annual Event will share their experiences and learnings.

Monday, April 13:  Robin Ray will be sharing information on our new denominational curriculum for children

Monday, May 11

Friday, May 29:  End of Year Educators' Picnic, Coonskin State Park, 5:30 pm.


For more information, or to be added to the Christian educators mailing list, please contact Susan Sharp Campbell. 

A Note of Thanks thanks

Thank you. Seriously.


Thank you.  For welcoming me to be a part of your work and ministry here in West Virginia.  I have only visited a couple of congregations in my 2 weeks here but I am already astounded by the passion, commitment and creative fulfillment of call I have observed. 


Let me tell you just one story I have been telling everyone who will listen...



Have You Seen... haveYouSeen

Have You Seen the Following? 


  -  Younger Youth Retreat registration information for youth in grades 6-8 and their adult advisors.

  -  Festival of Faith

  -  Nurturing Faith Ideas

  -  Pulpit Supply List

  -  Presbytery's Mission and Ministry Brochure


All of the above have been sent to church leaders

 in the last six weeks.  Ask your pastoral leadership, educational leaders, clerks of session to share it with you!   This information can also be found at www.wvpresbytery.org or by contacting Susan Sharp Campbell.

Lay Academy - Spring Series LayAcademy

Mark your calendar.  Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015, we begin our spring series of studies on RELIGION AND SCIENCE.  We meet Sundays, 4:00-5:30pm, Activities Bldg. 201 continuing through March 29.  Then we take a break for Easter and plan to meet during April and May, before taking our summer break.


Remember, the only requirements for joining these classes are (1) your natural curiosity, (2) a need to learn more about our God's wonderful but also strange creation, and (3) an open mind.  We take seriously Jesus' commandment: "Love the Lord our God arising out of all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and our neighbor as ourself" (Mark 12:28-34).  Notice, Jesus puts "heart and soul" first on the list, because divine and human love, in that order, are the primary elements in our Covenant with our God, who blesses us with our minds, and all indications are that we need to exercise our minds more than we do, in order to benefit from all of the Truth about ourselves and our environment our Lord promises us...



Healthy Congregations HealthyCong

The Healthy West Virginia Church project

A new organization is being formed to create and support congregations in West Virginia as they focus on the link between healthy spirit and healthy bodies. You can help!  


Please make sure your congregation fills out the Healthy Congregations Survey by clicking here.


Click here for more information

2015 Presbytery of WV Directory Update Forms PWVDirectoryUpdate

It's time to update our records in preparation for the production of the 2015 Presbytery of West Virginia Directory! 


Please fill out the form below. You may complete the form electronically and email it to [email protected] or can print it off, fill it out, and mail it back to the presbytery office. 520 2nd Ave. South Charleston, WV 25303. Even if you have not made changes to your entry in previous years, please fill out the update form. We want to make sure we have info on each church. 


The deadline to have forms returned is Monday February 2nd. Please contact the office with any questions, (304) 744-7364

Travel to Scotland Scotland
Travel to Scotland focusing on Church Heritage, Partnership and Spiritual Retreat.  

Peter and Tina Vial are leading a trip May 24 - June 6, 2016 to explore our rich Scottish heritage, the Coolest Small Country on the Planet, and a time of spiritual retreat.  The group is forming now and will be limited to 10 people.  For more information please contact Rev. Vial at [email protected], or 448 Randolph Ave, Elkins, WV 26241.

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