BBG Media Highlights - September 23, 2013
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-- Coque Mukuta, reporter for Voice of America, assaulted and detained in Angola. (Committee to Protect Journalists and Human Rights Watch)

-- "They are Havel's kind of people. They trade in his kind of dissent." Jeffrey Gedmin writes about Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and dissidents.

-- Oscar Espinosa Chepe, Cuban economist and diplomat and former contributor to Radio Marti, dies in Spain.

-- Zulu TV launches in sub-Saharan Africa via satellite, will link with VOA for international coverage.

-- Project FINE executive director Fatima Said interviewed on VOA in Bosnian as part of her trip to DC.

Citations of BBG Networks

-- "The fruit vendor you've never heard of." Brown Political Review cites Radio Free Asia reporting on oppressive government measures in China.

-- NPR discusses the last tweets of Omar Hammami, mentions VOA's interview.

-- WPRO picks up the RFE/RL coverage of Miss Uzbekistan fraud.

-- Chinese flag installed in a mosque. China Digital Times includes RFA reporting on Uyghurs killed near Kashgar.

-- UPI cites Voice of America reporting on the hostage situation in Kenyan shopping mall.

-- International Business Times cites RFE/RL reporting on Christian minorities in Pakistan.

Of Interest

-- "We have big ambitions." How Russia Today built a U.S. audience.

-- Advertising agency in Minnesota creates products that reach people who are not fluent in English.

-- North Korea accuses South Korea of having "reptile media."

-- The State of Broadband 2013, an ITU-UNESCO report (here is a quick summary by Computer World).

-- "Twitter Inc. suspended the account of Somalia's al-Shabaab militant group after the rebels used the service to claim responsibility for the deadly attack."

-- At the intersection of programming and journalism: Chris Williams, the first Knight/Washington Post scholar.
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