BBG Media Highlights - September 25, 2013
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-- Voice of America reporters among the victims of assault in Cambodia in which several were "attacked by assailants wearing surgical masks and armed with slingshots, batons, and electric prods."

-- Azerbaijan does not want foreign media outlets, including Voice of America and Radio Liberty, reporting on its elections. 

-- "And, as Radio Free Europe did in the Cold War, we should be supplying the Iranian people with an accurate take on the United States and the world" - Washington Post commentary.

-- Andre Mendes mentioned in article on organizations' CIOs.

Citations of BBG Networks

-- CNN article on Mukhtar Abu Zubayr, leader of al-Shabaab, includes quote from Omar Hammami views from Voice of America interview.

-- Jing Daily picks up a VOA story and video on how luxury industry in China must adapt to changes in the market.

-- Phayul article uses Radio Free Asia report on government's secret cremation of Karma Nyedon Gyatso.

-- International community expected to ask North Korea to sign nuclear test ban treaty. Yonhap News cites RFA report.

-- RFE/RL interview with U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu on U.S. adoptions cited by Moscow Times.

-- UPI cites VOA reporting on political unrest in Guinea.

In the foreign-language press:

-- Veto (Egyptian news and information site) cites Radio Sawa report that President Barack Obama said the United States stands with Kenya against the terrible outrage of a shopping mall terrorist attack.

-- Sada Al Balad (Egyptian news and information site) cited statements aired on Radio Sawa from the White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes regarding the Nairobi shopping mall attack.

Of Interest

-- "The BBC World Service Archive prototype allows you to search, browse and listen to over 36,000 radio programmes from the BBC World Service archive spanning the past 45 years."

-- NPR has gone 'mobile first'

-- The Washington Post explains government shutdowns.

-- Ukrainian photographer's five years of photos of people sitting on a bench outside his flat.

-- Who deserves a press pass?
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