Issue #39                                                                         August 28, 2014 





Please Note: Contact Information for the Elementary Retreat has changed! Please visit the presbytery website or the article below for accurate forms and information. 




3M overhead projector in good working order to donate. The dimensions of the base are
81/2" tall by 14 1/2 " wide by 18 1/2" long.  The lowered arm adds a small additional amount of height.  The glass plate on top is 11 1/2" by 11 1/2."  If you or your church is interested, please contact Ron Buckalew at 304-343-8434 or at [email protected]















Presbyterian Worship: A Guide for Clergy by J. Dudley Weaver, Jr. 

presents a complete and accessible overview of Reformed worship from history and theology to practical information for clergy. It includes examples for special days in the Church calendar



Preaching Ethically: Being True to the Gospel, Your congregation, & Yourself by Ronald D. Sisk

How do you preach the needs of your congregation and live up to the standards of professionalism and personal integrity? How do you preach about controversial issues? What are the ethics of preaching in times of local or national crisis?  How do you draw from a variety of resources without plagiarizing or misleading listeners?



Worship Resources for Christian Congregations: A Symphony for the Senses by C. Welton Gaddy 

& Don W. Nixon

Here is a book to find inspiration for using smells, tastes, sounds and more in your worship services.  From floral arrangements to litanies and prayers this is a good resource for inspiration in involving all the senses in your

congregation's worship.







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Institute for Leaders in Ministry ILM

Within the next few weeks a group of pastors and educators will embark on a year-long program geared toward strengthening their leadership skills as pastoral leaders in the Presbytery of West Virginia.  The Institute for Leaders in Ministry (ILM) will provide these leaders with opportunities to explore all aspects of their ministry....


Participants will engage in a variety of areas including leadership styles; change and our response; communication and conflict; managing stress and time; church systems; equipping others for leadership; and planning, problem solving and decision making in group settings.  Between sessions there will be assignments which focus on skill development; practice and application to their ministry....


The instructors are trained facilitators with the Pastor's Institute.  Marylyn Huff has served as a church educator in Atlanta, Bangkok, and Asheville.  Currently she is a ruling elder at Montreat Presbyterian Church.  Over 400 people have completed leadership development courses she has designed and led.  Sam Hobson is a retired PC(USA) pastor having served as pastor, associate pastor, head of staff, transitional pastor and Certified Christian Educator in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, North Dakota, and West Virginia.  He has led a variety of workshops on leadership development, family systems, conflict and worship...



Lay Academy of Religion - Religion & Science Study LayAcademy

The Lay Academy of Religion welcomes everyone to continue to study Religion and Science. Fall series begins September 7, 2014, 4:00pm, First Presbyterian Church, Charleston - Activities Bldg. 201


Recommended Reading:  Dr. Francis S. Collins, THE LANGUAGE OF GOD: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.


Does science necessarily undermine faith in God?  Or could it actually support faith?  Beyond the flashpoint debates over the teaching of evolution, or stem-cell research, most of us struggle with contradictions concerning life's ultimate question.  We know that accidents happen, but we believe we are on earth for a reason.  Until now, most scientists have argued that science and faith occupy distinct arenas.  Francis Collins, a former atheist as a science student who converted to faith as he became a doctor, is about to change that...



How Might Your Congregation Worship? Resource

Anyone who has grown up going to church or has visited churches across the country knows that there are many ways Christians worship.  While some of us remain quiet from the moment we sit down until we hear that final note of the postlude other congregations are loud and even boisterous until the pastor clears her throat or loudly calls, "Let us pray!"


 If you are a Teaching Elder or part of your church's worship committee you will lead your congregation in how it worships. The way worship is planned and presented affects how those present encounter God.  How do you lead people to the Holy? From the introit and prelude selections,  to what the pastor wears, to how the church is adorned, to whether or not folks can hear and see, it is important to consider every aspect of worship.   



Direct Food Assistance Grants FoodGrants

The Hunger Action Ministry Team is now accepting Direct Food Assistance Grants for 2014-2015.   

If you have previously received grants from the Presbytery of West Virginia in the past don't forget to fill out an accountability report along with your application for this year. 2014-2015 grants will not be considered without an accompanying accountability report.


All necessary forms can be found at or by contacting Claire Butler, Hunger Action Enabler at [email protected] or 304-744-7634

A Call to Prayer in the Fight Against Drug Abuse Prayer

Mayor Steve Williams of Huntington, WV

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams' Prayer Request
Click here to view the video

 is calling on the faith community to pray in the fight against drugs and crime. On September 7th at 11:05am, Mayor Williams is asking ministers to lead congregations in prayer for the recovery of drug addicts, for the safety of law enforcement officers, and for the dealers to get out of the business.  Please see the video by clicking on the image above or by clicking here.


The PWV voted to concur with an overture to the General Assembly calling for a two year study to Discern How to Advocate for Effective Drug Policies.  In a rationale penned by Judge Jim Rowe, Ruling Elder from Lewisburg, it is noted that WV is in the top three for per capita abuse of prescription drugs.  Well over 90% of crimes brought to court involve drug and alcohol abuse.  One result is an increase in the abuse and neglect of children, and a rise in truancy and drop out rates.  By our vote to concur with this overture we committed to study, discuss and act among our Presbytery.  This overture was passed by the 221st General Assembly.  There is no better place to begin than in prayer for God to guide us...  



Elementary School Retreat ElementaryRetreat

Find out about places in the Bible!! Travel to Jerusalem, to the Marketplace, to the Roman Catacombs! Walk along the Jordan River and help the Walls of Jericho to fall!! Visit Mary and Martha in Bethany and see the magnificent Babylon! This retreat is for all Elementary School Students in 1st thru 5th grades as of the fall of 2014 and at least one adult per 5 students.


For more information, see the documents below. 



Registration Form

Marranda Major a PCUSA Young Adult Volunteer NEXTYAV

Marranda grew up in Charleston, WV where she was embraced by Kanawha United Presbyterian Church and spent her summers at Bluestone Camp and Retreat developing her spirituality and love of mountains. In May 2013, Marrada graduated from Wellesley College after studying the intersection of conflict and the role of music in social movements. After serving as a YAV in Northern Ireland '13-'14, she is excited to be serving another year as a YAV in Washington DC!


Click here for more information!

Fall Getaway Retreat FallGetaway

Presbytery of West Virginia's Bluestone & Nurture Committees with Friends of Bluestone present:

The Faith Song: Experience God in Heart, Art & Nature Fall Getaway  -  October 10-12, 2014

This retreat is for all ages; for anyone and everyone. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Registration deadline is Wednesday, October 8!

Cost: Adults (12 and up) $75   

Children (4 thru 11) $40

Children (3 and under) No charge


Early Registration Discount! Register by September 25 and save $5 per person!

Registration forms are available at or by clicking here.

Flood Update Flood

The latest info from Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) regarding flooding in Mingo County:

Number of homes with water inside - 30 (3 are major)

Slides behind homes - 12

Well Contamination - 26

Bridges with damages - 13

Insulation or heat Pumps with damage - 38

Basement Flooding - 59


WV Ministry of Advocacy and Workcamps will continue to collect cleaning supplies or donations for long term recovery.  We will get the supplies to our location near Gilbert.  Right now the need is for first responders who will help to muck out mud and prepare the homes for repair.


Many of the families do not have flood insurance.  As the Long Term Recovery plans come into play, WVMAW groups will be available for assistance.  If you are interested in helping with muck out NOW, please contact Joan Stewart who will get you in touch with much needed teams. 


Meanwhile we pray, for disaster strikes again.  May God give these families hope, energy, strength and the help they need through people living out their worship.  If you have any questions, please contact Joan Stewart, Executive Director WV Ministry of Advocacy and Workcamps at 304-846-2294 or [email protected]

Part-Time Director of Christian Education Position Open DirectorChristianEd

The Kanawha United Presbyterian Church of Charleston, WV is seeking a part-time Director of Christian Education. Four-year degree and experience required. Number of hours and hourly wage yet to be determined. Interested persons please contact the church office at 304-342-6558.

With Sympathy Sympathy

Harriet Blaney McMurray passed away on Friday August 22, 2014. Harriet is the wife of Honorably Retired Minister Stewart McMurray who served the Keller and McElhenney Presbyterian Churches and continues to offer pastoral leadership to the McElhenney congragation. Having donated her body to the WV School of Osteopathic Medicine, a memorial service at Old Stone Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg, WV will be held at a later date.

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